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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #102 - What You Want - Gold Prospecting 2023
March 23, 2023

What You Want - 2023 Gold Prospecting Season

2023 What Do you Want? Survey Results.

Metal Detecting Locations Membership Site.

Goldtracker Development Notes.

GoldtrackerApp Membership Training Site with Videos Built- Link to Join.

Goldtracker App Early Adopters Discount of 60%.

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Gidday From Bill, Udo, Sue, Ray and Kurk

Thank you for helping us decide what we need to do to help you find gold in 2023.

I have finally compiled all the survey forms and sent individual emails to those people who responded - 60 plus people filled the survey and the forms are still coming in - THANK YOU.

We Really Appreciate Your Time.

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2023 What Do you Want? Survey Results

This is What YOU Want Us to Do in 2023.

Thank you very much for your input into our survey last month.

The survey asked, "What do you want us to focus on in 2023? "

This is due to the fact that we have limited time and resources to create content and products.

The clear winner or main request was:

New "Member Only" Information Site that provides information (geology, gold locations, data) on every Mining District AND Mining Centre in WA? - 45% of the requests vote.

Coming Second was:

Focus on Goldtracker App Build for Apple IOS? with 19%

So we will focus on those two items this year, I will send out a newsletter later to expand a bit on that.

I have also included a copy of the graph results for your information.

Metal Detecting Locations Membership Site

This was the strongest request from you for us to build.

Rather than keep providing information to EVERYONE on how the build is going please tell me if you are interested in this type of site which will help you find gold locations in WA.

You can indicate your interest by clicking on gather image below that will take you to a Page where you can give us permission to keep you informed.

The site will be exclusive to members and probably limited in number of members, because the data and information provided will be micro locational.

We will also have an exclusive Social Networking page for Metal Detecting WA Members only to share their knowledge with other like minded people.

This is the aim of the site;

"Member Only" Information Site that provides information (geology, gold locations, mining data, Historical gold, Social data) on every Mining District AND Mining Centre in WA - to help people find new or missed gold localities.

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An Update on Goldtracker App

Some information on the progress of the Goldtracker App Development.

  • Development Software has been purchased at a cost of $2700 pa.
  • Our Programmer Jason will be working on an Update of Current Android App First.
  • Jason will then focus on bulding the Apple IOS Version.
  • Goldtracker App Membership training site now up and running.

The issue for us is the limited capital we have for development costs like programming.

But with the new Software we can get an update into the Android app reasonably quickly - ready for testing by the beginning of April then we can start work on the Apple IOS app.

At this stage we cannot put a time on when the Apple App will be available.

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Goldtracker Membership Site

Just to recap, our last newsletter, we have built a Goldtracker App Membership site that includes short videos, Checklists and information for users of the Goldtracker App.

It is a GoldtrackerApp Members Exclusive website on how to use Goldtracker to find gold.

An email has been sent to GoldtrackerApp customers last week about how to access the site.

However we do not have access to the email addresses of people who bought the Goldtracker App.

The contact information is not provided by Google - so you may have missed the newsletter about it.

If you didn't get that newsletter here is the content relating to signing up;

Content of the Newsletter to Goldtracker App Members

We have created a membership site for "Goldtracker Customers Only". It is exclusive to Goldtracker users.

We will be putting information on that site that will not be broadcast to the general public - you must be a member and have login in credentials to access it.

The membership includes a series of videos and checklists to help you use the app to your best advantage to find gold.

One video has "password only" access because it has valuable information about where to find gold. That video is not shared with others who are not customers. The password is provided on the lesson inside the membership site

Only you who are very valued customers will have access to this site.

Interested in getting access to the Goldtracker Members Site?

Click on the Image above to Go to this page "Join Me Up to Goldtracker App Members" page to complete the Form to join and Add your name to the Exclusive Goldtracker App Members site.

The data we require on the form is;

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address
(without it we cannot send you updates and Newsletters.)

Joining is not automatic.. I will approve the members and send out Login details.

This training and information will be added to over time and will assist you to find gold nuggets in WA.

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Early Adopters Goldtracker Android App

Although the Goldtracker App does not currently incur an Annual fee for users, the Mining Districts Graticular Scores of "Potential to Find Gold" ARE an Annual cost.

I also sent a newsletter to those people who are eligible for the continuing Goldtracker App Mining Districts discount last week.

However One person told me that they did not receive that Newsletter - so Here is part of the newsletter information sent.

Your Goldtracker App District scores are due to expire soon.

When that happens the graticular gold scores will no longer be available on your Android device. Your app will still work and be fully functional, just the district scores will expire.

We want you to have opportunity to continue using district graticular gold scores at the same price that you first purchased your scores, that is, 60% off.

    So for districts;
  • that cost $50 your cost will be $20.
  • Kalgoorlie district cost $75 your cost $30.
  • ALL WA cost $397 your cost is around $160.

The same conditions apply, and that is that the scores are valid from 1 year from the date of sale.

    How you can get the discount when your scores expire is;

  • Go through the process of buying the scores you want again (or all WA) though Paypal or your credit card in Paypal.
  • Enter the code "extension2023" (without the " " quotation marks) at the checkout and the 60% discount will be taken off your purchase.

If you are an original purchaser of the Goldtracker app and did not get that newsletter from us please advise by return email and will send you a copy of the newsletter.

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Gold Prospecting WA Facebook Page

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May you find plenty of gold nuggets in 2023 - start to get ready now - Get You Section 40e's Done for Exploration Leases.


Bill and Udo

p.s. don't forget to like the Facebook page so you get updates on when the new GOLDtracker App and IOS (Apple) will be ready.

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