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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #76 - Gold Tracker Christmas
December 16, 2019

Goldtracker Christmas Deal

Where do you Target Gold in WA

What is a Graticule?

Finding Gold By Association.

Finding Gold By Geological Structure.

Finding Gold By Proximity.

Finding Gold By Soil Sampling.

Goldtracker Provides This Analysis.

Section 40e Permits are Costly.

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Where do you Target Gold in WA?

Gidday Everyone.

I promised to provide and offer from the Goldtracker people this week and here it is.

I am sorry this newsletter is a bit longer than normal but it is important to understand the power of Goldtracker to provide information about where you might want to target gold locations

Those of you who use Goldtracker know just how useful a tool it can be for targeting potential areas in West Australia to Find Gold.

And here is why.

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The key Question is always:

Where can I find some Gold Nuggets in West Australia Or, Even a Gold Deposit?

One of the methods of targetting gold is of course, where gold has been found before.


But only around 1/2 of 1% of WA land area has Records of discovered Gold.

i.e. of around 1.1 million graticules in WA Only 5557 graticules have a record of one or more gold finds.

This still represents around 1,722,000 million hectares

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What is a graticule?

Graticules are an area of 1 minute Latitude x 1 minute of longitude across the whole of WA.

The area a graticule covers depends on distance from the Equator.

Roughly from East to West in a graticule at the Centre of Zone 51 in WA the distance is: 1633 Metres East to West and 1840 Metres South to North.

You Must Target Gold Locations

So clearly, even using this one criteria you must target locations to find gold.

However there are other methods to find gold deposits and localities in WA

Such as:

  • 1. By Association -.
  • 2. By Analysis of Geological structure and the types of deposits than can occur based on that structure . (Using Geological Maps, Geoviewer. ).
  • 3. By Proximity - Where gold has been found before. (Gold Deposits, Old Gold Mines, Drill Holes, Grab Samples, Dryblowing areas)
  • 4. Previous Sampling for Hidden Deposits. (WAMEX Records, Minedex Records, Drillholes, HALO resampling and re-analysis,)

Lets explore where you can get that information: Return to Table of Contents

1. Finding Gold by Association

By Association - with rocks and understanding the Rock Types, Ages and Deposits where gold in found in the Area and generally e.g. Quartz, BIF, dolerite, Laterite. Archean Rocks, Proterozoic rocks

By understanding the Geological association between the gold production in an area and the Geology it is found in. Then you can target similar rocks and geological structures in the surrounding area.

Geological Maps and the Department of Mines free PDF publications like the 1:250000 and 1:100000 Explanatory notes tell you the types of Geology you should be targeting.

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By Analysis of the Geological Structure

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My Proximity to Other Deposits and Mines

The following graphic also shows you how to analyse proximity to mines, geology analysis of structure and Association to Target a potential area of gold deposition. Return to Table of Contents

Soil Sampling, Testing and Drilling

The Fourth Method is Soil Sampling and Testing;

This is more a Field process to find hidden deposits and is for more advanced training. BUT A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF HISTORICAL RECORDS EXIST AND CAN BE ACCESSED.

Much soil sampling has taken place and can be accessed in Tengraph Web, Geoview and Geomap by exploring The Department o Mines WAMEX and MINEDEX and other databases for :

  • Drillholes,
  • Occurrences,
  • Grab Samples , Rock chips.
  • Annual Technical Reports.

GOLDTRACKER Includes ALL this Historical information and re-analysis of Historical soil sampling in its calculations.

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GoldTracker Provides this Analysis!

Obviously, there is a massive amount of analysis that you need to do to target possible gold locations before you go prospecting in the field.

The Goldtracker Christmas offer is a great means to cut through the need spend massive time to analyse potential locations to find gold:

Because it has already been done for you By Goldtracker;

In Goldtracker there are 19000 Graticular Blocks that score over 80 – Using an Algorithm That Includes:

  • Geology Structure and deposit types (13 types ),
  • Lithology and analysis of previous discovered Elements within each graticule. Eg. Au, As, Se, Fe, Mo, Ag, Bi (above background),
  • Economic Geology.
  • Alluvial Occurrences, Workings, other Historical data,
  • and ,
  • Independent technical evaluation by Dr John Watling and Ray Hammond who are the creators of the database.

Goldtracker Expands the Possible Localities to Find Gold

That expands the potential graticules to target gold to 19000 where the score is over 80 (80 is Prospective for Gold Discovery).

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Section 40 E Permits are Costly

If you have been reading our material from Gold Prospecting WA and Geomap Training WA you will know that one way to access up to 46 % of the land in WA prospective for gold is by using Section 40e permits on Exploration leases.

BUT - Exploration leases can be up to 70 graticules in size (200 in a Greenfields Area) and you can only take out one permit for up to 10 graticules.

Which 10 if the 70 do you select??? Good question!

Particularly as you know you cannot take out more than one Section 40e on the same E Lease. As you know if you want a different area in the same lease, you have to cancel the one you have and take out another Section 40e then wait the prescribed 21 days before you can access the land.

Inconvenient, particularly if you have travelled a long way to go prospecting in WA.

It is also very costly now that Section 40e's cost $90 each to apply for.

BUT, With Goldtracker with a few clicks you select the 10 graticules with the best score in the area you are interested in and apply for those 10 blocks on your Section 40e.

Convenient and economical.

GoldTracker Christmas Special

Goldtracker have a Christmas offer and it is 50% off normal prices for Christmas 2019.

That is 400 clicks (searches) for $110 AND THE CLICKS Wont Expire until 30 June 2020 so you have plenty of time for research before the next Season.

The Discount Deal Expires on 24 December 2019 so don't miss out.

The deal is also limited to 5 purchases per customer.

Only 100 packages are being sold at this Price.

For our US Visitors, That is Australian Dollars $AUD too NOT US$


"Disclaimer please be aware that Udo and I have been involved in the development of Goldtracker and own a share in the Company. So we will benefit indirectly if you purchase this Goldtracker Christmas Offer." Return to Table of Contents

We hope you have a Wonderful Christmas with your family or loved ones and, of course,

...may you find plenty of gold nuggets in the NEXT Decade


Udo and Bill

Nobody gets ALL the gold. There’s still plenty left for you.

p.s. Also remember that we have a special on for Geomap Training and it can be found on this page:

Geomap and Tengraph Web Online Training with Data Thumbdrive - Christmas Special

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