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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #034 - Free WA Prospecting Open Day by APLA
November 10, 2014

APLA Free Training Open Day to Help Prospectors in WA

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APLA Free Open Day

Gold Tracker Software to Revolutionise Targetting of Potential Gold Areas.

Metal Detector Coils and Coil Sensitivity

Geomap Training Website Under Development

APLA Free Training Open Day to Help Prospectors in WA

APLA Free Training Open Day to Help Prospectors in WA

Perth Branch of The Amalgamated Prospectors and Leaseholders Association in WA (APLA) will once again be holding an Open Day for everyone on Saturday 15th November from 10am to 3pm at Duncraig Community Hall Cnr Marmion Ave and Warwick Rd Duncraig.

The aim of the Open Day is to help people understand what APLA is all about and provide basic information on prospecting and rules in WA.

It is a great opportunity to come along and find out about APLA and Prospecting in WA.

In our opinion just the $20m Public Liability insurance while you are prospecting provided to all members is a great reason to join APLA - even without the benefits APLA provides in fighting for your Prospecting Rights!

There is a monster raffle on the day with a Metal Detector from Jeff at Reeds Prospecting up for grabs, a 17X11” NuggetFinder Mono coil, a number of protective metal detector bags and covers donated by Udo and I, Vouchers and a whole lot of other gear that has been donated.

There will be;

  • Demos of dollying and panning.
  • Department Of Mines will be presenting,

    (LATE MAIL… Bill will now present the Tengraph Training Section – APLA’s great supporter from the Department of Mines, Stephen Bandy, is ill so he can’t make it , we hope you get well soon Steve).

  • Geomap by our own Gold-Prospecting-WA seminar co-presenter, Kurk Brandstater
  • Bill O’Connor talking about the connection between basic geological knowledge and technology to target gold nuggets.
  • A talk on Safety in the bush.
  • Small Rock Crushing machine demos,
  • Metal detector demos,
  • and some stalls with plenty of bargains, equipment and information.
  • Also don’t forget the Aussie Sausage sizzle stall
Come and meet me and Udo there and a whole host of APLA members that can help you with any questions you might have about basic prospecting and APLA generally.

Disclaimer… I am the Secretary of APLA in WA and Udo is a member, we just believe passionately in protecting the rights of prospectors and the work APLA does to do this…. Bill

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Want to Save Time and KNOW the Potential of ANY Location in WA to Produce Gold?

Want to Save Time and Understand the Potential of ANY Location in WA to Produce Gold?

Of Course you do.

GoldTracker Logo

Gold Tracker Software Set to Revolutionise Targetting of Potential Gold Areas.

We are really excited about a website called "GoldTracker" that gives you a score of Gold Potential for over 1 Million locations in WA.

The Prospectivity or Potential of gold occurrences is the likelihood of the presence or absence of gold in each of those 1 million locations.

This is truly revolutionary and not even been attempted.

Thousands of hours and Mega dollars have been put into developing the software and algorithms.

How is Gold Prospectivity Measured in GoldTracker

This how is the score of gold prospectivity is calculated and allocated to each of those over 1 million locations.

The prospectivity score is assessed using a number of criteria;

  • Economic History - The economic geological history of the area, evidenced by either presence or absence of previously discovered or indicated gold occurrences.
  • Lithology - The presence, distribution and type of rocks and overburden.
  • Structural Geology - The presence, association and relative distribution of structural features including for example faults, folds, intrusives, metamorphic and altered zones, and geological boundaries.
  • Other - Presence of alignments, palaeo-channels, stratigraphic unconformities.

Gold Prospectivity Scores for almost any Location in WA

The algorithms used to construct prospectivity scores mean that you can be provided with a prospectivity score for almost anywhere in Western Australia. The massive collection records are constantly updated and continually evolving with new information

Even more exciting, if the area you have chosen has a poor prospectivity score, THEN YOU JUST ASK FOR THE NEAREST BEST POTENTIAL LOCATION and the area and GPS points are provided.

GoldTracker Screen

We know GoldTracker works because we have been involved in the development of the software.

Disclaimer. Udo and I know GoldTracker works so well that we have invested in Ray Hammond’s company to be part of the team that brings GoldTracker to you.

GoldTracker is also currently under development as a Phone APP as well and this will be coming in 2015.

Right now Goldtracker is a simple web interface that you click on a map and select a position you would like assessed for Gold Potential (or the nearest Best Potential location) but in future it will also be available as a phone APP with many other enhancements.

During the launch period of Gold Tracker you will get DOUBLE the clicks as a bonus so don't miss out on getting in early.

If you would like to get on the early bird list and notification list go to GoldTracker Early Bird List.

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Metal Detector Coils and Touch Sensitivity.

Following On from Last month’s common Questions here is another one that might be of interest relating to touch sensitivity in coils. Many readers asked about coils that made noises when hitting rocks and objects while detecting

Why Worry About Noisy Coils?

It is essential that you remove all of the extraneous noise from your detector when you are detecting otherwise the noise will mask a target or you will start to dismiss noises as just “coil noises”.

Our Reply on the question of Coils and Coil Sensitivity or Touch Sensitivity.

"Yes coils can develop touch sensitivity - I have found the Commanders are more susceptible to it and next Coiltek and last of all Nuggetfinder.

It just depends on how much noise and how regularly you are getting noise before you replace the coil, fix it or dump it - either under warranty or by buying a new one.

How to Check for Coil Sensitivity.

How you can check for coil sensitivity is to hold the coil with the machine turned on and squeeze the top and bottom of the coil in various places with your thumb and finger on each side, if it makes a noise you are starting to get touch sensitivity.

Why do you Get Coil Sensitivity?

The reason can be varied such as, how well packed the wiring is, poor shielding and the construction of the coil, as soon as wiring starts to loosen up and start touching the outside or other wires due to that looseness every time you hit a rock or tree trunk it will cause noise.

That can happen with regular use or bad treatment throwing the coils around or not protecting them in travel.

The greater the amount of noise that is happening the more chance you have got of dismissing all noises as "Coil Noise" or "Touch Sensitivity Noise" and then you leave genuine signals and gold in the ground.

That is also the reason why there is a lot of gold left alongside and under rocks, close to tree trunks and under dead wood, people just dismiss the signal as the coil making a noise due to impact with a rock or obstruction...not good.

In saying that I also believe in LOW and slow and often my coil (we only use NuggetFinders) scrapes the ground and rocks and wood so I eventually will get touch sensitivity in coils but have found the Nuggetfinders to last longer.

What is the Solution to Fixing Coil Sensitivity?

The Solutions are to make sure you investigate every detecting noise thoroughly, no matter what you think it is before you dismiss it, then replace the coil if the touch sensitivity in too much or becoming too regular while prospecting… and make sure you look after your coil, don’t chuck it around in the back of the ute!

If the coil is under warranty Manufacturers should replace or fix the coil, Nuggetfinder probably will replace it anyway if it hasn’t been maltreated and I think Coiltek charge around $40 for a coil out of warranty to fix the sensitivity.'

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Geomap Training Website Under Development

Geomap Training WA

We are great users of the Department of Mines GeoMap software and use it all the time to...

  • Identify and Target Gold Localities
  • Include tenements to know where we can legally go prospecting
  • Connect it to a low cost (around $60) GPS dongle and use it in the bush to know EXACTLY where we are on the ground at all times.

Unfortunately GeoMap is not widely known or used and does not have much in the way of training help in how to use it on the DMP website.

We teach GeoMap in depth at our training seminars because we know it turns people will little or no knowledge into very competent prospectors when it is used properly.

We are developing a training site called "Geomap Training WA" that goes through the whole training process in easy to digest, simply written chunks.

Each lesson will be provided in a number of formats so you can learn in the way that easiest for you.

For example;

  • Video Format - you can watch over our shoulder as we set GeoMap up and use it.
  • With written lessons and plenty of graphics so you can easy follow along and complete the steps.
  • With checklists to make sure you learned what you need from each lesson.
  • There will also be links to other information and sites to enhance your knowledge.

The website will be for members only and will have pages that members can share experiences and learn from each other.

More news in the next newsletter about a launch date of the website but make sure you get in early when we launch, it will be at a massive discount to readers of our Newsletter.

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We will have more information for you on the Goldtracker website and Geomap Training website in the next 4 weeks.

...may you find plenty of gold nuggets in 2014 soon to be 2015


Udo and Bill

ps. It's Nearly Christmas, start thinking about those gold Prospecting Gifts for others or even just yourself! We will provide some suggestions in the December Newsletter.

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