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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #101 - 2023 Gold Prospecting WA Season Nearly Here
February 14, 2023

2023 Gold Prospecting Season Nearly Here

2023 Gold Prospecting Season Nearly Here

What We Plan to do to Help You Find Gold in 2023.

What do YOU Want us to Do to Help YOU Find Gold in 2023.

Form to Tell us What You Want in 2023 so We Can Build it.

Goldtracker App Progress.

GoldtrackerApp Membership Training Site with Videos Built.

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Gidday From Bill, Udo, Sue, Ray and Kurk

I guess we are at the crossroads of our business now, wondering whether to continue or fold it up and pursue other ventures.

Gold Prospecting WA website has been running now since 2007, it has provided free information all those years for people who need to know about how to go gold prospecting in WA.

As has the app we built for newbies "goldinwa". Which was designed for New Metal Detectorists or Gold Prospectors to give them a quick start. That also costs nothing and has no ads or other product links to support it.

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Get the GOLDINWA App on your Desktop

Gold Prospecting WA Website Has NO Ads

We have also helped people with Gold Prospecting Seminars, and many of the free training courses we have done for APLA and others in towns such as Geraldton.

Our website (s) still have no ads or other crap so you can focus just on the information you need. Not be distracted by useless other information.

Our websites and information are not written by ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence tools, robots or ghostwriters - we write them based on our knowledge and experience.

We get no kickbacks from any company, so all the information is based on what we know and do and what we use in the field to go gold prospecting.

BUT it is costly in terms of time and dollars to run a website like that, particularly when our main revenue return was Seminars which have been stopped over the past few years.

Thus, the question.

What do YOU want us to concentrate on to help you.

We really are at the crossroads with plenty of other projects like our Leases and just enjoying prospecting and travelling ourselves - so to "Continue or Not Continue" is the question.

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What do YOU Want us to Do to Help YOU Find Gold in 2023

We are thinking of a few options that could help you;

  • A 7 day online challenge with webinars to get you ready for 2023.
  • Build "How to Use Department of Mines Geoview" training.
  • A brand new "Members Only" site that provides information (geology, gold locations, data, historical gold locations, alluvial gold locations) on every mining district AND Mining centre in WA.
  • Focus on building the Goldtracker App for Apple iOS.
  • or option 4 - Pack Gold Prospecting WA business up and do our own thing.

Fill the form below out and tell us what you would like us to focus on.

We have limited time and resources so can only focus on one thing at a time really.

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Goldtracker App Progress

Goldtracker App is still undergoing development but once again the costs are significant and progress is slow.

Also our programmer (Jason is his Name) who helps us, is busy and it is difficult to get him to spend a lot of time on the app.

We do have some updates happening though.

We still hope to release the updated and new Goldtracker App in March 2023.

Then, the Apple version but I just cant give guarantees or timing at this stage

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Goldtracker Membership Site with Videos Built

We have built a series of pages that include short videos, Checklists and information for users of the Goldtracker App.

It is a GoldtrackerApp Members website on how to use Goldtracker to find gold.

I will be sending a link to GoldtrackerApp customers in the next week or so about how to access the site. - the site is for Goldtracker App people.

The videos cover

  • 1.0 Use Goldtracker App to Find Gold in WA .
  • 2.0 How to get Goldtracker App .
  • 3.0 Get help Goldtrackerapp .
  • 4.0 Open Screen and Login Goldtracker App.
  • 5.0 Menu Items and Tools Goldtracker App.
  • 6.0 Mining Districts In Goldtracker App Explained .
  • 7.0 Buy Goldtracker Mining District Scores.
  • 8.0 Target Gold with the Goldtracker APP.
  • 9.0 How to Use GPS in Goldtracker and GOTO a Location.
  • 10.0 Find GPS Point on the Map.
  • 10.1 Find a Town in the Goldtracker App Default screen.
  • 11.0 Drill Down to Goldtracker Data.
  • 12 Find Tenement Owners and Contact Details in Goldtracker.
  • 13 Create and Use Offline Maps in Goldtracker.

Example of Video On the Goldtracker Members Site

Below is a link to one of the videos on the Goldtracker App membership site. This one relates to "Identifying Tenements and Owner Contact Details in Goldtracker App"

Another of the videos will show you good places to target gold this Prospecting year but to be fair to Goldtracker members I am not going to provide that link to you in this newsletter going out to all our readers.

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I use Goldtracker on my mobile phone all the time to do my research and then in the bush when I am out there.

It is without doubt the easiest app to use to know where you are, where the tenements are, geology and where the gold has been found.

When you add a mining region with scores it also tells you where you might find new gold!

I have found plenty of new sites, even unpegged areas, with the right scores and picked up plenty of gold in 2022 using Goldtracker App and the Mining District Scores. I might be biased, but I think you are crazy if you don't use the app yourself.

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Gold Prospecting WA Facebook Page

I must apologize if you have messaged us on Facebook in the past, Notifications were not being sent to me, so I have not been sending replies.

Hopefully that is now turned on and I will get them if you ask questions on the Facebook Page.

However... If you use our Contact us page that is answered very quickly within 24 hours so you will get a quicker reply.....Bill Contact-us.html

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May you find plenty of gold nuggets in 2023 - start to get ready now.


Bill and Udo

p.s. don't forget to like the Facebook page so you get updates on when the new GOLDtracker App and IOS (Apple) will be ready. We will also be rebuilding that Facebook page in the New Year.

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