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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #035 - Goldtracker Identifies Gold Prospectivity
November 18, 2014

GoldTracker Soon to be Released

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Gold Tracker Software EarlyBird offer.

What IS GoldTracker?

GoldTracker Soon to Be Released

Gidday All

The newsletter Udo and I sent last week had a link to a page with the sign up form for information about the Goldtracker software.

Some people had difficulty with accessing that link to get on the Earlybird list so I have included the link again here. We are sincerely sorry if this was an issue for you.

SIDEBAR...The reason why is because you get your mail in Plain Text which does not have the full link address.
If you do get your email in plain text it will look like this;
GoldTracker Early Bird List. [ s.html ]
You will need to copy the link ..... .....
and then paste it into your web browser for it to work for you.
plain text link copy to browser

GoldTracker Early Bird List.

The form will not immediately appear on the page, please be patient and allow a minute or so for the form to appear.

The people who sign up to this list will be able to have DOUBLE the clicks on Goldtracker when it is launched in a week or so.

The Earlybird list is called a ”Double Opt In” list which protects you against spam.

This is why after you complete the form you have to confirm that it was actually YOU who requested the information, otherwise we are not allowed to send you any information at all!

The process is;

(1) You complete the form on the: GoldTracker Form Page.

GoldTracker optin form GoldTracker Form

(2) You will get a confirmation email which you need to click on a link to confirm that you did ask to be subscribed;

GoldTracker Confirmation Request
GoldTracker Confirmation Request

(3) You will then get a “Success” email saying you are now on the list ;

GoldTracker optin success GoldTracker Earlybird List Successful Subscription.

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What is Goldtracker?

Just to Recap what Gold Tracker is;

Gold Tracker Software is set to Revolutionise Targetting of Potential Gold Areas and save you time in research.

We are really excited about because it gives you a score of the Gold Potential for over 1 million locations in West Australia.

That's right, GoldTracker gives you a measurement of the potential or Prospectivity of Gold being located in over 1 million locations in WA

The Prospectivity (or Potential of gold mineralization) is the likelihood of the presence or absence of gold in each of those locations. This is truly revolutionary and not even been attempted . Thousands of hours and Mega dollars have been put into developing the software and algorithms.

How is Gold Prospectivity Measured in GoldTracker

This is how is the score of gold prospectivity is calculated and allocated to each of those over 1 million points in WA.

The prospectivity score is assessed using a number of criteria;

  • A: Economic History - The economic geological history of the area, evidenced by either presence or absence of previously discovered or indicated gold occurrences.
  • B: Lithology - The presence, distribution and type of rocks and overburden.
  • C: Structural Geology - The presence, association and relative distribution of structural features including for example faults, folds, intrusives, metamorphic and altered zones, and geological boundaries.
  • D: Other - Presence of alignments, palaeo-channels, stratigraphic unconformities.
  • The massive database immediately assesses the prospectivity for Gold Mineralisation provides a prospectivity score at a specific point which is true for a radius of around 800metres around that point.

    Even Better, if the area you have chosen has a poor prospectivity score, THEN YOU JUST ASK FOR THE NEAREST BEST LOCATION!

    When will GoldTracker be Released?

    GoldTracker will be released within the next 14 days so make sure you are on the list for the EarlyBird specials.

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    We will have more information for you on the Goldtracker website within the next two weeks.

    ...may you find plenty of gold nuggets


    Udo and Bill

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