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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #91 - Goldtracker App Launch Soon
March 22, 2022

GOLDTracker Launch Soon

Introduction to GOLDtracker App.

How Many People Are Out There?.

GOLDtracker App Why we Have Built it.

GOLDtracker App Who We Are.

GOLDtracker App Mailing List.

Updated Videos To Help You Find Gold Being Released.

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Goldtracker Launch Soon - Who We Are

Gidday All,

From Bill, Udo, Ray and Kurk

I know you have been awaiting this launch and believe me, we have worked very hard at a significant cost in money and time to get the New GOLDtracker App to you.

It was ready and just when it was completed, the automatic update tenements part of the app was deprecated (removed) by ESRI, where we store our app maps, geology, scores and tenements.

Our Programmer is working on some programming to fix this but we want to get out in the next two weeks.   I will be visiting the programmer in Albany this weekend and hopefully iron out all the issues then release it.

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How Many People Out There Prospecting?

So, Today I want to talk to you about the new Goldtracker App that will be launched in the next few weeks.

You would be aware that the people prospecting over the past few years have exploded because people cannot travel overseas or interstate so they are all travelling within WA.

Prospecting is a pastime that people can enjoy the bush AND find some gold while they are out there.

The new detectors like the Minelab GPX6000 and SDC2300 have made it EASY to find gold nuggets so more people are out there finding gold.

We estimate that at any one time during the season there could be up to 35000 people prospecting and metal detecting in WA.

What does that mean?

  • It's getting harder to find gold because all of the easily accessible areas are being hammered.
  • You need to know where NEW gold is located in the bush.
  • You have to make SURE that you are prospecting legally because their is a lot of aggro from Leaseholders and Pastoralists with new people not knowing the rules or where they are on the ground.

Dont forget there is massive penalties and fines if you are caught illegally prospecting.

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Goldtracker App - Why we Have Built it

The last two years have been difficult to run Gold Prospecting Seminars with Covid restricting our ability to train people.

So we at Gold Prospecting WA have worked with the GOLDtracker people and developed the GOLDtracker App to combine and answer these Questions:

  • 1. Where to Find Gold in WA? (also it follows, Where to find NEW locations to find gold in WA?)
  • 2. Where you are Allowed to go prospecting in WA?
  • 3. Where you are on the ground, at all times in the bush?

It will be available first in Android then Apple iOS devices.

The GOLDtracker App will answer those questions for you.

We will be sending a series of 3 videos out over the next few weeks to answer those questions for you.

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GOLDtracker App Early Bird Mailing List

On this page there is a form that you can enter your email address.

This list will put you our Goldtracker Contact list.

You are already on the mailing list for the Gold Prospecting WA newsletter but may not be on the list for Goldtracker.

If you ARE already on the Goldtracker List when you try to sign up the system will tell you so and you do not need to sign up again.

If you want to be on the GOLDtracker App Contact list fill the form out and we will send you details of the App when it is available.

Goldtracker - I want more Information Form

Click to get the Goldtracker I want More Information Form

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Who We Are at GOLDtracker

I have included a video with this email that tells you who we are and what the GOLDtracker app is.

Goldtracker Who We are Video.

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Updated Videos To Help You Find Gold Being Released

We have updated 3 videos that cover the key things you need to know about metal detecting in WA.

They describe how GOLDtracker App will help you answer the questions:

Video 1 - Where IS the gold in WA.

You must TARGET good gold locations! Only ½ of 1% of the WA land mass has the potential for you to find gold.

i.e only 5557 of over 1 million graticular blocks has records of discovered gold in WA.

Goldtracker has crunched all the numbers and indicators and provides a "Potential to Find Gold" score for every graticular block in WA.

So this video will dive deep into:

  • The 4 Key research criteria that you Identify Gold Localities in WA.
  • How the 4 key criteria can be used to target gold localities.
  • The origins of gold - primary and secondary and how you can use this knowledge to target gold that others will not know about.
  • The types of rocks you should look for.
  • The Secret Key to find gold where others have not looked.
  • How GOLDtracker scores the 4 key research criteria for finding gold.

There is a massive secret in this video about places to find gold that most people would not look so make sure you see it.

Video 2 - The Rules For Prospecting in WA

  • The land you can Access to go metal detecting in WA.
  • How you can get access to 88% of prime gold land in WA.
  • How GOLDtracker updates Tenement Every Day so you can be sure your tenements re updated
  • AND all are accessible, in the bush, on your mobile device.

Video 3 - How to Use GOLDtracker to Find New Gold Locations

... AND to to Know EXACTLY where you are on the ground when you are prospecting for gold.

Using ONLY your mobile device.

Those Videos will be released over the next week or so, it will give you a kick start to your prospecting in 2022.

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WA Corona Virus Update

Here are some links to the Updated Corona Virus Travel Updates pages.

The WA Border is Open so we expect an influx of Gold Prospectors from Eastern States and Overseas this year.
WA Government Corona Virus Update Page

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Gold Prospecting WA Facebook Page

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So Go ahead and fill the form to get on the GOLDtracker List.

...may you find plenty of gold nuggets in 2022



Nobody gets ALL the gold. There’s still plenty left for you.

Dont believe me? I went out to test the Minelab GPX6000 last week and between 3 of us we found 52 grams of small nuggets in two days...It's Still There!

p.s. don't forget to like the Facebook page so you get updates on when the new Goldtracker App will be released.

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