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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #064 - How to Download and Use GeoMap
July 05, 2018

How to Download and Use GeoMap in WA

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Previous Videos on Where to Find Gold and Where You Are Allowed to Go Prospecting.

How to Download and Use GeoMap.

If You Are Struggling - Full Online GeoMap and Tengraph Web Training

Peace of Mind Comes with Knowledge!

Copyright and Disclaimer Relating to DMIRS Material

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Where to Find Gold and Where are You Allowed to Find Gold in WA?

Gidday All,

As you would be aware we have seminars each year and they book out in few hours.

This year the seminars we could hold were limited due to my medical and other commitments in the second half of 2018.

We do feel for those that missed out and apologise to you.

To overcome some of the missed training we have provided a number of newsletters and training videos over the past month or so to help.

  • The 4 Criteria You Use to Find Gold
  • The Rules of Prospecting in WA
  • Understanding The Rules of Prospecting in WA and how to Use GeoMap and Tengraph Web to see where you can legally go.

These answered some of the questions that we posed in the first newsletter we sent, which were:

  • 1. Where can I find gold in WA? (We sent you a newsletter and links to this video in our first email - Newsletter issue 62.)
  • 2. Where am I allowed to go metal detecting for Gold in WA? The Rules of Prospecting in WA (We answered this in our newsletter issue 63)
  • 3. How do I know whether I am on ground that I am allowed to be when metal detecting?

This newsletter answers the third question:

How do I know whether I am on ground that I am allowed to be when metal detecting?

And...How do I Quickly Understand the localities that are worthwhile prospecting for gold Nuggets?

How to Download and Use GeoMap

Now that you know where to target good gold localities (Video 1) and Understand the Rules for Prospecting in West Australia (Video 2)


so that you;

  • Know which land can you can access to go metal detecting in WA ? (GEOMAP Is a Free offline program.)
  • Know where the gold is located and the type of Geology where gold is being found in an area.
  • Know where the dryblowing and Metal detecting areas are..
  • Know the exact localities where gold has been found (or any mineral including Gems, Diamonds whatever you want to know)
  • Know how to avoid “no-go” areas.
  • Know EXACTLY where you are on the ground when you are in the bush using GeoMap.
  • Save tracks into a bush locality so you can go back to the exact place in a year (or 10 years) time.

STOP PRESS. - GeoMap - Is a free program provided by the DMIRS (Department of Mines) in Western Australia.

This Video shows you Where to Access and How to Use GeoMap

Click on the link and scroll down to the GeoMap Training video link - video 3.

Where can I find Gold in WA - Click on this link to open the page in a new Window.

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If You Are Struggling - Full Online GeoMap and Tengraph Web Training

Those three videos provide you with the ability to Know where the gold is, Know what the rules are, .... and exactly where you are on the round using GeoMap.

All that is provided freely to you and we hope it assists you.

We have also developed online training in GeoMap and Tengraph Web:

  • So there is no need for you to understand all the Technical Jargon.
  • So there is no need to download MASSIVE amounts of data from the Internet to get GeoMap to run.

Particularly if you are struggling to use GeoMap because it seems complicated and if you don't know a lot about computers or Widows Folders and Files systems.

Geomap and Tengraph Web Online Training

We have developed - online training to solve those problems.

GeoMap Gold Training Package AND Tengraph WEB Training.

During our initial launch of this training we are going to provide you with all the online Training you need to use GeoMap and Tengraph Web.

But it is a ONE TIME LIMITED OFFER which includes:

    The GeoMap Gold Program;-
  • Simple Online Lessons in Easy to Understand small Chunks.
  • Every lesson has a Video Format.
  • Every Lesson is also written with graphics so you can print it out and follow along.
  • Advanced Lessons.
  • Supporting Lessons in subjects like Understanding GPS.
  • Lessons in how to apply for a Section 40e Online.

The Offer also includes:

  • The GeoMap Gold Data Thumb drive.
  • All the 1:250000 Geology and Topo maps for WA.
  • All the 1:100000 Geology Maps for WA.
  • All the Mines of WA data.
  • The Mining Tenements data for WA.
  • An APP to Download and Update Tenements with one click.
  • Express Posting of the GeoMap Data Thumb Drive for Free in Australia.

The Offer also Includes;

  • 3 "Done for You" Projects that cover the WHOLE of WA.
  • - A Simple "Copy to C:" APP that enables you to copy all the files and folders to your PC Easily.

The One Time Offer Also Includes;

  • The Tengraph Web Online Training Program.
  • 9 videos and Supporting Written Lessons.
  • The lessons are in small Chunks to you can Learn at your own pace.
  • Advanced Training lessons available nowhere else.

You can get further information on this page;

GeoMap and Tengraph WEB Online Training - Click on this link to open the page in a new Window.

Its up to you - the Launch Offer is available until Saturday 7 June and is marked down 40% from $174 for all the training listed above to $100 - so get on board if you are interested.

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Peace of Mind While You Are Prospecting Comes With Knowledge!

After all that is what you want to do - go prospecting to find some gold without having to look over your shoulder all the time because;

  • 1.You KNOW what the Rules are,
  • 2.You KNOW where you are allowed to go legally prospecting,
  • 3.You Know where the Gold is likely to be Located, and ,
  • 4.USING GEOMAP - You KNOW exactly where you are on the ground!

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See you in the Field and if we don't -

...may you find plenty of gold nuggets in 2018


Udo and Bill

Nobody gets ALL the gold. There’s still plenty left for you.

Disclaimer and Copyright Relating to DMIRS Material


This report/website/video has been written to provide information about using Tengraph WEB, GeoMap and linking it with other information in a way that you can obtain useful data to help you when you are prospecting for gold.

It is provided to you with the understanding that the author and publisher are not engaged in rendering Geological services or are in any way involved in the TENGRAPH WEB or GeoMap system which is run by the State Government of Western Australia. Here is the link to their URL Dept of Mines Industry Resources and Safety - (DMIRS).

The report has been written to provide information about using the Department of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) software GeoMap WA and Tengraph WEB. It has been compiled using DMIRS Material from the GeoMap Software and Data Downloads from the Data and Software Centre DMIRS.

We gratefully acknowledge the Copyright of this material is © State of Western Australia (Department of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) 2018 Information in the training has been created based on Department of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) material.

If Geological advice or other expert assistance on the Tengraph WEB or GeoMap system is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

Every effort has been made to make this report as complete and accurate as possible. However, there may be mistakes in typography or content.

Also, this report contains screenshots of information based on Tengraph WEB only up to the publishing date. Therefore, this report should be used as a guide – not as the ultimate source of Geological mapping or Tengraph Online or GeoMap system information.

The purpose of this report is to educate. The author and publisher does not warrant that the information contained in this report is fully complete and shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions. The author and publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by this report.

If you do not wish to be bound by the above, please return this report/website/video and do not act on any of the information contained within it

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