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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #059 - Learn About Prospecting in WA - APLA Open Day
November 14, 2017

APLA Open Day Will Provide Valuable Information How to Find Gold Legally

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Recent Gold Finds.

How Those Recent Gold Finds Helps YOU Find Gold Localities!

APLA Open Day Will Provide Valuable Information How to Find Gold Legally.

Some Answers to Your Tengraph Web Questions.

Gidday Everyone,

Thanks a lot for your questions about the New Tengraph Web there was a massive amount of questions and I will deal with a few in the newsletter below.

I haven't had the time to build a webpage and Training on Tengraph Web yet, but it is coming.

Also I will be speaking at the APLA Open day which is free to everyone on Saturday 25 November, in that talk I will discuss the two most asked questions you have about gold prospecting in WA;

1. Where do you find gold nuggets in WA, and
2. Where are you allowed to go gold prospecting in WA.

The Open Day is being held at Duncraig Community Hall Cnr Marmion Ave and Warwick Rd Duncraig in WA starting at 10am on Saturday 25 November, .

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Recent Gold Finds

There is definitely more interest and action in the corporate gold prospecting world in recent times.

There is a lot of enthusiasm for gold prospecting again in the sector, despite the threat to Tax the Sector by the new Labor Government (these labor politicians told a few porky pies before they were elected! - To our overseas readers "Porky Pies" means that the politicians were not exactly truthful with their promises).

The new enthusiasm for gold is probably because the gold price is starting to move upwards and looks like it will threaten $2000 per ounce AUD in 2019. What is your prediction??

Anyway, here are some links to a few interesting stories over the past few months about gold finds.

Magnetic Resources Discovery Leonora

Large Gold Nugget found in West Australia reported in the Australian Geographic.

Gold Nugget Found Leonora WA

Here is a link to the Magnet Resources webpage report about their discoveries;

Magnetic Resources Investor Report

Conglomerate Gold in the Pilbara.

There has been a number of finds reported on the new Conglomerate gold deposits in the Pilbara

Here is one from Strategic Element: Note this link was removed because it is no longer available

and another:

Novo Resources News about Conglomerate Gold Discoveries

Extracted from the Novo Resources PDF above:

Fresh rock was encountered at just 30-50cm below a thin soil horizon. The floor of the first 2x2 meter pit was swept with a metal detector to evaluate distribution of nuggety gold resulting in multiple zones of coarse gold being evident.

Extraction of the bulk sample was undertaken with the help of a pneumatic chisel.

You Tube Video of Extracting some of the gold.

Many coarse gold nuggets were readily visible during excavation, the largest of which was approximately 4 cm long. Bedrock was comprised of heterolithic cobble conglomerate with a sandy matrix.
The bed of conglomerate that was sampled is approximately 1 meter thick and belongs to a stacked succession of mineralized conglomerate horizons approximately 11 meters thick. Strata dip at about 17 degrees to the southwest at Purdy’s Reward prospect.

Artemis Resources also report on the Conglomerate gold here in their presentation of 2017

Link Dead and Removed Google Artemis

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What do those Gold Finds Mean to You

What it means is that with access to Geomap, Tengraph Web that sort of information it provides valuable intelligence of the types of geology you should be targetting in the areas involved.

That way you will not waste your time going to barren areas.
Instead you will focus on localities where the Geological deposits and structures in the area are conducive to you finding gold.

Its a simple process and very effective in enabling you to find new gold localities yourself.

This is not to say you are allowed to go prospecting in the areas outlined in these presentations but it does give you valuable insight into places and geology you could target if you go prospecting in those regions.

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APLA Open Day Talks and Training 25/11/2017

At the APLA Open day in my presentation I will briefly describe 4 ways you can identify the areas where gold can be targetted in WA.

I will also provide an overview of "Where you are Allowed to go Prospecting" as well as how you can quickly identify this information on Tengraph Web and GeoMap.

Both Tengraph Web and GeoMap are free products provided by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS).

Other Expert speakers will talk on other subjects ere is a link to the Open Day information and remember that there is no cost to attend. APLA Open Day Saturday 25 November commencing 10am

Other speakers on the day will talk about :

  • Minelab Products
  • Mines Dept Rules and Regs Section 40e
  • Safety in the Bush
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service
  • Geomap using Geomap, Connection to Satellites so you know where you are on the ground.
  • Tengraph Web Guest Speaker from Dept of Mines

There is a MASSIVE raffle on the day with plenty of prizes and a sausage sizzle and drinks.

It's a great day if you want to learn about prospecting from APLA members.

Drop in and say hello to me and Udo, Sue will also be there so you can put some faces to our names.

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Tengraph Web Questions

I asked you this question in the last newsletter and am presently building some pages and training relating to Tengraph Web and Geomap Training based on your questions.

What are the top two questions you have about TENGRAPH WEB that you would like answered?. - Just Click Reply to this Email and the Reply will go direct to me.....Bill -

But here is just a few questions and answers that might be of interest.

As an overseas visitor who is planning a trip it is important I get the information on where I can detect legally without hassle and a chance to find gold, as a visitor having a computer will be near on impossible so offline information that can be updated when I am in range of wifi will be important will this be possible with the new system?

Answer The current system (Tengraph Online) and the new system Tengraph WEB are both online so you need connection to the Internet.

Usually in Gold fields areas there is also a Department of Mines office where you can get information and maps about where to go and look on Tengraph WEB to get the Pending or unpegged areas where you are allowed to go prospecting.

There are alternatives like GeoMap which I will provide training for in the future and that can be accessed with a Windows tablet or small windows PC with a cheap GPS aerial (the aerials cost around $60) – there are other alternatives that I will also provide information on later.

Are Pastoralist Details on Tengraph Web?

Answer With Pastoralist details there is some information on the Tengraph WEB and it is easy to search for Pastoral stations or identify them and the boundaries but the details of telephone number and other information are not included on Tengraph Web.

However if you contact the Department of Mines at Mt Magnet or Perth they are obliged to give you details so you can contact the Pastoralist.

Why are they changing Tengraph to Tengraph Web. It gives me who owners the leases and their addresses. I do all my 40E'S with Tengraph original. It's the best. Why change it?

Answer Good question that only the Department of Mines can answer, however, the new Tengraph WEB will provide a lot more options and information, including the information that you outlined in your email.

Do I need Silverlight with Google Chrome (Lots of questions like that)

Answer The Tengraph WEB only is available at present on computers that run Silverlight and Internet Explorer 9 10 or 11.

Any device that can run IE 9 10 0r 11 will be usable for Tengraph WEB but remember it needs to be connected to the Internet to work.

There were a lot of similar related questions regarding whether DMIRS will be building apps for Tengraph Web and running it on APPLE and so on.

Answer I can't answer for the Department of Mines but the system runs on Silverlight which need Internet Explorer 9 10 or 11 to run it, so will not run on Androids or IPhones – whether DMIRS will build any other apps in the future I do not know.

1) I am an American coming to Australia next June/July to metal detect for gold nuggets. How do I learn Tengraph ?

(2) What hardware/software do I need both for learning and using in the field?

Answer We will be putting out some training on:
- Tengraph WEB (online information about tenements and mining leases in WA), and,

- GeoMap (Offline Geomapping software that tells you the same thing but is standalone on your PC. With a GPS aerial attached to your laptop you will know exactly where you are on the ground in WA in relation to Mining Tenements, old gold mines, geology and all the things you need to know to find gold)

The PC you will need for GeoMap is a Windows PC with Internet Explorer 9 10 or 11, and a basic one is ok as you will be using it in the car but you will need around 4gb RAM (better with 8gb) and depending on how much other information. You need a small HDD 500gb is plenty (depends on how much space you want for other files like photos and movies that chew up your Hard Disk space. As you will be using it in your car a bit the smaller screens are OK.

Please keep you eyes on the newsletters for the training .

I have attempted to use it in conjunction with Google Earth to overlay leases on Google as was the case with the old Tengraph – this does not seem to work. It is me or an issue with the new Tengraph Web.

Answer You can actually look on Tengraph Web and use Google as a layer also satellite photo overlays.

There were a lot of other questions and related that I will answer properly in a Page on Tengraph Web with training later.

So if you have any questions you would like answered please just reply to this email>

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If you are still having fun out there -

...may you find plenty of gold nuggets


Udo and Bill

Nobody gets ALL the gold. There’s still plenty left for you.

P.S. Don't forget to just hit reply to this email and tell us "What are the top two questions you have about TENGRAPH WEB that you would like answered?"

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