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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #104 - Metal Detecting WA
March 11, 2024

Metal Detecting WA Update

New Gmail And Yahoo Email Rules.

2023 Gold Prospecting Survey.

What Did We Do in 2023? The Gold We Found.

Exclusive Metal Detecting WA Membership Site.

An Update on Goldtracker App .

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Gidday From Bill, Udo, Sue, Ray and Kurk

This newsletter is an update for the new Metal Detecting WA site which will be released in the next two weeks. But First...

NEW EMAIL SENDER RULES (Make Sure You Get the Emails that YOU Want to Get)

There is some new rules for emails that are coming in for GMAIL and YAHOO email addresses so if you have one of those it is quite possible that you may not get email that you want from your favourite senders after April this year.

The rules have been introduced to stop spammers and there has been some complex setups we have had to do (with DMARC, DKIM, SPF and authentications of sites) to try and make sure the email that you want will get through to you.

I hope we have got it right but not being a Technophobe I am still working through that crap - I'll wager the spammers don't have that problem, they will work it out and manipulate the system!

So good luck, hope you still get our emails and it time to start the countdown to Gold Nuggets in 2024.

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(Exclusive) Metal Detecting WA Membership Site Progress

In a survey in 2023 we asked what YOU wanted us to provide you with - simply because we need to focus on what you want that we can develop that will help you in your quest to find gold.

Why, because we are limited in resources to develop material and websites for you (and we are limited in time as well).

We are not aligned to any companies or products sold in the Metal Detecting world so we have to fund everything ourselves.

What you wanted in that survey:

Clear Winner in the Survey was for a Metal Detecting WA Locations Site

The clear winner or main request was:

New "Member Only" Information Site that provides information (geology, gold locations, data) on every Mining District AND Mining Centre in WA? - 45% of the requests vote.

Coming Second was:

Focus on Goldtracker App Build for Apple IOS? with 19% that provides information (geology, gold locations, data) on every Mining District AND Mining Centre in WA? - 45% of the requests vote.

In the survey a lot of people also said we should just retire and go gold prospecting and we did that as well in 2023.

What Did We Do in 2023?

We sold our lease in Sandstone and spent a lot of time prospecting using GoldtrackerApp to target sites.

EVERY place we went to including many not pegged (vacant Crown Land) we got gold.

We focussed on the Sandstone, Cue, Mt Magnet and Meekatharra areas.

Our trip to the Sandstone area from 22 april to 6 May yielded 157 small nuggets 72.8grams for the four of us - I had to leave to go back to Perth then.

I went back up to Cue and Meekatharra and from 2 June to 24 June we detected around 185 grams with Phil's 17.1 and 62 grammers the star of the trip.

I was able to return to the area to detect from 19 July to 26 July to Cue and Mt Magnet and this trip yielded 77.06 grams this time for three of us.

Anyone who tells you there is no gold left is twisting your lariat.

Go to the places where you have a chance to find a nugget with a 7000, 6000 or even a 5000 and detect carefully - you will get some gold.

GoldtrackerApp gives you the locations!!

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New "Member Only" Information Site to guide People to the Best Metal Detecting Sites in WA

We have been working on that for the past 4 months and plan to release it in the next month or so.

We already have a list of people interested in signing up for the information to help them find gold in that site.

If you are - please fill the form below (note: if you already have completed this form there is no need to fill it again.).

I will be sending out a special newsletter to the people who have filled that form in the next week.

We will also introduce it to you readers of the Gold Prospecting WA in one of the next two newsletters.

I know you will be blown away by the information in the site and it will guide you to the places to find gold in WA .

The site will be exclusive to members and probably limited in number of members, because the data and information provided will be micro locational.

This is the aim of the site;

"Member Only" Information Site that provides information to help you find gold in WA.

It will include;

  • Micro geological maps.
  • Gold locations.
  • Gold History.
  • Historical gold mines.
  • Alluvial gold Locations.
  • Mining centre locations and how to get there.
  • Gold occurrences by graticular block.

..on every Mining District AND Mining Centre in WA - to help YOU find new or missed gold localities.

We have built Murchison, Cue, Day Dawn, Mt Magnet and Yalgoo Mining Divisions so far in this site Those Mining Divisions will be the first released.

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Goldtracker App Update

Alas we have lost our programmer so further development has stumbled.

At the same time the maps product we use in ARCGIS is being "deprecated" this year ("Deprecated" is technical term that software companies use to say - were chucking it out and you have to buy this very expensive new software to do the same job).

Doesn't sound like a problem with the exception that the new software costs a lot plus a cost per user (ie - you) to use - so we need to rebuild it in completely different software.

Otherwise it simply is not viable.

BUT we are assessing our options and costs to redevelop and if it is not too expensive and we can raise the funds we will be completely redeveloping the app and also redevelop for Apple IOS.

Until then the Goldtracker App is functioning perfectly on Android and should still be your number one tool in the bush because;

  • Tenements Updated on the app when you are in range.
  • Has 1:500,000 Bedrock Geology.
  • Fault Lines in WA Included.
  • Gold Mines and other Mineral Information Included.
  • Find New Gold Locations Without the massive research time.
  • Know Exactly Where you are on the ground.
  • Different map views like Topo, satellite and street maps.
  • GPS location so you know where the tenements are in the bush and WHERE YOU ARE.
  • Ability to create offline maps and use them in your phone when you are not connected to phone service.

This has been an incredibly complex and expensive journey so far and we do apologize that the delay has impacted on you.

Especially those waiting for the Apple IOS version of the app.

But the Goldtrackerapp works perfectly well on Android.

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Gold Prospecting WA Facebook Page

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May you find plenty of gold nuggets in 2024.



p.s. Still Plenty of Gold out there - just make sure you are going where you are allowed to go prospecting - HOW? Use GeoMap on your PC with a GPS dongle in the bush or the Goldtracker Android App with offline maps!.

p.p.s. don't forget to like the Facebook page so you get updates on when the new Metal Detecting WA Membership Site.

p.p.s Dont Believe Them if The Tell You There is No Gold Left.

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