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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #062 - Where to Find Gold in WA
April 24, 2018

Where to Find or Target Gold in Western Australia

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Free Training Videos to be Sent to you Over the next few weeks

Explanation of What the Free Video Training Will Cover

Video 1 - Where can I Find or Target Gold In WA?

Copyright and Disclaimer Relating to DMIRS Material

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Gidday All,

Your Questions About Gold Prospecting in WA.

The most consistent questions you ask Udo and I is;

  • 1. Where can I find gold in WA?
  • 2. Where am I allowed to go metal detecting for Gold in WA?
  • 3. How do I know whether I am on ground that I am allowed to be metal detecting when I am out there prospecting.

Online Training To Answer Those Questions.

We have been working on creating online training using Videos and Graphical PDFs to answer those questions for you.

Recently, we did have some further issues prior to publishing these videos.

Issues we Have Had Prior to Release of Training to Answer those Questions.

First we needed to be clear on Copyright with the Department of Mines Industry Resources and Safety (DMIRS). That hurdle has been cleared see Copyright and Disclaimer below.

Second, Our Website Guy (Programmer) is a fly in fly out worker and sometimes difficult to contact when he is on the oil rigs so that has delayed some updating and fixes that have been required.

In between times we have been bush and conducted two seminars in Cue so that takes up some time away from the PC.

Decision Made to Release the Free Training Videos.

We have decided to release Video 1 now and Video 2 in a few weeks depending on my access to the Internet over the next few weeks.

Video 1 is about "How to Find Gold Locations in Western Australia".

Video 1 can be viewed at: Geomap Training Videos and Early Bird List.

This explains the 4 Basic rules you need to know to find Gold or "Potential" Gold Locations in West Australia - It is NOT that hard to find potential gold locations in WA.

When you understand the rules then it is easy to target potential gold localities using:

  • Tengraph WEB which in an ONLINE DMIRS program, or,
  • GeoMap which is an OFFLINE DMIRS program that you can run on your Windows PC.

This first video explains those 4 rules about locating Gold and shows how that is easily understood using Tengraph WEB and GeoMap on your PC.

Gold Prospecting and metal detecting is an awesome hobby. It is the only hobby that can put a few bucks in your pocket when you are travelling around WA in your caravan.

When you're retired those few extra dollars can be very helpful.

We have been teaching gold prospecting to people for 5 years to hundreds of people at our seminars in Cue and on our free website Gold Prospecting WA Website

The Reason WHY we have created the online GeoMap Training.

We cant get to everyone with the seminars because we only train 10 people at each seminar. So, we want to spread the knowledge further to those who miss out.

Down below on this page there is a form that you can enter your email address. You are on the mailing list for the newsletter but not all will want this specific information about online Geomap Training .

If you want to be on the GeoMap Training Contact list fill the form out and we will send you details when we open registration for the Online Geomap Training.

NOTE. If you filled in this form from the last newsletter you do not need to do it again - you are now on that mailing list and will receive a newsletter with the link to this training separately.

Free Training Videos to be Sent to you Over the next few weeks.

The next Free training videos we will send out to you will cover the following subjects that you need to know about Gold Prospecting and Metal Detecting in WA.

  • Video 1 answers Question 1 - "Where to find or Target Gold in WA."
  • Video 2 answers Question 2 - "Where am I (Legally) allowed to Find Gold in WA."
  • Video 3 answers Question 3 - "How to Use GeoMap to Know EXACTLY where you are on the ground when you are prospecting for gold"

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Explanation of What the Free Video Training Will Cover

Video 1 - Where is the gold in WA.

Where to find gold in WA

You must TARGET good gold locations! Only ½ of 1% of the WA land mass has the potential for you to find gold.

It's not that hard, you dont need to be a Geologist, just understand a few basic rules and apply them in GeoMap or Tengraph Web.

So this video will dive deep into:

  • The 4 Ways that you Identify Gold Localities in WA.
  • How the 4 methods are applied in Tengraph Web, a Free Online software.
  • How the 4 methods can be used in the Free, Offline Software GeoMap.
  • The origins of gold primary and secondary and how you can use this knowledge
  • to target gold that others will not know about.
  • The types of rocks you should look for.
  • The Key to find gold where others have not looked.

Video 2 - The Rules for Prospecting In WA.

  • The land you can Access to go metal detecting in WA.
  • How you can get access to 46% of prime gold land in WA.
  • How to use Tengraph Web (a free Online Program).and GeoMap (a Free OFFLINE program) to understand where you can go prospecting.

Video 3 - How to Use GeoMap to Know EXACTLY where you are on the ground when you are prospecting for gold.

  • GeoMap is a free program you can use in the bush.
  • Link GeoMap to a GPS and you will know exactly where you are and where you should be on the ground at all times.
  • You will know exactly where the good gold geology is and where gold has been found before!

Dont risk massive fines for illegal prospecting!

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Video 1 - Where can I Find or Target Gold In WA

Go ahead, enter your email details in the form and we will contact you when we open GeoMap and Tengraph WEB Training Registration .

In the meantime here is a link to video 1:

Where can I find Gold in WA -Click on this link to open the page and play the video in a new Window:

Where can I find Gold in WA -Click on this link to open the page in a new Window.

That page will also provide a link to a 'Early Bird GeoMap Training List" if you are interested in online training in Tengraph Web and GeoMap.

We have been working hard for two years to get GeoMap training online for those that cannot attend our Gold Prospecting Seminars in Cue WA - our training is more about how prospectors (You) use GeoMap practically in the field to find gold and know where all the tenements are and EXACTLY where you are on the ground.

It was to be released in January but the changes to the download of tenements ESRI shapefiles and other links that DMIRS did meant that many of the lessons and videos have to be rewritten and reshot .

We are in the process of doing that now and building the new website called - it will be available later this month.

Enter your Email here if you are Interested in Online GeoMap and Tengraph WEB Training

Here is a link to a email form if Link to Email Signup for information on online GeoMap Training

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Disclaimer and Copyright Relating to DMIRS Material


This report/website/video has been written to provide information about using Tengraph WEB, Geomap and linking it with other information in a way that you can obtain useful data to help you when you are prospecting for gold.

It is provided to you with the understanding that the author and publisher are not engaged in rendering Geological services or are in any way involved in the TENGRAPH WEB or Geomap system which is run by the State Government of Western Australia. Here is the link to their URLDept of Mines Industry Resources and Dafety - (DMIRS).

The report has been written to provide information about using the Department of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) software GeoMap WA and Tengraph WEB. It has been compiled using DMIRS Material from the GeoMap Software and Data Downloads from the Data and Software Centre DMIRS.

We gratefully acknowledge the Copyright of this material is © State of Western Australia (Department of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) 2018 Information in the training has been created based on Department of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) material.

If Geological advice or other expert assistance on the Tengraph WEB or Geomap system is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

Every effort has been made to make this report as complete and accurate as possible. However, there may be mistakes in typography or content.

Also, this report contains screenshots of information based on Tengraph WEB only up to the publishing date. Therefore, this report should be used as a guide – not as the ultimate source of Geological mapping or Tengraph Online or Geomap system information.

The purpose of this report is to educate. The author and publisher does not warrant that the information contained in this report is fully complete and shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions. The author and publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by this report.

If you do not wish to be bound by the above, please return this report/website/video and do not act on any of the information contained within it

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See you in the Field and if we don't -

...may you find plenty of gold nuggets in 2018


Udo and Bill

Nobody gets ALL the gold. There’s still plenty left for you.

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