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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #023 - APLA Open Day
November 22, 2012

APLA Open Day

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APLA Open Day

Metal Detector Bags Available Again

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Big Gold Nugget Found

The Big Gold Nugget story last article generated a lot of interest and I received a message that assured me the nugget was real, it weighed around 16 kg and found out of Siberia - but like I said I haven't seen it personally so I cant comment on the truth of the report.

I did get a photo of a beautiful nugget found up North and have asked for permission to publish the photo, if that permission is provided I will put it on the Metal Detector Finds - Pictures and Videos Page.

Just an interesting point too about sharing, I am surprised that with the number of readers of our monthly e-gold magazine and website that we do not have many people that have shared pictures of their gold finds.

If you have some pictures of your gold nugget finds make sure your share it and brag about it.

Its easy really just go to the Metal Detector Finds - Pictures and Videos page and fill in the Metal Detector Finds - Brag Page Form for your big gold nugget

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APLA Open Day

FREE Open day for Everyone - Amalgamated Prospectors and Leaseholder Association (APLA) 9 December 2012 at Dianella

We are really excited about this day which will be held at the Lacrosse West Hall and Oval at Light St In Dianella WA commencing 11am on the 9th December. some more information is available here ;

APLA Perth Branch Open Day Information

NuggetFinder Coils have come on board as a sponsor and there is a 25" round Mono up for grabs in the raffle, there will be plenty of other good prizes in the raffle as well, its worth coming along just for this.

Some of the things that will be going on during the day;

  • Displays of the latest Minelab Metal Detectors - live display of the CTX 3030
  • How to Dolly (crush small rocks) and Pan Gold with actual Gold-Bearing rock samples
  • What you need to know to go Prospecting Legally in WA Overview of Tengraph
  • How to get and use the awesome FREE Geomap mapping software and how to access FREE Geological and Topographical Maps
  • Latest Equipment displays
  • Latest GPS gear on sale and on display
  • Big Raffle with top of the range equipment.
  • Sausage Sizzle and Cool drinks will be available
And of course its all free with a small fee for the sausages and drinks if you want one!

Come along an meet me and the team at Perth APLA and try to Grab that awesome NuggetFinder 25" mono coil.

Disclaimer: I am a Secretary of the Perth Branch of APLA (Bill O'Connor) as well as writing this newsletter for . Udo and I however strongly support and sponsor APLA because they are the people that are protecting our Prospecting future and Heritage. If you are not a member then join them here APLA Membership Application

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Metal Detector Bags Now Available

Originally Udo and I designed and had this bag built for ourselves and got a few extra made for our readers.

We had no intention of getting any more made but the demand from the Metal Detecting Seminars from people when they saw the metal detector bag made us reconsider that stance and we have had some more made.


Metal Detector Bags - Designed by Prospectors for Prospectors

Just to refresh you memory on what we designed into the bag

  • Will take a Minelab 4500 or Minelab 5000 without having to separate the shafts.
  • Heavy Duty Water Resistant Canvas - It will last as long as your detector.
  • Padded to take the knocks.
  • Internal Thermal Layer to protect against heat.
  • Dust Proof - Dont let that fine red dust get into your electronics.
  • Heavy Duty Double Zippers that you can lock with padlocks for safety.
  • Two side pockets that will take 16" round coils
  • Plenty of room for all your gear to be kept together - dont arrive without half your gear.
  • Designed to fit across the back seat or compartment of a 4 wheel drive.
  • Reinforced handle and strap.
Colours Available

metal detector bags colours Colours of the Metal Detector Bags
Designer Metal Detector Bag Designer patterned metal detector bag,

We have a 30 of the bags available and if there is a demand will need to order some more but if you want one as a gift for Christmas then I suggest you get in now. You can order on the page;

Metal Detector Bags - Order Page

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Training Dates for Metal Detecting Seminars

We will release information and training dates for 2013.

Christmas Gifts

The first week in December I will send out a newsletter with some suggestions for products and the reasons why you should buy them for yourself or a metal detecting friend.

You have the choice, buy a box of chocolates, ...Boring!!, or a gift people will appreciate and love you for and use until they wear it out - its up to you

Note : we are not sponsored by any company or business our recommendations will be what we believe is the best equipment and deal for you! The only financial return we ever get is for products we sell directly to you.

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Facebook Page for Gold Prospecting WA

Here is a link to our Facebook page.

Gold Prospecting WA Facebook Page

Keep Detecting and keep well,

Nobody gets ALL the gold. Theres still plenty left for you.

Udo and Bill


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