Metal Detector Bags - Designed by Metal Detectorists to Protect Your Valuable Metal Detector!

We spent some time to design these protective carry bags because there is simply nothing on the market that adequately protects our $6500 Minelab 5000 metal detectors properly..

...OR enables us to store all our gear adequately.

Metal Detector Bag - A Short Video

Some Features We Built In

  • Will take a Minelab 4500 or Minelab 5000 without having to separate the shafts.
  • We have a larger bag for GPZ7000.
  • Heavy Duty Water Resistant Canvas.
  • Padded to take the knocks.
  • Internal Thermal Layer to protect against heat.
  • Dust Proof - Dont let that fine red dust get into your electronics.
  • Heavy Duty Double Zippers that you can lock with padlocks for safety.
  • Two side pockets that will take 16" round coils
  • Plenty of room for all your gear to be kept together - dont arrive without half your gear.
  • Designed to fit across the back seat or compartment of a 4 wheel drive.
  • Reinforced handle and strap.

Available in Limited Supply

We are not in the hard goods retail business but had these made due to the expensive bags that are currently  only available. So when we run out it takes some time to get new orders in.

 Colours Available

There are four colours you can choose from, Black, Dark Green and Maroon and a Patterned Bag; Note that they are not always available in stock.

Colours of the Metal Detector Bags

Colours of the Metal Detector BagsColours of the Metal Detector Bags
Designer patterned metal detector bag - example of design onlyDesigner patterned metal detector bag - example only - not always available in this design, but we normally have a camouflage colour in stock.

If you want a Minelab 5000 protective Bag your investment is $129 each plus postage and packing which will be;

Note .....Currently the Minelab 5000 size bags are out of stock but we have limited stock in the larger size  1350x500x150mm  Minelab 7000 bag - Select the "GPZ7000 Bag Plus Postage Includes GST" Size with appropriate Postage in the in Paypal Buy Button below - or use the Contact Us form.

  • Perth Metro - $12
  • Near country 6215-6699 - $20
  • North WA 6700-6799 - $30
  • Eastern States - $40

If you live in Perth I don't mind if you wish to pick your bag up (I live in the Quinns Rocks area).

The GPZ7000 Protective Bags are extra because of the additional costs to make them they are $149 Each.

Paypal or Credit Card

Click on the down arrow for the bags you want to select the pickup or postage options for your area.

GPZ 7000 Bag Price plus Postage Includes GST

Other Methods Of Payment

You can pay for the bag by cash if you wish to pick it up or I deliver it, or by money order/Cheque Sent to Bill O'Connor PO Box 2207 Clarkson WA 6030.

If these methods of payment are inconvenient then please use the contact us form on the contact us page and I will provide direct bank deposit details. Please make sure you provide your name and regular email details so I can generate the invoice.

Here is an example of the contact form with details;

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