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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #006 - 36 ounce Gold Nugget Found
December 08, 2010

36 ounce Gold Nugget Found at Cue

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Table Of Contents

36 ounce Gold Nugget Found

Old Gold Mines - "Old Goldmine Finder" Nearly Finalised

How Much Gold is in a Patch - Find Out Here

Pages being developed this month.

Tough Metal Detector Bags to Protect Your Investment - Fantastic Christmas Gift

Locality Reports for Gold

36 ounce Gold Nugget found

November was a month where we fell behind due to illness.

Hopefully all that is fixed and we can get on with developing the site again.

A 36 ounce Gold Nugget was found in Cue by a regular prospector on 11/11/2010 - it will certainly be a Rememberance Day for him in more ways than one.

This is a confirmed find unfortunately we cant provide a picture as it had been sold by the time we found out about it.

It just shows, there is still plenty of gold out there.

Everything is winding down to Christmas now, if you want a very special gift for someone who has everything - order a Metal Detector bag at the current prices.

The metal detector bags in stock are limited and we will not get any more stock until 2011.

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Old Gold Mines - "Old Goldmine Finder" Database Development

The Old Goldmine Database is pretty much complete wth some final approvals and testing to do.

The main approval is a Commercial Licence that needs to be provided by the WA Government - this wont be a problem its just that it must be complied with.

The people at the Department of Mines and Resources are really outstandingly helpful when it comes to support like this - thanks folks.

Keep your eye on the website and this newsletter and we will give you the dates of release shortly.

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Do You REALLY KNOW How Much Gold Is In Your Patch

Dont guess about the gold nuggets in a patch when you find a decent gold nugget.

The distribution pattern by weight of gold nuggets in a patch and the total weight available can be calculated.

How you can do that is included on the website at this link Gold Nugget Distribution;

We have tested this with a nugget patch we found and it was pretty close to the mark.

You can Calculate YOUR patch by entering only one number into the website and it will graph the results for you - try it - its free!

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Gold Prospecting Pages Coming This Month

Problems with illness put a stop to a lot of development in November, hopefully we can get on with it now.

The pages we want to release this month are;

The "Goldmine Finder" database page after Beta software testing and approvals are provided.

followed by pages on;

"Tips for Metal Detecting" due to a request from some new starter prospectors.

"Panning for Gold" with instructional videos.

Instruction page on Applying for a Section 20a Permit "calculating the weight of Gold in a Specimen" with a video guide.

and Other pages and videos about cleaning and selling gold.

Two pages were improved this month;

Gold Prospecting Regulations. We have expanded the flowchart so it is more readable;

Gold Prospecting Trip Flowchart.

The Gold Prospecting Plan Flowchart now has links to other places on our site and Dept of Mines and Petroleum site so you can download it to your computer then link off to the information you require.

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Metal Detector Bags -Great Christmas Gifts

Metal Detector Bags.

We have just taken delivery of 20 bags which is good because the rest have all gone.

If you want them for Christmas as gifts or just to protect your expensive machine then its best if you order now.

We will deliver to Perth Metro North of the river, or post to other destinations.

The page Metal Detector Bags is only available to readers of this newsletter. We will develop products for our use and our subscribers use where we feel there is a gap or need for them.

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Locality Reports for Gold

These are still in the development stage.

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Remember the 36 ouncer - there is still plenty of gold left

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends and may you find a HUGE gold nugget in 2011

Keep Detecting,

and, remember this - Nobody gets ALL the gold. Theres still plenty left for you.

Udo and Bill

P.S. Tell us what you want developed so we can make sure we are providing information that you need.

Please forward your ideas, requests and comments by reply to this newsletter, we would love to help you out.

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