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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #036 - Christmas Gifts Last Minute and Specials
December 10, 2014

Christmas Gift Specials for Last Minute Shopping

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Special 1 – Goldtracker - DOUBLE THE CLICKS - Special Offer Extended

Special 2 – Metal Detector Protective Bag Cheap

Special 3 – Goldmine Finder AND Historical Gold Mines of WA Both for $39

Training 2015 Update

Geomap Training Website Update

Special 1 – GoldTracker Double Clicks Special EXTENDED

Gidday All

The GoldTracker people have extended the 72 Hour Special Offer on GoldTracker to our Readers because of some hiccups during the launch and, Hey – It’s Christmas!

Here is the link to the

GoldTracker Special Time Extended Offer

Just to Recap what Gold Tracker is;

GoldTracker Screen

GoldTracker gives you a measurement of the potential or Prospectivity of Gold being located in over 1 million locations in WA

The Prospectivity or Potential of gold is the likelihood of the presence or absence of gold at each of these 1 million sites.

How is Gold Prospectivity Measured in GoldTracker

This how is the score of gold prospectivity is calculated and allocated to each of those over 1m points in WA.

The prospectivity score is assessed using a number of criteria;

  • A: Economic History - The economic geological history of the area, evidenced by either presence or absence of previously discovered or indicated gold occurrences.
  • B: Lithology - The presence, distribution and type of rocks and overburden.
  • C: Structural Geology - The presence, association and relative distribution of structural features including for example, faults, folds, intrusives, metamorphic and altered zones, and geological boundaries.
  • D: Other - Presence of alignments, palaeo-channels, stratigraphic unconformities.
  • The massive database immediately assesses the prospectivity for Gold Mineralisation provides a prospectivity score at a specific point which is true for a radius of around 800metres around that point.

    Even Better, if the area you have chosen has a poor prospectivity score, THEN YOU JUST ASK FOR THE NEAREST BEST POTENTIAL LOCATION!

The point is that the special of “DOUBLE THE CLICKS” has been extended for the next 3 days due to Christmas and some of the issues during the launch period.

GoldTracker Special Extended Offer

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Special 2 – Metal Detector Bag – Cheapest it will ever be.

Here is the page we normally use to sell our bag.

BUT DON’T BUY ON THAT PAGE – just have a look at the page! Metal Detector Bags - Designed by Metal Detector Users for Metal Detector Users. to see the Metal Detector Protective bag features.

You can have a Protective Metal Detector bag which includes a Protective 4500/5000 Control Box cover For $100 posted for free to WA or pickup in Perth – at a pinch if you live in the Northern Suburbs we will deliver.

(to WA addresses only– sorry it’s too expensive to post to the Eastern States – in fact its bloody expensive posting to WA addresses.)

for $100 which includes a metal detector control box cover.

We have only 3 Camouflage and 3 green bags left in stock so get in quick.

We do have some brown Protective Metal Detector bags in stock but the Control Box covers are green or camouflage – not matching brown.

metal detector bags colours The Green and Camouflage bags are available and Camouflage is more the Army Style colours on the bags available

To Buy the Metal Detector Bags

If you would like a Protective Metal Detector bags at this price just send a return email to this newsletter with your Email address, Name, Address and colour required and I will send an Invoice for you to pay online

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Special 3 – Goldmine Finder CD AND Historical Gold Mines Posted for 39 bucks

Yep that’s right, $39, both CDs Posted to you at your address or as a gift sent direct to your loved one with a card and a,

....."Merry Christmas - We Love You” note signed from Udo and Bill… not really, we will use your message!

Goldmine Finder Software CD

Historical Gold Mines CD

To Buy

Just return email to this newsletter with your email, name, address you would like the two CDs sent and we will return email an invoice that can be paid on line - then we will get the gift into the mail.

This offer is limited to 21 sets, that’s all we have in stock at present.

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Gold Prospecting Training Seminars in Cue in 2015

For those interested in our Gold Prospecting and Metal Detecting training seminars in Cue in 2015 we will give you the dates in the next newsletter in Late December or Early January.

If you are interested please book early these seminars usually sell out in a few days and we don’t like to disappoint.

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We are still beavering away on the Geomap Training Website and HOPE to launch early in January probably 5 or 12 January, (no point on January 1 you guys are going to be too relaxed!)

We had planned to get it done earlier but have been involved very heavily in developing and launching the APLA Website and helping our colleagues with GoldTracker website and Launch.

The Geomap Training Website will be worth waiting for and it will truly help you find more Gold Nuggets Legally in West Australia in 2015.

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Merry Christmas, Please Keep Safe, and....may you find plenty of gold nuggets in 2015


Udo and Bill

Nobody gets ALL the gold. Theres still plenty left for you.

ps – Udo and I will be right behind your efforts to find gold in 2015.

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