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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #013 - Gold Prospecting Lessons and Results of Survey
November 21, 2011

Gold Prospecting Lessons and Metal DetectingTraining

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Gold Prospecting Training Survey results

Club Directory - Missing Clubs

APLA Perth Information Day

Historical Goldmines and Goldfields of WA

Pages being developed this month.

Goldmine Finder Software Upgrade

Gold Prospecting Training Survey Results

The Gold Prospecting Training Survey results Will provide an insight to the results of the survey.

It has a graph of the main responses and some other requests that people have made for training.

If that doesn't reflect what you want and you didnt put in a survey form you can still do so on this page here, Gold Prospecting Training Survey Form

just click to open it in a new window - it will only take you a few seconds to complete and click the button to send electronically.

Here is an brief insight to what you said you want;

  • 37% Wanted a seminar with Field Practise at Cue
  • 38% Also want online video and printed material training
  • 16% wanted a Classroom type training in Perth

There were some other comments included on the website page.

Subjects that are Important

  • 20% How to Find Prospective Gold Areas
  • 16% Access and Using Tengraph
  • 15% Downloading and Using Geomap
  • 14% Basic use of Minelab Detectors
  • 13% Basic Metal Detecting Techniques
  • 9% GPS Use

Other areas of training people wanted were panning for gold 4%, Cleaning and Selling Gold 6.5% and other various responses.

Keep your eyes peeled on the newsletters because early next year and during the prospecting season we will tell about gold prospecting and metal detecting training we are arranging for you.

We think it will take you from basic knowledge to knowing all you need to know to get out there and find your own gold -
...without spending a massive time commitment finding out about all the things you need to know!

NOTE: those people who filled the survey form in will be emailed direct with developments.

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Metal Detecting, Gem and Mineral Club Directory

Last month we told you about a free page listing for clubs in our Gold Prospecting, Metal Detecting and Gem Clubs and Associations Directory

The page is still being populated with information about clubs and that will depend on Clubs submitting a Free Internet Club Listing Form.

We didnt expect you to do all the work for us and wrote to all the clubs we know about, 5 of the letters were returned
"Unknown at this address"!

So if we struggle to find your Club how can prospective members find our about you?

If you are a member of a Prospecting, Metal Detecting, Rockhunting club, Lapidary Association or whatever, do them a favour and formward this link to them so they can get a free one page listing on the club directory.

The club listing form is here;

Free Internet Club Listing Form.

APLA day in Perth

Perth Branch of APLA will be holding an open day in Perth at the Lacrosse Clubrooms in Light St Dianella at 11am on the 11th December.

This is open to members and non members alike and will be a chance for you to find out about the Amalgamated Prospectors and Leaseholders Association (APLA)and maybe even a little bit about finding gold.

There will also be a number of events on the day;

  • New Geomap software will be released.
  • Tengraph Training.
  • Section 20a basics.
  • Gold panning display.
  • Equipment Displays.
  • The chance to talk to People who prospect for Gold all the time!

There is a small charge for the sausage sizzle to cover the cost of snaggers - but it will be well worth a visit.

If you want to attend please email Bill - so APLA can make sure they have a sausage and bun for you. Return to Table of Contents

Historical Gold Mines Of WA

We have been working on a few searchable documents which will provide Historical Data about old gold mines in WA.

This will be available for your use and on the website very early in December and will make a handy Christmas present for those who love historical information about old gold mines and goldfields.

The first is a searchable PDF document about Historical Goldmines in West Australia.

This is a 253 page PDF with searchable listings which will be available as a download or CD with information about;

  • Name of Goldfield and Mining Centre.
  • Number of Leases.
  • Name of the Mine.
  • Ore Treated and Gold Produced.
  • Alluvial and dollied gold produced.
  • Production period

That will cost $17 as a CD posted to you or $9 as a download from the website - Unfortunately it costs a little more to produce, pack and post CDs. It's just that some people much prefer the CD to a download.

The other Ebook still being written will be similar except it will include Locality information such as GPS points, Geo Map names and Local Government Areas - in case you want MORE than just the historical data.

It will cost slightly more hoppefully that will also be available early December

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Gold Prospecting Pages Coming This Month

Coming - plans for new pages;

The Historical Gold Mines of WA page,

The rewrite of the GOLDMINE FINDER software and database has been completed. It has still to go up on the website yet and to be tested

The new rewrite has enabled us to have a standalone version on CD produced which will be sold at a marginally higher price due to the production, printing, packaging and posting costs. That is now available and will be included as a purchase option in the next week on the website.

More about that in the next week

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Keep Detecting and keep well,

Nobody gets ALL the gold. Theres still plenty left for you.

Bill and Udo

p.s. Tiger Snakes and Achilles Tendons DONT MIX.

I'm currently sitting on my butt for a few months now with a ruptured achilles tendon which happened when I leapt up to avoid a tiger snake.

There is a lot of snakes around this year.... BE CAREFUL.
...Bill Return to Table of Contents

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