Gold Prospecting Lessons

One of the main questions we are asked in emails is "Do you provide Gold Prospecting Lessons or metal detecting training or tours?" The next one is "Where can I find Gold at...'Location'?". These questions are closely followed by "Where am I allowed to go Metal Detecting in WA?.

Why Gold Prospecting Lessons?

Many people get excited about the price of gold and the lure of finding a big gold nugget or massive gold find and they just want to know the basic knowledge to get into gold prospecting and metal detecting in WA.

They want to fast track the knowledge and skills needed so they don't have to spend years gaining experience.

People also do not want to make expensive purchases like buying the Minelab 5000 or GPZ7000 metal detectors without really understanding how to use it or whether the gold prospecting hobby is what they want to do. (Dunno why! We love it!)

That is totally understandable and we think that was driving the email and phone questions we were getting about whether we will be providing Gold Prospecting Lessons and metal detecting tours in the future.

What do People Really Want in Gold Prospecting Lessons?

Recently we undertook a survey about what training you wanted and it was completed by a significant number of you telling us what training you would like.

Those survey results are included below.

Gold Prospecting Lessons Survey Results

Here is the link to the Survey Results page;

*** Gold Prospecting Lessons Survey Results Page

Gold Prospecting Training Now Available - Based on What YOU Wanted

We have developed weekend seminars based on the training you requested which we now run in Cue in West Australia.

Information about it is on the the Gold Prospecting Lessons Cue page.

There are a number of essential gold prospecting skills and metal detecting practices that can be fast tracked to cut through the confusion and help get you on the way to doing what you want to do best - Prospecting for Gold,

This is what the Seminars in Cue are about. Fast tracking your knowledge.

Our main aim is to make sure that not only do you understand the theory of metal detecting and gold prospecting but that you can put it into practise.

That way you can find you own gold and gold localities and go prospecting legally without worry.

We want to make you "Masters of Your Own Prospecting Destiny"

Gold Prospecting Lessons - Seminar GroupGold Prospecting Lessons - Seminar Group

We Teach Gold Prospecting and Metal Detecting Information like;

  • Understanding and Using Tengraph Web.
  • Geoviewer and how to use it.
  • The Awesome Free Geomap Programme and how to use it.
  • How to Complete Section 40E Agreements
  • Metal Detector Skills and Use.
  • Minelab 5000, 2300 and 7000 settings to ensure you get all the gold!.
  • The best detectors and coils and performance comparisons.
  • Basic Geology and 'How To' Find Prospective Gold Nugget areas.
  • Goldtracker and how it helps you to minimise research times to find gold.
  • How to Research and link Geology, Tengraph and prospective gold locations on Geomap.
  • Set up and use of Geomap on your PC with Basic GPS understanding. So you know EXACTLY where you are on the ground.
  • What to do after you find your gold.

This training is done in a informal atmosphere in an air-conditioned classroom by highly experienced trainers and prospectors who have actually been out there and found the gold.

There is also a tagalong field day where we can test your Metal detectors, skills, knowledge and techniques.

Your help in filling the form and telling us what you want was invaluable in developing training based on what you need to fast-track your gold prospecting skills. Thank you all for completing those survey forms.

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