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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #054 - Gold Prospecting Seminars Dates 2017
January 15, 2017

Metal Detecting and Gold Prospecting Training Seminars in Cue 2017

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Dates of Metal Detecting Seminars in 2017

Seminar Formats

What Others have been saying about the Seminars in 2016

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Metal Detecting and Gold Prospecting Seminar Dates 2017

Gidday Everyone,

In 2017 we will again be running seminars in Cue to help you become the "Masters of Your Own Prospecting Destiny" so you can easily answer these questions for yourself;

  • Where can I find Gold in WA?
  • What sort of Geology and rocks should I be looking for that indicate gold could be present?
  • Where am I allowed to go Metal Detecting in WA?
  • What are The best metal detectors and Equipment to use to get ALL the gold.
  • How do I set up and use GEOMAP on my computer with free Geological and TOPO Maps to easily research prospective Gold Locations?
  • How do I set up GEOMAP with a computer and GPS so I know EXACTLY where I am, anytime, in relation to Tenements and prospective gold locations.

    .... and be using GEOMAP immediately, after the seminar.

Here the dates for 2017 for our Seminars.

Training Dates in 2017

Gold Prospecting Lessons Cue 2017 - Dates

Total Available Places

Places Left

1,2,3 April , Seminar Cue104
8,9,10 April, Seminar Cue101
29,30 April, 1 May, Seminar Cue 109
6,7,8 May, Seminar Cue 108
27,28,29 May, Seminar Cue 1010
3,4,5 June, Seminar Cue106
24,25,26 June Seminar Cue1010
1,2,3 July Seminar Cue107

Some positions in the seminars have already been taken because people booked from last year and we have people from overseas and the Eastern States who have planned a holiday around specific dates.

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Gold Prospecting Training Seminars In Cue

Terms and Conditions and More Information

This is a link to the page relating to Gold prospecting lessons and seminars . This page has been updated to reflect the 2017 vacancies.

Important Terms and Conditions

It is very important that you read the terms and conditions document relating to the training for your own safety and peace of mind.

Click on this link for further information and Important Terms and Conditions

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Sequence of Events After You Complete the Preferred Dates Form,

This is the basic process;

  • You Select your preferred date.
  • We Confirm it is available or offer alternative options.
  • When the date is agreed a deposit invoice is sent to you.
  • More information about the courses, such as Maps, Places to Detect, Section 40E Permits are sent to you about 5 weeks before the course.
  • The (In House part) Training is held at the air-conditioned St John Ambulance Centre just behind the Caravan Park in Cue.
  • After training you can detect at places we have suggested or Exploration Leases you have applied a Section 40E Permit for. It’s difficult to know exactly what we can recommend until closer to the time due to what will be available in Tengraph

If you are interested please complete the form on the webpage Gold prospecting lessons and seminars . This page has been updated to reflect the 2017 vacancies.

Please remember that the course dates and numbers are limited and very popular so if you are interested don’t hesitate to book now.

We book on a first come first served basis, and we do not overbook. We will offer alternative dates if they are available.

These have been great fun and the people who have been to them reckon they have learned plenty;

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What People Said about 2016 Seminars

Here is a few comments we have had from our emails in 2016.

Thankyou for the course, organising a 40E and to Udo for inviting us to his house on Saturday nite.

Found some gold at (location removed) one piece was 6.6grams which I enjoyed digging out of the calcrete.

A piece found by a friend weighed 30.8ozs , specie we reckon it may have maybe 6 to 8 grams in it . the rock was bloody heavy though

Stephen and Edwina

My apologies for not making the last day, had nothing to do with any negative views on the seminar ,was a credit to all your crew with a very well presented presentation ,so very helpful with Geomap & all the other info, so accept my heartfelt thanks for a great seminar.

At the moment up at Meekatharra, picked up some nice pieces the last couple of days.

Cheers Allan

I would like to thank you, Sue, Udo and Kurk, I had a really good time and learnt a lot.

As far as I am concerned there was nothing to improve on.

I found a few pieces of gold around 3g which was a bonus, I thought we had found a good patch but it turned out to be pyrite (boo hoo).

I am sure we will catchup again on one of the APLA events and if I find anything in the meantime I will let you know.

Once again thanks for a great time. Dave and Lyn

Just wanted to say thanks again for your great course.

It was very informative and has made it even more enjoyable to be out bush looking for gold knowing exactly where you are and where you are allowed to be without having to look over your shoulder.

Joe, Mat and myself found gold every day and this would not have been possible without Geomap and the training.

This was highlighted by people at the caravan park who left their holiday early as they were convinced there was no gold left.

Thanks for everything and I will be highly recommending your course to prospecting friends


Thank you very much for the training seminar. I know we are a bit late in providing feedback, but having spent a few weeks further north in Exmouth (fishing), we returned back to the goldfields. Thanks to your training we have managed to pick a 10 small pieces ranging from 0.3 up to 2.5 grams between us.

The seminar itself was perfect, with a lot of information to learn within the first 2 days, and the materials providing an excellent resource material for follow up. It easy to see how much effort you guys have put into the training, and your passion shows through.

Geomap is a fantastic tool and we are using this quite often, not only for tenement locations but also for the geological map info.

We’ve managed to apply for a Section 40 in Menzies area for our trip back to Victoria.

The group was enjoyable and we great time, even though the temperature was right up there.

Keep up the good work that you are all doing, couldn’t fault the course or the company. Liz and Ian

Just a quick email to say thank you for all your time and effort in putting together such a good seminar.

We had a little knowledge (always dangerous) but now feel comfortable in the knowledge we can prospect legally.

Really enjoyed everyone's company and look forward to meeting up again down the track. Pamela & Gerry

To you all involved in running the seminar I wish to thank you all for doing a wonderful job,I went out and found gold, it can't get any better than that. I look forward to running into all of you later on. Best wishes to you all. Laurie

Ians Gold Nuggets
Ian's gold nuggets after seminar April 2016
Jacks Gold 2016
Jacks gold found at seminar practical day April 2016.
gold ring found at Seminar
Gold Ring found at seminar practical day July 2016.

And in 2015...

And in 2015

From Harro

<br>Harros gold nuggets
Harro’s gold nuggets after the Seminar in Cue

Now moving on we want to share with you what we have found since completing your course in Cue in May 2015.

We now have just over 5 ounces!!! The biggest piece being 13 grams. Coil used was the nugget finder 12 x 7 - an excellent coil.

Thank you all for providing such a great, useful and helpful course. We've learnt so much. Particularly useful was Geomap and Tengraph online.

Gold found by seminar participants

in Cue WA 2015
John and Sonya’s gold nuggets after a seminar in Cue WA

From John and Sonya

john and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your knowledge at the seminar. We found it to be of huge benefit to us both in the weeks since with our prospecting.

We found almost 8 ounces of gold for the season, 6 of which we have found since the seminar. We have worked only on pending, vacant and leases that we had written permission from the leaseholders to go on and have used Geomaps on a daily basis. We will also be using Geomap over the off season to plan our next prospecting trip.

From Steve

Thank you again for a very informative, relaxed and detailed course

The good news is that I have found a little, 3 pieces of colour @ 2.5gms

Now I am working on building maps and doing research

Max gold specimens
Max’s specis that yielded 6 ounces of gold Cue WA
This is the gold specimens (rock) that was found after a seminar in Cue by Max.
Max gold specimens
An example of one of the specimens
An example of one of the gold specimens that was found after a seminar in Cue by Max.
Max gold specimens
6 ounces gold after dollying and melting down.
Melted gold and gold nuggets found after a seminar in Cue by Max.

From Max

This is some of the gold we got on our trip to WA the 4kg rock with a lot of gold showing the end result was a 6 0z of gold sitting on the scales.

Thanks to Bill and Udo for their training courses give me the knowledge to help me find gold. Total gold found was 12 ounces.

See you at the seminars and if we don't -

...may you find plenty of gold nuggets in 2017


Udo and Bill

Nobody gets ALL the gold. There’s still plenty left for you.

p.s. If you are at all interested please contact us quickly as these seminars will book out within a few days.

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