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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #87 - Gold Prospecting Seminars 2021
February 04, 2021

Gold Prospecting Seminars in WA - 2021

Dates of Metal Detecting Seminars in 2021

Seminar Formats

Important Terms and Conditions

Cost of The Seminars

What is Provided to You at the Seminars

Gold Prospecting Seminars in WA Very Limited 2021

Gidday All,

We will be sending out some further emails on how you can prepare for Gold Prospecting in WA in the next month or so.

The Information will include how to get the new Goldtracker App which is currently in development.

This email is about Seminars in Cue in 2021 which due to Covid and other commitments we will only be able to provide a very limited number of seminars in 2021.

If you are NOT interested in attending a seminar in Cue this year then you do not need to read any further.

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Metal Detecting and Gold Prospecting Training Seminars in Cue 2021

The seminars in Cue to help you understand how you can answer these questions yourself;

  • Where can I find Gold in WA?
  • What Geology and rocks should I be looking for that indicate gold could be present?
  • Where am I allowed to go Metal Detecting in WA?
  • What are The best metal detectors and Equipment to use to get ALL the gold.
  • How do I set up and use GEOMAP on my computer with free Geological and TOPO Maps to easily research prospective Gold Locations.
  • How do I set up GEOMAP with a computer and GPS so I know EXACTLY where I am, anytime in relation to Tenements and prospective gold locations.
  • Using the Goldtracker App to find gold.
  • Using Geoviewer.

Training Dates in 2021

We have two seminars this year in April and May and depending on demand, Covid and our other commitments we will decide on further seminars later in the year.

Gold Prospecting Lessons Cue 2021 - Dates

Total Available Places

Places Left

17,18,19 April, Seminar Cue 108
15,16,17, May Seminar Cue106

Some positions in the seminars have already been taken because people booked from last year - those seminars were cancelled due to Covid.

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Important Terms and Conditions

It is very important that you read the terms and conditions document relating to the training for your own safety and peace of mind.

It also explains the format of the seminars and what happens if the seminars are cancelled due to Covid 19 or other reasons. Terms and Conditions Metal Detecting Training In Cue

Seminar Process and Format

This is the basic process relating to Gold Prospecting Seminars;

  • You Select your preferred Seminar date.
  • We Confirm your preference is available or offer alternative options.
  • When the date is agreed a deposit invoice is sent to you in Late February for the Deposit.
  • More information about the courses, such as Maps, Places to Detect, Section 40E Permits are sent to you about 5 weeks before the Seminar.
  • The (In House part) Training is held at the Airconditioned St John Ambulance Centre just behind the Caravan Park in Cue.
  • After training you can detect at places we have suggested or Exploration Leases you have applied a Section 40E Permit for. It’s difficult to know exactly what we can recommend until closer to the time due to what will be available in Tengraph

Cost of The Gold Prospecting Seminars

Your Investment for the Seminar is $780 for the two day course with $180 deposit required to hold your place.

Part of the deposit is non refundable ($100) - please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more information.

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What is Provided at the Seminars?

What Is Supplied to You at the Seminars.

  • All course Materials.

  • Morning and Afternoon teas, BBQ lunch, cool drinks, bottled water.
  • Access to land for metal detecting on the third day of the course.
  • Geomap software on a memory stick. This includes all the Geological and Topographical maps that need to be used with Geomap.
  • GeoMap will be setup on your Windows PC at the Seminar and you will be able to use the thumbdrive to setup GeoMap on your home PC.
  • APP to easily download Mining tenements to ensure your GeoMap tenements are up to date.
  • A Manual covering the seminar contents.
  • Access to the Geomap Online Training Membership website.
  • Morning and Afternoon teas, BBQ lunch, cool drinks, bottled water.
  • Directions, with maps and coordinates for your own prospecting activity after the course - note; this will always depend on availability of land in Tengraph at the time.

What is NOT included.

  • Your transport to Cue.
  • Accommodation in Cue.

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Here are some links to the Updated Corona Virus Travel Updates pages.
WA Government Corona Virus Update Page

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Gold Prospecting WA Facebook Page

See you at the seminars and if we don't -

...may you find plenty of gold nuggets in 2021


Udo and Bill

Nobody gets ALL the gold. There’s still plenty left for you.

p.s. If you are interested in the Seminars please contact us quickly as these seminars will completely book out within a few days.

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