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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #057 - Mines Department Getting Tough on illegal Prospecting
October 11, 2017

Mines Department Getting Tough on Illegal Prospecting

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Department Getting Tough on Illegal Prospecting.

Tengraph Web

Changes to Website

Gidday Everyone,

It's been a while since we had a newsletter, sorry.

Why? It's because everything else catches up with you in life, other things come first like Family and other commitments, particularly when you have a family tragedy.

Udo and I have now wound up the seminar program this year and we have also been heavily involved in sampling and proving up an Exploration Tenement that we have in Sandstone, so we have been bush a bit as well.

Then the (Amalgamated Leaseholders and Prospectors Association in WA) APLA Annual General Meeting come up so I had some involvement in that.

APLA made me (Bill) a Life Member at that AGM meeting which was an incredible and humbling experience.

I only include that here in this email because you know we fully support APLA and what is does for the Prospecting Community - be aware that when we talk about APLA that we do have a vested interest in the Organisation. Udo and I strongly support it.

I also had another beautiful granddaughter a few weeks ago.

Never mind, we are back on track now so should be able to get some good content and information moving to you again.

DMP has also changed its name to Department of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety - DMIRS - so we expect there will be a lot of changes to links in the future which will impact on our website.

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Illegal Prospecting Now being Dealt with Harshly by DMIRS Investigation Arm.

Possibly many of you would not be aware that there has been a major change in the way DMIRS are tackling illegal prospectors in the last 12 months.

This was hinted at to me by a DMP employee when I spoke at the Prospectors meeting in Geraldton in March this year.

I was told that there will be no more "Softly Softly" approach to illegal Prospectors.

I was also told that the excuses of "I didn't know I was not allowed here", "there's no lines on the ground that show where the Mining Lease is", or whatever other excuse would no longer cut it.

People would be charged if caught stealing gold (metal detecting illegally on mining tenements) or if sufficient information was provided to the Gold Stealing unit on where people were illegally detecting.

The reason that this stronger approach was given as;
"People have Tengraph, Geomap and access to DMIRS offices to understand the rules and where they are allowed to go on the land so there is no excuse - they will be charged".

This has been borne out by more prosecutions that we have seen reported in WA for illegal prospecting and gold stealing.

Here is a few Links but they are not all that we have heard about this year.

Coolgardie Court Gold Thieves.

Detective Seize Stolen Gold

Kalgoorlie Miner July 27 2017

The reality is that you MUST know the rules of Gold Prospecting and Metal detecting in WA and EXACTLY where you are on the ground at all times when you are prospecting.

Otherwise you WILL be seen out there and reported to the Gold Squad and probably prosecuted.

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How to You Know Where You Can Go Prospecting?

You have a number of systems to understand where you are allowed to go prospecting and where you are on the ground.


Tengraph WEB provides all the information you need to know about land use in WA and where you are allowed to go prospecting.

However, when you are not connected to the internet you do not have access to Tengraph WEB (or the current Tengraph Online I you are more familiar with it.)

Offline - GEOMAP

GeoMap WA is a Free Geographic Information System software program provided by DMIRS that enables you to;

  • View Geographic and Geological Data and Maps (eg Geological Maps, Tenements, Mines)
  • Query the data that is included in the layers (eg tenements “Who owns it, When does it Expire? Gold Mines what type of mine.)
  • Change Symbols on data being displayed so they can be quickly identified (eg Scraping and detecting Sites for Gold).
  • Show only data that you want to see (e.g Only Live tenements, or Only Gold Mines).
  • Turn layers of data on and off so you only focus on what you want to see.
  • Connect your PC to a GPS aerial and see exactly where you are on the ground in relation to tenements, geology, topography, mines and other geographical data you have included.
  • Geomap can be used offline while you are in the bush.

We will provide a lot more information for you on GeoMap - including training in the future prior to the next Prospecting Season.

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Tengraph Web Replacing Tengraph Online

If you go prospecting in WA you can find out where land is available (Unpegged Crown Land, Vacant Crown Land, Land that has been pegged but is pending and so on) through Tengraph Online, however this online software is about to be replaced by Tengraph WEB.

We have a page on how to use Tengraph Online with a Tengraph HOW TO free downloadable ebook for the current Tengraph Online System.

Tengraph Online will be removed when the new TENGRAPH WEB eventually replaces it.

I thought it would be a simple matter for people just to log into the new TENGRAPH WEB and start using it.

, When I gave a talk about it at the APLA General Meeting last month I was astonished at the lack of knowledge and number of questions about the new TENGRAPH WEB.

So we have started to develop some new training for you on TENGRAPH WEB.

We want to make sure that everything is covered in TENGRAPH WEB training so we would like to get some feedback from you about what would help you to learn and understand the system. What you need to know?

Can you click reply to this email and answer this one simple question?

What are the TOP TWO QUESTIONS you have about TENGRAPH WEB that you would like answered?. Just Click Reply to this Email and the Reply will go direct to me.....Bill

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Changes to make Website Https Compliant

Due to Google searches that will come up with message like "this site is insecure" and the like in their search engines we will have to change the Gold Prospecting website from http:// To https://.

I know, it's technical crap that you don't need to know about, but how it might affect you is that we will need to ensure that videos and external information that we link to from the site is https:// to make our site secure.

Over the next month or so as we try to get that fixed some links will be changed and so will access to some pages information. Please be patient as we work through this.

If you are still having fun out there -

...may you find plenty of gold nuggets


Udo and Bill

Nobody gets ALL the gold. There’s still plenty left for you.

P.S. Don't forget to just hit reply to this email and tell us "What are the top two questions you have about TENGRAPH WEB that you would like answered?"

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