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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #002 -- Metal Detecting Laws in WA - Simple Charts & Explanations
July 07, 2010

Metal Detecting Laws and Gold Prospecting Rules

......Simple Explanations

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Table Of Contents

A Flowchart to Help you Through the Maze of Gold Prospecting Regulations

Simple chart to help you understand the Metal Detecting Rules by Land Ownership and Mining Tenement Type

How do You Apply for a Miners Right?

A Standard Letter You Can Use to Request Permission to Prospect for Gold or Go Metal Detecting

1:100000 Geological Maps - Index For All WA Maps Locality Reports for Gold

At Last - Tough Metal Detector Bags to Protect Your Investment

A Flowchart to Help you Through the Maze of Gold Prospecting Regulations

During June Apart from a gold Prospecting Trip in May and at the beginning of June and a trip to Bali, we completed some pages about Gold Prospecting Regulations and Metal Detecting Rules in Western Australia

The first is an overall look at the gold prospecting regulations which uses a simple flowchart that looks at the process as a Gold Prospecting Trip and the things you need to do, such as;

  • Get a Miners Right
  • Select a Gold Prospecting Location
  • Use Tengraph to find out details of the Land you want to metal detect
  • Understand Who Owns The Gold you Find?
  • A Simplified Chart to Understand the rules of Different type of land Ownership
  • Work out whether you can prospect on the Land Selected
  • Landowner notification rules and Standard "Request for Permission" Letters You can Use
  • Section 20a Gold Prospecting Permits

The Gold Prospecting Regulations page has links to all those other subjects.

Our aim with these pages is to give you a full set of reference pages so you can get all the information and links you want in one place.

Please tell us if you need more information or are unsure of anything in the pages.


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Simple Chart of Metal Detecting Laws

Here is the link to a simple chart of Metal Detecting Laws by;

  • Land Ownership Type, such as, Private Land, pastoral land, Crown Land, Native Title Land and so On
  • Mining Lease Type, such as Exploration License, Mining Lease, Prospecting licence.
  • Whether the Lease is Granted or Pending.
  • The Sort of permissions and notices required.

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Miners Rights - Simple, Cheap and Easy to Get .

There is NO reason not to have a Miners Right in WA.

This page (which will open in a new page) explains how easy it is to get a WA Miners Right

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Remember that a Miners Right is in reality a Metal Detecting Permit in WA.

Request Permission to Metal Detect Letter - A Template You Can Copy and Use

The key in some cases of land ownership is to get Written Permission to metal detect in an area.

This is also true with granted mining tenement or Prospecting Licence areas.

We have included a few standard letters on the website that you can download, change to your details and use to request permission to go metal detecting.

You can get them at this page (which will open in a new window on your browser) Request to Metal Detect Standard Letter Download

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Geological Maps - Index for 1:100000 Geological Maps

Some people mentioned that they needed an index to the names or numbers of all the Geological 1:100000 maps of WA.

Your wish is our command;

We have added this to the page on Geological Maps on the website at this link (which will open in a new page) Geological 1:100000 Map Index for Western Australia"

We hope that helps.

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At Last - Metal Detector Bags Designed by Metal Detectorists

PLEASE NOTE: This page is only available to subscribers of this newsletter - no one else will be able to find the page nor will they be able to buy a metal detector bag!

Udo and I spent some time designing a new metal detector bag because there is simply nothing on the market that adequately protects our $6000 Minelab 4500 metal detectors properly..

...OR enables us to store all our gear adequately.

If you are interested in a sneak preview or would like to purchase a decent metal detector bag you can have a look at this page about metal detector bags

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Locality Reports for Gold

Specific "Locality Reports for Gold" are also under Development.

These specific locality reports are being painstakingly researched and will be released over the next few months.

The contents are being kept confidential at this stage but we think you will be able to use the reports to take your gold finding ability to a new level.

They will provide specific GPS Locations and local knowledge insights on each locality in Western Australia.

Make sure you continue to read the monthly newsletter and we will announce when they will be released.

Website Pages Being Built in July

In July, Udo and I need to get out and do some metal detecting and research. We've been locked up too long writing website pages!!

We have our Section 20a agreements and some free land targetted and we are off in the second week of July to the Pilbara.

We still will try to work on new website pages including;

  • Metal Detecting Tips
  • Metal Detector Coils
  • Panning for Gold
  • Specking for gold, loaming and dryblowing .
  • Gold Nuggets in WA - this page is one where you can skite and show the WORLD your nuggets as well

Keep Detecting,

Remember this - Nobody gets ALL the gold. Theres still plenty left for you.

Udo and Bill

P.S. Dont forget that We want to make sure that we develop Gold Prospecting and Metal Detecting information and software that YOU need.

Your help in telling us what YOU would like would be very much appreciated. If you dont tell us what you want how will we know?

Please forward your ideas, requests and comments by reply to this newsletter, we would love to help you out.

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