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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #055 - How to Get Permission to Go Metal Detecting
February 01, 2017

How to get Permission to Go Metal Detecting in WA

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New Webpage with Metal Detecting Letter Templates

WHY would Mining Companies Allow you to Go Metal Detecting on their Land.

How do you find out who the owner of the Tenement Is

What is in the Metal Detecting Permission Letter Page

Website Upgrades

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New Page with Metal Detecting Letter Templates

Gidday Everyone,

No doubt you are started to gear up and getting excited for the 2017 prospecting season that is not too far away.

Here is some information to start your planning.

Rather than go over old ground I will provide you with links to our previous newsletters:

Now we have upgraded the draft Template letters that you can use to get access to land that is already pegged and a granted Mining Tenement (Green colour on Tengraph).

These templates are now designed around the expenditure commitments that are required by the Department of Mines of a Mining Company in their FORM 5 annual expenditure reports.

Here is the new page Metal Detecting Permission Letter Template and Report to Mining Company Template.

You will need plenty of lead time to get permission from Mining Companies if you wish to go metal detecting on their land so download the letters and get started now!

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WHY would Mining Companies Allow you to Go Metal Detecting on their Land.

As a general rule small prospecting leaseholders with a small M (Mining) or P (Prospecting) lease will not give you permission - it is their livelihood and they usually only have a small area lease.

That is a general rule, but - there are leaseholders that have pegged ground with a later intention to sell the lease to a bigger company so they may allow you access.

REASON 1 Expenditure Commitment on Mining Leases.

The reason why this is so that all granted Tenement holders have a commitment to spending a minimum amount on their lease each year (depending on type and size) otherwise they can lose their tenement. They must report annually on a Form 5 the expenditure and reasons for expenditure.

Form 5 Metal Detector Expenditure.

SO....Because if a contract is properly documented and there is a written evidence of request, approval and the conditions it is possible for the Leaseholder to claim YOUR costs against their FORM 5 expenditure commitments.

REASON 2 Geological Exploration is Expensive!

Geological Exploration is very expensive. The more that a company can target areas of interest (one indicator is where there has been visible gold found!!!) then the more they can pinpoint focus their efforts for intital exploration.

You provide a source of information on gold found and the GPS points it is found on their tenements and this can be part of their geological intelligence for future exploration.

REASON 3 Illegal Prospecting and Environmental Damage

Many people go illegal prospecting without permission, they tend to do a lot of damage to the environment and leases, with a written agreement a Mining Company can set the rules and conditions as well as knowing when and where you are on the ground and they get the benefit of information about gold found.

REASON 4 - Public Liability and Contract Rules

The company sets the rules so they will ensure that their butts are covered e.g. you will need Public Liability Insurance and probably need to be a member of APLA, and have restrictions on what you can and cannot do while you are on their lease, so they have more protection.

REASON 5 - Good Corporate Citizenship.

Many companies are also good Corporate Citizens and understand they have a lot of ground that is inaccessible to recreational prospectors who are a large tourism market for WA and who spend a lot of time in Regional areas spending money and keeping little towns alive.


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How do you find out who the owner of the Tenement Is

How do you find out who the tenement owner is?

First log Log in to Tengraph online

Select Tenement by Clicking on it.

Select the Tenement by clicking on it

Click on the 'i' button in the Navbar then Click on 'Holders'.

Click on the "i" button on the top right Navbar, then click on holders in the popup box

Name and address of Tenement Holder.

That will provide the holders name and address to write to.

NEWCOMER to the Newsletter? If you are a new reader you may not know any thing about Tengraph Online - go to this page for a free book that tells you how to use it. Tengraph Online Free Instruction Book how to use it.

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What is in the Metal Detecting Permission Letter Page

A video showing how to download the form letters which are in Word, Excel and PDF format - depending on what you require.

Downloadable form letters in Word and PDF for everyone with templates just for APLA members as well.

Downloadable templates for you to do your report and the report is set up in a "Tenement Owner" friendly way that relates to their Form 5 Annual Report.

A downloadable spread sheet that you can include your costs as they occur.

Gold Prospecting WA Website Getting a Makeover

We are currently upgrading the Gold Prospecting WA webisite pages - all of them - to be mobile friendly so they are more readable for you on phones as well as computers.

If something is not working over the next week or so then we apologise hopefully it will all be completed by the end of this week.

In the meantime if you lose a page go to this page which is the Sitemap for Gold Prospecting WA open it and click on any page you are interested in.

Gold Prospecting WA - Website Sitemap.

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GoldTracker also Being Upgraded...

The Goldtracker site is also being upgraded to take care of some urgent maintenance needs right now, so if you have some trouble accessing it thta is the reason.

The Goldtracker website is also being rewritten to be more user friendly and we will have a special newsletter out about that closer to te Re-launch of the site.

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Udo and Bill

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