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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #039 - Tengraph Online - Where to LEGALLY Find Gold in 2015
March 07, 2015

Tengraph Tells You WHERE to go Prospecting Legally

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Minelab 7000 – Beware Second Hand Counterfeits of 4500 and 5000

Gold Prospecting Seminars Vacancies Do Come Up.

Tengraph Tells You WHERE you can go Prospecting Legally.

Tengraph – What you MUST Know about Tengraph.

Tengraph Legend and Land Use Documents

GoldTracker - Soon to Include Tenement Overlays.

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New Minelab GPZ 7000 Released -Beware Counterfeit Machines and DUD 4500s and 5000s

Gidday All

Well the new GPZ 7000 has been released and it ain’t cheap but if it does what Minelab says it does then it may be a very good buy.

If you missed it here is the link to the

GPZ7000 Brochure from Minelab

As soon as I get back from overseas (I am writing this from Indonesia) I will pick our 7000 up and head up to Cue at the end of March to test it out before the first Gold Prospecting Seminar at the end of March.

I cannot emphasize this too strongly right now, there will be a lot of the scum out there selling counterfeit second hand minelab 4500’s and 5000s (we have already even noticed a special price on the ”Patented Minelab GPZ7000” On the Chinese site for crying out loud!) so beware.

This Minelab page might help Beware of Counterfeit Minelab Detectors.

Only buy the new machines off authorized Minelab dealers! The same applies with the second hand models, but I understand the local WA dealers are reluctant to take trade-ins on the GPZ7000.

Just make sure you personally know the person selling a second hand GPX4500 or 5000, check its authenticity with Minelab and the original paper work. Don’t get caught with a DUD machine.

Gold Prospecting Seminars Booked out - Sometimes Vacancies DO become Available.

If you are interested in attending a seminar, then keep your eye on our newsletters and if a vacancy does come up we will advise you about 6 weeks before the seminar is due to happen.

We have already had 4 cancellations in the first few seminars so the vacancies do come up regularly.

Just hit reply to this email if interested in a seminar and we will ensure you are informed of vacancies as they arise.

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Tengraph – WHERE to go Gold Prospecting Legally in WA

Last newsletter we provided the first in our series to prepare you for the prospecting season in 2015

If you missed the first newsletter in the series on “Where to Find Gold and Free Geological Maps” you can get it at this link Where to Find Gold in WA in 2015”.

The series of Newsletters is designed to help you prepare for this prospecting season and will unfold as follows;

  • Where to Find the Gold and get Free Geological Maps – Last Newsletter .
  • Tengraph Finding Gold Legally – This Newsletter
  • Section 40E Applications. –Next Newsletter
  • Downloading Geomap. – Coming Newsletter
  • Downloading Maps and Shapefiles for Geomap. - Coming Newsletter
  • Using Geomap. - Coming Newsletter

If the first question we are always asked is “Where can I find some Gold Nuggets?” The second is “Where am I ALLOWED to go Metal Detecting in WA”

If you totally lack knowledge of the rules for prospecting and metal detecting in WA then we have tried to encapsulate them on this page
Gold Prospecting and Metal Detecting Rules in WA”

remember that the ultimate source of information is the Department of Mines and Petroleum Website, but we have tried to summarise their website and provide easier to find links to their information which can be difficult to find if you are a newby (or an oldby for that matter!)

Note – We need to write this newsletter for all our readers so it may be basic information for some but important for those who are just starting and need to understand the rules.

We will provide progressively more detailed instructions when we get to the GeoMap information.
But you need to learn how to crawl before you can walk!

At our Gold Prospecting and Metal Detecting seminars in Cue we spend a few hours on the first days to help people understand Tengraph, how to download it and use it, the main information they need to understand and hints and tips on using it.

However this training is so people understand the basics of what they NEED TO KNOW about tenements and the parts of Tengraph they can use for various needs so when we show a much more effective and easier way to get the same information through Geomap.

In this newsletter we will discuss the basics, but you need to go to the

HOW TO USE Tengraph Online.

Tengraph Page to download the free e-book on how to Use Tengraph which will show you with screen shots and explanations how to use Tengraph.

That page also has a Video that will show you visually how to use Tengraph.

What you MUST Know in Tengraph

Download the free Tengraph book that you can understand about Tengraph online and how to get free access.

Tengraph Free HOW TO USE e-book.

Tengraph is the WA State Government Mining Software System which outlines all the mining tenements and from that you can find out where you are allowed to prospect, it’s free to sign up to use Tengraph Online and it is shown how to do that in the free Tengraph E-Book download.

Tenements are updated EVERY NIGHT except Sunday so the tenement information is dynamic and must be checked EVERY time prior to going prospecting!

Plan Your Prospecting Trip at Least a Month Prior to Leaving!

Do your research on Tengraph now for your trip in 6 weeks or so, that way you can see whether the area you would like to go prospecting on is available.

You may need get written permission or a Section 40e permit to go prospecting or metal detecting at the place you have researched so you need to give yourself some lead time

Types of Tenements on Tengraph

There are basically three main types of tenements that the metal detector operator is looking at;

  • Mining – shown with a prefix M on Tengraph online
  • Prospecting - shown with a prefix P on Tengraph online
  • Exploration - shown with a prefix E on Tengraph online

P and E's look more numerous because they are smaller in area and historically run longer than Exploration Tenements BUT in total area, E Tenements cover about 46% of land you will be interested in.

If the tenement is Blue in colour on Tengraph it is currently pending and you are allowed to metal detect upon it provided there are no other impediments like it is Native Title Land or Private Property, etc

If the tenement is Green in colour it means it is a granted lease and you must get permission to detect there for M (Mining) and P (Prospecting) it must be from the Leaseholder in writing, However with an E you can get a Section 40E permit to go prospecting upon the land.

If the tenement is cross hatched Green and Blue giving a turquoise colour it means it is a lease pegged over a granted lease and you must get permission to detect there based on the type of lease that is Live (Green)

This is, for M (Mining) and P (Prospecting) it must be from the Leaseholder in writing, However it the live lease is E you can get a Section 40E permit to go prospecting upon the land.

Example of Colours on Tengraph On-Line Page.

Tenement Colours and Types in Tengraph Online Tenement Colours and Types in Tengraph Online.

Black on Tengraph can mean many things, like it is a reserve that cannot be pegged eg cemetery, town reserve, airport reserve, A Class Reserve, there are many reasons and you need to look at the land use document in conjunction with Tengraph to understand why it is black.

It could just mean that it is crown land that is unpegged as well which means you can metal detect upon (subject to other things like Native Title, private land and so on) – you can ask the local Department of Mines Offices in towns like Mt Magnet, Kalgoorlie, Coolgardie, Leonora, Meekatharra to get more information about this if you are not sure.

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Legend and Land Use Descriptions for Tengraph

Here is the link to land type Descriptions document if you want to look at the various information provided on Tengraph.

Tengraph Land Type Descriptions Document.

And the Legend Document

Tengraph Legend Document.

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SECTION 40E PERMITS Will be explained in the next newsletter but if you want to get a head start.

How to Apply for a Section 40E Permit to go Prospecting in WA

The Section 40e permit enables you to go prospecting on Exploration Leases (around 46% of leases in WA) for a small cost of $25.

Hope that helps a bit, Our training seminars cover all this training and information.

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GoldTracker Software Will Soon Show Tenements as Well as the Best (or poor) Gold Locations

The GoldTracker Web application is continuing to be improved with more features and improving the user interface.

The developers are currently working on adding up to date Tenements which will overlay the Satellite maps and Gold Scores.

This should be available in the upcoming weeks.

The Tengraph Tenements will be updated daily on the App. so this is something that will make the job of understanding the current Tenement availability much easier when you are using GoldTracker to find the best gold area.

GoldTracker - Potential Gold Nugget area identification software program.

Make sure you watch out for that, we will have a special newsletter about the launch later this month.

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Udo and Bill

Nobody gets ALL the gold. There’s still plenty left for you.

ps – Udo and I have been asked WHY we provide so much free information about prospecting in WA.

The answer is simple, we have many gold prospecting Rights in WA that prospectors in other states have lost due to State Governments pandering to over zealous, well financed, vested interest groups – we want to ensure that people go gold prospecting legally in WA to give NO EXCUSES TO THE STATE GOVERNMENT OR VESTED INTEREST GROUPS THAT WANT TO REMOVE OUR RIGHTS to go prospecting.

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