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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #003 - Metal Detecting - Get It Right and Dont Miss Any Gold
August 17, 2010

Metal Detecting

......Understand How Get It Right So You Dont Miss Any Gold

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Table Of Contents

Metal detecting, The Best Detectors to find gold, How to Choose a Metal Detector - Its all Here

Be Astonished at How Much Gold is Missed by Poor Chaining or Gridding for Gold!

A Page for Metal Detecting Finds - Yours and Ours

Want some Free Software to Compare Detectors and make A Buying Decision?

Locality Reports for Gold

At Last - Tough Metal Detector Bags to Protect Your Investment

Nullagine Gold

Nullagine Gold

Udo and I are currently prospecting in Nullagine with A Section 20a Agreement, we should have gotten away a few weeks ago but we both had problems with a death in Bill's Family and Udo having other commitments. At least now we have a few pieces to show for our trouble.

We hope to send this newsletter off when we get to Marble Bar, there is no mobile at Nullagine thus the wireless broadband doesn't work. Never mind its not a town to spend a lot of time in.

The caravan park manager wouldn't even let us buy a shower on the way through. Luckily Todd, the Publican of the Nullagine Hotel let us shower and clean off the red dust, needless to say we spent a few bob there on lunch and refreshments.

Some of these Shire run joints just dont get it when it comes to tourism!!!.

After Nullagine we are off to some of Udos old crystal rock gathering haunts so he can replenish his rock collection.

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Metal Detecting Pages

During the month of July we put some new pages on the website about metal detecting including...

Metal Detecting

Metal Detecting is a surefire way to find gold. But be careful - you will not always find gold or clean out a patch if you dont have the right technique, use the wrong detector or coil or have poor detector settings.

This page gives you some answers to help you understand gold detectors and detecting and the techniques you can use to clean out that hard found gold patch.

Pulse Induction Metal Detector

We believe this is the best detector for finding gold on the WA Gold fields and this page explores the reasons why.

VLF Metal Detector

How do VLF metal detectors work and why are they not the best detectors for finding gold in WA? Its a point of view that we have and you can find out on this page why.

Metal Detector Coils

A Page that looks at the various types of coils and explains the differences so it is easier to understand them. Coils have limitations and you need to know what they are.

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Chaining for Gold - Dont Leave Any Behind

Is chaining for gold necessary?

Does that help you find more gold or is it just a huge flashing "LOOK HERE" indicator that gold has been found at the site for the next prospector?

I think this page will shock you - have alook at the photos and the places we have found gold in the chain marks of other detectorists!!

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Metal Detector Finds.

The Metal Detector Finds page is a page which has a few movies on it including the story of Becs's $4500 ring lost in a horse paddock and found with the Minelab 4500.

There is also a movie of Udo and Bill finding a few small pieces in Cue.

Later we will include photos of gold finds and other finds and will also enable YOU to put YOUR finds up on the website and skite about your ability to the world. Hopefully that will be in August depending on how soon we return from this trip.

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Compare Metal Detectors - Get EXACTLY What You Need

Compare metal Detectors page is a page that could be helpful to you if you want to buy a new detector or coil.

It gives you free software that you can use to enter criteria about a metal detector (Or any Question in the world you want to answer) so you can make sure that you get exactly the right answer based on your needs.

The page also has a criteria document you can print out and write in your own needs to so that you can make sure that you analyse everything you need to to make the right decision for any question you need to answer.

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At Last - Metal Detector Bags Designed by Metal Detectorists

PLEASE NOTE: This page is only available to subscribers of this newsletter - no one else will be able to find the page nor will they be able to buy a metal detector bag!

In the last newsletter we discussed the new metal detector bags that we had especially made to our specifications.

That page is only available to readers of this newsletter we are not in the retail game but will develop products for our use and our subscribers use where we feel there is a gap or need for them.

We still have a few of these left if our are interested!

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Locality Reports for Gold

Specific "Locality Reports for Gold" are also under Development.

These specific locality reports are being painstakingly researched and will be released over the next few months.

The contents are being kept confidential at this stage but we think you will be able to use the reports to take your gold finding ability to a new level.

They will provide specific GPS Locations and local knowledge insights on each locality in Western Australia.

Make sure you continue to read the monthly newsletter and we will announce when they will be released.

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Website Pages Being Built in August

Website Pages Being Built in August Not sure what we will develop in August as we will be away for most of the month.

Dont forget though, any page or subject that you would like developed just drop us a reply to this newsletter

Got to go and have a beer by the campfire now and eat some fresh bread from the camp oven.

Keep Detecting,

Remember this - Nobody gets ALL the gold. Theres still plenty left for you.

Udo and Bill

P.S. Dont forget that We want to make sure that we develop Gold Prospecting and Metal Detecting information and software that YOU need.

Your help in telling us what YOU would like would be very much appreciated. If you dont tell us what you want how will we know?

Please forward your ideas, requests and comments by reply to this newsletter, we would love to help you out.

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