Compare Metal Detectors - Dont Make an Expensive Mistake

Here is a simple method on how to compare metal detectors so you can make your buying decision based on what you want your metal detector to find and do.

Use this method and you will select exactly the right metal detector for you.

A decision you will base on the conditions you will be detecting in, what you want to find with your detector and whatever criteria you select that is important to you.

That way you will not waste your money on very expensive, old or inappropriate technology.

Compare Metal Detectors - Decision Making Software

Comparison Chart Between PI and VLF Metal Detectors

Minelab 5000 Reviews Page

Minelab 2300 Metal Detector

Minelab GPZ7000 Review page 

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Compare Metal Detectors With This Simple Decision Making Software

Use this free Decision Making Software Link called "Chooseit" to weigh up all the possible choices when you compare metal detectors.

The software will help you to make your mind without getting too tied up in bewildering technical stuff and sometimes, even where the metal detector salesperson is trying to guide your decision which based on their own motives, not your needs!

DISCLAIMER; Gold Prospecting WA is reader supported. This link to “Chooseit” will assist you in making your own decisions. Chooseit is free to use, but If you buy Sitesell Products through this link on our site, we may earn a  small affiliate commission.  We decided not to build this software ourselves (Choose an option software) as it is not our main business of helping you in your gold hunting efforts. Just So You Know…Bill and Udo

This Video Explains How to Use the Decision Making Software to Compare Metal Detectors

Watch the video which will show you how to use the decision making tool.

There is an example in the Decision Maker Software that you can work through if you're not still sure how to use it.

The strength of the process is that you enter your own criteria to compare metal detectors and make your decision. That will help you avoid expensive mistakes because you will know exactly in your own mind what metal detector you need to do the type of metal detecting you want to do.

We have also included some criteria and explanations below that will kick start your ideas.

All you need to do is work through the decision making software

It's a simple way to remove uncertainty and make the right decision.

Working through the Decision Making Software to Compare Metal Detectors

The First Step is working out - What is the Question you want answered?

It could be. "What is the Best Metal Detector for Me?" or perhaps,

"What is the best Gold Nugget Detector for my Trip?"

or maybe, "Is it Better to Rent or Buy a Metal Detector?"

or "Can I afford a Detector that will give me the best chance of finding gold like the Minelab 6000?"

After you complete each step in the decision making software just click the Arrows to go forward or back on the pages in your decision making process.

The Second Step is Working out Possible Answers

e.g Possible Answers for the question "What is the Best Metal Detector for my use?" may be relating to cost;

  • Minelab GPX5000 Metal Detector Basic (Est. Cost as at March 2023 $4900 AUD)
  • Minelab GPX6000 Metal Detector Basic (Est. Cost as at March 2023 $8000 AUD)
  • Minelab SDC2300 (Est. Cost as at March 2023 $3900 AUD)
  • Garret ATX Deepseeker (Est. Cost as at March 2023 $5200 AUD)
  • Garrett Axiom $7400
  • Minelab GPZ7000 (Est. Cost as at March 2023 $9800 AUD)

The Third Step is to Select the Criteria That Solve Your Needs.

Here is a list of possible Metal Detector Comparison Criteria that you might want to use to decide on the best metal detector for your use.

The Fourth Step is Working Out The Importance of Each of Those Criteria to You

These criteria are selected on the basis of its relative importance to you on a score of 0 to 100.

for example:

If you think that price is the most important criteria of your decision then you might rate "Price" as 100.

If you think that "Ability To Handle Noisy Ground" is very important then you might rate that as 90.

Perhaps the fact that the machine is waterproof is not that important but could be a feature that you need occasionally you might rate that at 60, and so on.

Resale value might be important to you as well and it could have a high rating for example instead of hiring a detector you might choose to buy one and sell it at the  end of the season. 

The Final Step is to Rate Each Metal Detector based on Performance to Your Criteria Selected.

Compare Metal Detectors - Criteria Chart

Here is a table with some criteria that might help you decide what is best for you, but YOU need to work out exactly what YOU want in a metal detector.

Metal Detector Comparison Criteria

Criteria Explanation

Criteria notes

Main use is for finding gold Nuggets
  • Pulse Induction Machines (PI) will go deeper for large nuggets
  • PI machines Specifically designed for Gold Prospecting
  • Both VLF and PI machines will find gold nuggets
  • Both the Pulse induction metal detector and VLF metal detector have advantages and disadvantages.
  • You will need every advantage in the hammered metal detecting grounds of WA
  • Generally you will be detecting in Mineralised ground, PIs handle that better.
Main use is for finding coins, rings or relics PI Machines do not discriminate as well as VLF machines VLF Machines will do the job well without the high cost of a PI Detector.
PricePI's are more expensive than VLF MachinesGood PI machines will cost you $1500 up to $10000 whereas good VLF machines will range from $500 upwards.
Time and purpose you will spend detectingAre you just going for a day trip, an extended holiday with prospecting as entertainment or spending a lot of time searching for goldDont purchase an expensive top of the range machine for a weekend trip!

Think about hiring a metal detector.

Ground conditions you will be detecting inWill you be metal detecting in Mineralized ground, in water, In rugged terrainSelect a detector that will be able to work the ground and take the knocks in the environment you are searching.
WeightIs weight a factor particularly if you will be walking through the bush all day?PI Detectors can be heavier due to the larger batteries.

If weight is a factor you need to compare weight specifications of detectors.

Metal Detector CoilsWill you need additional coils for your machine and whats the cost and availability of the coils you need.There is a huge array of coils available for the popular detectors, check this page out for metal detector coils information.
Warranty and After Sale SupportWarranty and after sale support may be importantCheck the warranty on the machines you are interested in.

Make sure it covers circuit boards, the search coils, leads, shafts and find out what are the conditions to have repairs under warranty.

Are there workshops nearby that can do the work and return the machine to you in a reasonable time.

What about the case where you are in a country town, how do you get repairs done?

Simplicity of UseMetal detectors and metal detecting can be complex and confusing.Try to understand the learning curve of the machine and whether training is provided in its use.

Is the machine simple to use for your level of experience and knowledge or is the learning curve too steep?

Is there an informal support network over the web and from users out in the bush?

Underwater DetectingWill you be using the machine for Detecting Underwater for gold or rings and coins?Some metal detectors are built for this type of work as opposed to simply waterproof.
Battery Size and LifeWhat power and battery set is needed.This may impact on you if you are out in the bush and have to charge large batteries every day.

It could also be an issue for the cost of continually replacing batteries!

Resale ValueSome detectors are highly sought after and sell second hand for a similar price to the new price. You can check this out by reseaching through EBAY or ringing your local metal detector store.
Put in Your Criteria

.... ....
Put in Your Criteria

.... ....
Put in Your Criteria

.... ....

Print The Compare Metal Detectors Criteria Document - And Add Your Own Criteria.


Click Here to download and print your Compare Metal Detectors criteria chart.

This is a PDF document that you can print, it has all the criteria listed above and space where you can add you own.

You will need a PDF reader to read and print the chart, if you cannot open downloaded PDF file then you can download Adobe Reader by left clicking on the icon below.

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