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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #010 - Gold Nugget Season Here Again
June 23, 2011

Gold Nugget Season

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Gold Nuggets Being Found

Check ANY noise in Your Metal Detector Hole

Selling Gold

Make Your Own Gold Jewellery to Add Value to Your Small Nuggets

Pages being developed this month.

Metal Detector Bags

Gold Nuggets Duketon

Awesome - Its Gold Nugget Hunting season again at last.

What we have been doing is travelling around the Goldfields of WA, prospecting on a few Section 20a sites like Duketon out of Laverton and Cue and finding some nice Gold.

AND...We are hearing from people on our travels about other gold nuggets still being found.

Its a real buzz out there meeting prospectors and seeing the numbers of people just enjoying living the hard fought for heritage of prospecting rights of Australia.... Prospecting in the WA Goldfields.

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Gold Nuggets Being Found

There has been a few gold nuggets found up Cue and Meekatharra way.

An 8 ouncer was found near Cue and Udo picked up a nice 3 1/2 ouncer as well all in the last month.

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Check That Metal Detector Hole!

Its great to get out there and interestingly enough I found some nice gold specimens in a quartz leader - about 1.3kg of specimen rock with visible gold in the quartz.

Those rocks have since been dollied out at over 4 ounces plus some nice quartz and gold nugget specimens...


I was delighted, but also sad that after all that hard work someone left a hole in a Quartz Leader for whatever reason.

That hole was making enough detector noise to wake up the sleeping goannas for miles around.

I will post a video of it in a week or so and advise the link through the website and Facebook.

Gold Prospecting WA Facebook Page

But remember - check every metal detector noise if you are not sure what it is - go to this page if you are not sure about Metal Detecting techniques.

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Selling Your Gold

There has been a lot of requests for information on how to sell gold.

This has been more evident recently because many new people are trying metal detecting and using the new Minelab 5000's and finding some small gold.

There are many ways you can get ripped off by merchants like those that buy gold at shopping centres so, dont get caught!.

This page will give you some ideas (maybe some with a twist!) and contacts for selling your gold if you need some help.

....Sell Gold - How to Get the Best Price for Your Gold Nuggets.


At the bottom of that page is a box where you can enter your own experiences in selling gold (Good or Bad) and we will publish it on the website to help others.

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Make Your Own Gold Nugget Jewellery

In the "Selling Gold" Page we have a link to a page on how to make your own gold nugget jewellery to add massive value to your small gold nuggets!

We also have a link to a DVD sold by an Aussie Detectorist - Jim Foster

Give it a go its not that hard and it will add value to your small nuggets when you sell them.

How to Make Jewellery With Your Own Gold Nuggets

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Gold Prospecting Pages Coming This Month

Coming - plans for new pages;

"Assessing Weight of Gold in Specimens" page with video instructions on how to do it.

A Page on "Gold Finds" where YOU can brag or skite about your own finds including posting a picture if you wish. This is also the page where we will put up videos of our gold trips and finds.

A Page with an "Interactive Map" that shows you localities and goldfields in relation to towns and highways - this has been requested by Interstate and some Overseas prospectors who do not have local knowledge of localities.

"Tips for Metal Detecting" due to a request from some new starter prospectors.

We will also be doing a complete rewrite of the GOLDMINE FINDER software and database to;

  • Overcome some issues that a few people are having with downloads of the Goldmine Finder software.
  • Enable us to create a standalone DVD Product to those who would prefer it.
  • Clean up and Add some more data about Old Gold Mines.

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Metal Detector Bags

There has been some requests for us to produce more metal detector bags so we have started the order process.

We will advise you when they become available.

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Keep Detecting and keep well,

Nobody gets ALL the gold. Theres still plenty left for you.

Bill and Udo

P.S. Help us to Help you, tell us what you want to know so that we can create the pages that YOU want.

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