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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #005 - Minelab 5000 - Field Testing
November 06, 2010

Minelab 5000 -

......Field Testing

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Table Of Contents

Minelab 5000 Reviews Field Test

Old Gold Mines - "Old Goldmine Finder" database development

3 Ounces of Gold and the Gold Nugget Distribution Pattern of a Patch

Pages being developed this month.

Tough Metal Detector Bags to Protect Your Investment - Questions asked

Locality Reports for Gold

Minelab 5000 Field Testing

October was a very busy month for us as we have been developing a product for you that we think will be very useful. The "Goldmine Finder" database.

We think it's a pretty exciting development that will help you and make your life a bit easier.

Udo and I also purchased a Minelab 5000 so we could field test it for you and we will continue that testing over the next month or so.

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Minelab 5000 Field Test

Our reason for purchasing the Minelab 5000 detector is to ensure YOU have a completely unbiased report on the machine which is not coloured by us because we are sellers of the product.

This ensures we are completely at arms length from Minelab and the WA sellers of the machine so we dont have to bulls"#2 you to sell machines.

We reckon that is important, if you are going to invest over $6000 on a new purchase you will want the most unbiased advice!!

We purchased the new minelab 5000 in October and used it in the Cue area for a week and will continue to test over the next few weeks

The test reports will give you or the new and infrequent metal detector operator, an unbiased view of the machine and provide further information about the Minelab 5000 for your research.

The Review Page is up on the website now at Minelab 5000 Reviews.

By the way - There is a simple form on this page where you can record and have your own review of the Minelab 5000 metal detector published on the website.

Help others in making their decision about buying this very expensive Metal Detector.

Last Months Newsletter Report on the Minelab 5000

If you didn't see this report last month - "Is the Minelab 5000 $2000 Better Value than the Minelab 4500?"

Here is the Minelab 5000 link to that report whick explores that question and provides some specification differences between the 5000 and 4500.

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Old Gold Mines - "Old Goldmine Finder" Database Development

Right now we are in the final stages of completing this database, the training and FAQ pages need completion then we will be testing the Beta software with a few users to iron out any issues before we release it.

The "Goldmine Finder" is a database which will enable you to easily find old gold mines and lots of information about them including GPS points.

You will be able to search by area, name, goldfield, production, and so on and then create a notepad file for importing into Oziexplorer or converting to KML files for import to Google Earth.

The database will be on your own computer so when you go prospecting you will be able to use it even though you dont have access to the internet.

It is the first database in a string of products we will develop to make the business of researching and documenting your gold prospecting efforts easier.

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3 Ounces of Gold and the Gold Nugget Distribution Pattern of a Patch

We had the good fortune of finding a 3 ounce patch during October and because very little work had been done in the area we were able to analyse the distribution pattern of the gold nuggets found.

The results will be included in the website shortly and they make very interesting reading and will help you understand what gold nuggets may still be left in any patch you find in the future.

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Gold Prospecting Pages Coming This Month

Our time was spent on developing the "Goldmine Finder" database and field testing the Minelab 5000 in October so our new web pages development has fallen behind.

The first page will be "Distribution of Gold Nuggets in a Patch" page, followed by;

The "Goldmine Finder" database page after Beta software testing.

followed by pages on;

"Panning for Gold" and "Loaming for Gold" with instructional videos.

Instruction page on Applying for a Section 20a Permit

and Other pages and videos about cleaning and selling gold.

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Metal Detector Bags Designed by Metal Detectorists

Metal Detector Bags.

The new bags that we ordered in are nearly all gone there is 5 bags left at present.

The page Metal Detector Bags is only available to readers of this newsletter. We will develop products for our use and our subscribers use where we feel there is a gap or need for them.

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Locality Reports for Gold

Specific "Locality Reports for Gold" are also under Development.

What we have found since we started development of these reports is that data that we required is difficult to easily obtain currently so we developed our own "Goldmine Finder' database

This means that when the "Goldmine Finder" database is completed we can start working fulltime on the area reports.

Make sure you continue to read the monthly newsletter and we will announce when they will be released.

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Keep Detecting,

Remember this - Nobody gets ALL the gold. Theres still plenty left for you.

Udo and Bill

P.S. Tell us what you want developed so we can make sure we are providing information that you need.

Please forward your ideas, requests and comments by reply to this newsletter, we would love to help you out.

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