Minelab 5000 Metal Detector Released

Is It $2000 Better Value Than the Minelab 4500? Resoundingly...Yes!

Update January 2023 About Minelab GPX5000 

Since this page was written and we compared the relative merits of the GPX4500 and the GPX5000 there has  been a few new detectors released by Minelab here is our pages on them;


GPZ 7000


Does that Mean the Minelab GPX5000 is Defunct?

No,  most Certainly not.

The GPX5000 is a machine that is still a great gold hunter.

In fact, The best value for money is a Minelab 5000 (new or second hand) with some of the new coils included.

Second hand now, you can pick one up with all the fruit and accessories for $3500 to $4000 on Gumtree. (do your Due Diligence though!!)

Especially, get either  the 17x13” or the smaller 12x9" nuggetfinder mono Evolution (or any of the Evolution range or Coiltek Elite range) which are good on the small gold and will get depth for the deeper gold.

You'll find gold with it!

Older Review Comparing GPX5000 to GPX4500

When it comes to new technology like the Minelab 5000 metal detector, you will know by reading our pages on the Pulse induction metal detector and VLF metal detector that we promote using the most modern technology available to find gold in Western Australia.

That technology does however come at a significant cost, so this page explores whether the new Minelab series metal detectors are that much a technology advancement to justify the premium you will pay as a casual user.

Compare Metal Detectors

If you are hesitant or wondering whether you should upgrade, here is a link to a page where you can compare metal detectors using free, easy to use decision making software.

That page has a link to the software that enables you to make an informed decision on any question you would like to ask, including whether the Minelab 5000 is a good buying decision for you.

What is The Main Difference Between the Minelab 4500 and the Minelab 5000?

Without all the marketing hype as far as we can see the differences are as follows;

Metal Detector Difference

Minelab 4500

Minelab 5000

Timings The new 5000 has extra timings such as Coins, or Relics Settings,
Fine Gold
A Large improvement particularly for finding small gold and for depth of gold.

UPDATE.. Extensive use of the Minelab 5000 at our Seminars and in the Field with after-market coils like the Nuggetfinder Range, has proven this machine improvement to be very significant - we do not use other metal detectors and recommend use of the Minelab 5000 in the WA Goldfields.

PriceNew $Aud5600 Second Hand $Aud4500 (Approx)$Aud6700 new - a $2000 + differential over a good second hand 4500.
Sharp for Deep GoldNo ChangeHeaps better because you can quieten the machine down signicantly and HEAR the soft targets.
Rx Gain0 to 15 slots0 to 20 slots. But is that a great improvement to the average weekend operator? WE asked this when the 5000 came to the market and now with use we find the answer is resoundingly YES.
Weight2.4kg excluding battery No Change
Metal Detector Coils ProvidedOne 11" DD standard11" DD and Mono provided
Warranty and After Sale Support3 years control box and coil Same - 3 years
Detect ModesGeneral, Deep Custom (Hi Mineral, Hi Trash, Patch and Test A)General, Deep, Hi Mineral, Patch, Hi-Trash and Pinpoint (All user Programmable)
Protective CaseNone ProvidedNone provided.
Battery Size and LifeLithium Ion 68 Wh rechargeable with built in amplifier, mains and vehicle charger - no significant changeLithium Ion rechargeable with built in amplifier, mains and vehicle charger

Specifications of Minelab 5000 compared to Minelab 4500

Download the document showing the Specifications of Minelab 5000 compared to Minelab 4500 here.


The new Minelab GPX metal detector is a machine that has now proved to have a significant improvement over the Minelab 4500 - if you do a lot of detecting and can afford it by all means go out and buy it.

UPDATE We have tested the Minelab over the years since it came out now and would not use any other machine at our seminars or for our hire machines, its has proven to be the best all round detector to find gold in the hot WA goldfields without doubt.

If you are just starting out in metal detecting or only go detecting for a few months of the year and money is an issue the Minelab 4500 is a very efficient metal detector that becomes very affordable second hand now - you WILL get your value out of it and you WILL find gold with it.

Minelab GPX5000 User Manual

Here is a link where you can download the Minelab 5000 manual

You will need a PDF reader to read the Comparison of Specifications PDF and the Minelab User Manual PDF. If you cannot open the downloaded PDF files then you can download Adobe Reader by left clicking on the icon below.

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