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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #007 - Old GOLDMINE FINDER Database News
January 09, 2011

Old GoldMine Finder Database Nearly Ready

Our Aim is to help you find gold easily,legally and with all the information you require in one site Here

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Table Of Contents

Old Gold Mines - "Old Goldmine Finder" To Be Released Soon

Are YOU ready for the 2011 Gold Prospecting Season?

Pages being developed this month.

Tough Metal Detector Bags to Protect Your Investment - Fantastic Christmas Gift

Locality Reports for Gold

Old Goldmine Finder Database is Nearly Ready

It doesn't matter how much work you plan to do over December, Christmas and the New Year Celebrations delays your good intentions.

Udo and I hope you had a wonderful time with your family and friends over the Christmas period - we did - but at the expense of more development of the website....sorry folks.

However, one benefit was that you start thinking about the new year and what you need to plan for and focus on to help others and make the new year the best yet.

We plugged away and built a few pages and pretty much finished the Goldmine Finder database - this will be an awesome help to you to find out where Gold has been found in the past!

....and remember this - where gold was found in the past is an important indicator to where it will be found today -

...Especially with new equipment like the Minelab 5000 machines.

And now, we can get on with building more website information and pages!

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Old Gold Mines - "Old Goldmine Finder" Database Development

The Old Goldmine Database is complete but we still need approval from Dept of Mines and Petroleum to release it.

That approval is a Commercial Licence that needs to be provided by the WA Government - this wont be a problem its just that it must be complied with.

Here is a sneak preview of one chapter of the instructions

This page is ONLY available to you e-gold newsletter subscribers;

Chapter 5 - How to Find Old Gold Mines Using the GOLDMINE Finder.

That Chapter will give you an idea of the power of the database and the imaginative ways you can use it to find gold prospecting localities from Historical Books and Reports that do not have GPS points.

YEP - at last you can put GPS points to old goldmine locality information.

WOOHOOOOOO, Oh Yeah, now THAT is a big help.

Other Chapters In the Instruction e-book for Goldmine Finder are;

Ch 1. Introduction to Powerful Goldmine Finder Software
Ch 2. Download Goldmine Finder.
Ch 3. Goldmine Finder Explained in Pictures.
Ch 4. Goldmine Finder Data Fields and Explanations
Ch 5. How to Search for Old Gold Mines
Ch 6. How to Export GPS points to Oziexplorer
Ch 7. How to Export GPS points to (Free) Google Earth
Ch 8. FAQ

Keep your eye on the website and this newsletter and we will give you the dates of release shortly.

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Are YOU ready for the 2011 Gold Prospecting Season?

Over the next few months we will be providing hints and tips for you so you can start the 2011 Gold Prospecting and gold nugget finding time quickly and easily.

The first tip is this....

If you are not a member of APLA (Amalgamated Prospectors and Leaseholders Association) JOIN NOW!!!


Many gold mining companies will not give you permission to metal detect on their land if you are not a member of APLA.

They know APLA has a strong Code of Conduct and respect this -

APLA members will have a better chance of getting permission than other people.

An Example is Paddington Gold - you will not be given permission to metal detect on their leases if you are not a member of APLA.

APLA is fighting for the little prospectors rights and the reason why we have fairer rules in WA than other States is because of the work they do now in lobbying the Government and other vested groups.

If you want to keep those rights then you need to join APLA and give them a stronger voice.

You need to apply now for membership because APLA undertakes some checks which means you membership may not be approved for 4 to 8 weeks (Prospecting Season!).

APLA members are very helpful and will provide much local prospecting information to you if you ask, they are a great bunch of people.

APLA has Annual Meets where they teach all sorts of information about WA prospecting - this is worth the membership alone.

The cost is minimal, really, for the benefits you gain.

Here is the link APLA Membership Page;

Tell them Bill or Udo sent you from

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Gold Prospecting Pages Coming This Month

Like we said before Christmas was too much fun and stopped us from getting into webpage development.

The pages we want to release this month are;

The "Goldmine Finder" database product

followed by pages on;

"Tips for Metal Detecting" due to a request from some new starter prospectors.

Instruction page on Applying for a Section 20a Permit

"Calculating the weight of Gold in a Specimen" with a video guide.

Two pages were built this month;

Gold Nugget Distribution Calculator. This page will tell you how you get ALL the gold from a patch and leave nothing for the next person.

The page also explains how to calculate...
- How much gold is available in a patch.
- The weight of the top 40 nuggets in a patch.
- Provides a spreadsheet so you can do your own calculations.

Cleaning Gold.

This is an easy reference page on cleaning gold from the basic methods right to using the deadly Hydrofluoric Acid

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Metal Detector Bags -Great Christmas Gifts

Metal Detector Bags.

Thanks for those people who ordered bags as gifts for Christmas -

Here is what one buyer, Kym, said about the bags;

"What timing, I only arrived in Perth tonight and opened one of the bags. I feel like I have found a nugget mate, they are fantastic value for the money.

We have some left and we will deliver to Perth Metro North of the river, or post to other destinations if you want one.

The page Metal Detector Bags is only available to readers of this newsletter.

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Locality Reports for Gold

As soon as the Goldmine Finder database is up on the website we will be developing these reports in earnest.

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Keep Detecting,

and, remember this - Nobody gets ALL the gold. Theres still plenty left for you.

Udo and Bill

P.S. Tell us what you want developed so we can make sure we are providing information that you need.

Please forward your ideas, requests and comments by reply to this newsletter, we would love to help you out.

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