Goldmine Finder Software and Database

The Goldmine Finder Software and Data for over 34000 mines in West Australia which was formerly available on CD is now  no longer available.

(Important Note ; We had planned to rebuild the Goldmine Finder Software and Data CD but too few people are interested in a rebuild given the information is readily available on  Tengraph Web and GeoVIEW.
Both of those are free programs provided by the Department of Mines in WA.

GoldMine Finder Alternative to Find Historical Gold Mines Data

In the past although you could find old gold mine names and mud maps showing you the way to the gold you did not have precise GPS localities.

Over the last century those old map marks and tracks no longer exist - you need precise GPS points of the old gold mine to find it again.

We understand that you need a way to find this data so we have created a few new pages for you to find old gold mines Data and Historical Gold fields information and download  the data for use in Software like GeoMap  or as GPS points for use in your GPS Equipment.

These Pages Will Help You Locate WA Gold Mines

Goldtracker App Coming Soon

The Goldtracker App is coming soon and that will also have a score for the potential to find gold in Every Graticular Block in WA.

Over 1 Million Graticular Blocks have been scored in WA for the Potential of finding gold !

Scores in Goldtracker are based on a number of factors but the pertinent one relating to gold Occurrences is section 4 of the algorithm.

"4. Proximity.

Scores are applied for a number of factors in relation to Proximity.

Every reported Gold occurrence in WA is included (it is also updated annually) and a score applied to each block. 

This also includes scores that are not identified in any records and from the author’s own databases.

There are also scores applied for other historical information:

- Scraping,

- Historic alluvial occurrences.

A Score is included based on Independent Technical Evaluation score applied by the original creators Dr J Watling and Ray Hammond"

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