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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #012 - Metal Detecting Guide and Clubs
October 05, 2011

Metal Detecting Guide, Gold Prospecting Training

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What Gold Prospecting Training DO You Want

Quick Survey

Metal Detecting, Gem and Mineral Club Directory

Get a Free Internet One Page Club Listing

60 and 55 ouncer Found in Nullagine

Pages being developed this month.

Goldmine Finder Software Upgrade

Gold Prospecting and Metal Detecting Training

The majority of questions we are asked through emails or over the phone is this; Do you do courses or tours on gold prospecting and metal detecting?

These questions are increasing, probably because more people want to have a go at finding gold because of the price and the dream of making a once in a lifetime find.

But everything you need to know seems very complex and people just want to quickly learn the basic knowledge to get into gold prospecting and metal detecting in WA.

They want to fast track the knowledge and skills needed so they dont have to spend years gaining experience.

Completely understandable!
I mean who wants to spend years trying to master complex knowledge like Tengraph, Geomap, How to quickly assess gold prospective areas and a multitude of other skills?

People just want to get out there and go metal detecting for gold!

Udo and I are going to create some training to help people master those basic skills quickly, but we need to know;

The Type of Training you want and the Subjects that are important to you to accelerate your Gold Prospecting Skills.


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Quick Training Needs Survey

The Gold Prospecting Training Survey Page has a very quick and easy "Tick Box" survey where you can tell us just what training methods and locations you would like us to provide.

Your help in filling the form and telling us what you want will enable us to provide training based on what YOU need to fast-track your gold prospecting skills .

The Survey is here, Gold Prospecting Training Survey Form just click to open it in a new window - it will only take you a few seconds to complete and click the button to send electronically.

The questions are "Tick the Box" where you can select one or more suabjects or even add your own if you want.

It asks about the;

  • Training Locality and type you would like, for example "Seminar at Cue with Field Practice" and,
  • Type of Information you would like covered.

Your requests will ensure we develop targetted training that is helpful to you.

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Metal Detecting, Gem and Mineral Club Directory

We have built a club directory page on the website Gold Prospecting, Metal Detecting and Gem Clubs and Associations Directory

This will help you to quickly look up any club or locality and get the contacts and information about clubs in your area.

The Directory is aimed at;

  • Metal Detecting Clubs
  • Lapidary Clubs
  • Gem and Mineral or Rock Hunting Clubs.

Or Associations.

The page is still being populated with information about clubs and that will depend on Clubs submitting a Free Internet Club Listing Form.

Here is an example of one club that has already taken advantage of this Free Internet Listing.

Rockingham Gem and Rockhunting Club.

If you are a member of a club and your page is not included on the website yet could you refer it to one of your committee members.

They can complete the listing form and have your club featured on the website.

The website has a worldwide reach now so your club will definitely be missing out on members if you dont list it.

The club listing form is here;

Free Internet Club Listing Form.

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60 Ounce Gold Nugget Found at Nullagine

I just got a copy of the September 2011 Minelab Times and the cover page story is the story of a 54 and 60 ounce gold nuggets found at Nullagine.

What is interesting is the following comments;

"In... an Area that I had been over in previous years and manage to always get pieces with each new model of detector.


"The options on the GPX5000 made this possible to pull these pieces off flogged ground"

Hmmm... and people try to tell us there is no gold left!

Dont forget that you can brag about your finds on this page including putting up a picture if you wish.

Metal Detector Finds

Why dont you tell the world about your finds - you can remain anonymous as well!

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Gold Prospecting Pages Coming This Month

Coming - plans for new pages;

A Page with an "Interactive Map" that shows you localities and goldfields in relation to towns and highways - this has been requested by Interstate and some Overseas prospectors who do not have local knowledge of localities. (Still to be done)

"Tips for Metal Detecting" due to a request from some new starter prospectors.

The rewrite of the GOLDMINE FINDER software and database is now almost completed. That will be finalised in October.

Goldmine Finder current customers will be able to upload the new data which tidies up a few thousand entries in the data relating to the 1954 publication "List of Cancelled Goldmining Leases Which have Produced Gold". It includes other data such as the GPS Points and so on on those entries where the data had not been manually aligned yet.

I will email those people in the next week to show them how to do that.

The new rewrite will enable us to have a standalone version on CD to be produced which will be sold at a marginally higher price due to the production, printing, packaging and posting costs.

More about that in the next few weeks!.

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Metal Detector Bags

We received a supply of these bags which were snapped up by previous orders once again. There is only two left.

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Keep Detecting and keep well,

Nobody gets ALL the gold. Theres still plenty left for you.

Bill and Udo

p.s. APLA members dont forget the Annual Conference at Ora Banda on 29th October - there is always plenty to learn there and I for one am looking forward to it.

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