Rockingham Gem and Rockhunting Club

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Further Details

Rockingham Gem and Rockhunting Club
Postal address PO box 357
Rockingham WA 6168

Club house location 

Bungarree Oval
Crater Place 
Rockingham WA

Prospectors and Rockhounds

What do I do with that attractive nugget or interesting rock?

The Rockingham Gem and Rockhunting Club can and will help you to:

  • turn a rock to a Gem,
  • a nugget to a pendant or ear rings,
  • or small gold into personal jewellery.

Club Open Day

Wednesdays 9AM to 4PM
The Club is also open every Saturday 10AM to 4PM.
With more days in summer as demand increases


The club was formed as a Lapidary club and over the years has developed with a diverse and very talented member base willing to help or learn from all comers from the raw beginner to those with special skills.

Rockingham Gem and Rockhunting Club Activities

We provide advice and training needed for members to work with their own rocks, from rocks to gems and mount those gems to make Jewellery.

These activities include the use of diamond saws to cut or slab the rocks. Diamond wheels to shape to the chosen patterns be it standard findings or freehand design and then be polished using various polishing mediums.

Some of the members also do rock carving with diamond cutters and rotary burs.

The piece can be slabbed and then polished on our flat laps.

We can also show and instruct members to "Value Add" to their work be it that bit of rock or that gold nugget you found last trip cut it, shape it, cast a finding, or with that attractive nugget enhance it's beauty and value make a pendant, you are only limited by your imagination.

Silver Smithing.

Silver smithing is also an option to make free form pieces also wire wrapping is popular. Personal pieces of jewellery can be cleaned and polished.

Remember everyone has some thing to contribute and we all learn from each other it's only a matter of having a go.

Wax Casting.

We work with other methods as well. Our lost wax casting has gone from strength to strength for casting rings, pendants, bracelets, badges and charms etc.

Moulds can be made for multiple pieces or ready made wax patterns purchased at a very competitive prices from our illustrated list or over the net.

All types of metal can be cast by this method, silver pewter and gold being the main ones gold and gems can be tested, gold to find out it's purity in K the reduction of gold to the required grade in small quantities can be carried out as we have the welding and soldering equipment, the expertise and the formulas to show and share with others.

Identification of Gemstones and Faceting Gemstones.

Also most stones can be identified with our testing equipment or by one of our members. If required the art of faceting on that rough material such as but not limited to Quartz, Topaz, Garnets, Amethyst and Citrene can be learnt on one of our two machines.

Bring in your crystals.

Classes on silver work, Faceting and Wire Wrapping are carried out when demand requires at very reasonable fees by club members but this is not the limit of our expertise.

Gem stone material can be purchased from the club.

Open Days and Field Trips.

The club usually holds 2 open days a year to display and sell related items made by members or sell their surplus rocks.

Also members at times form groups and go on field trips usually in the period when the silver tops go north for the season.

Membership Fees

$15.00 junior members (15 - 18) 

$25.00 Per year Ordinary single members (18 upwards)

$35 for family membership,

... due Annually in September each year and a discount applies as the year progresses

Workshop fees

$3.00 per day apply This allows the member full use of the club equipment excluding items that can be purchased at the club.

Tea and biscuits are are available and a lunchtime sausage sizzle on club days with a great social atmosphere is enjoyed by all.

To sum up the club provides a venue to simply socialize if they desire or they may participate in any or all of our activities available.

Contact details
Bill Mob 0407196133

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