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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #024 - Metal Detector Gift Suggestions at Christmas
December 11, 2012

Christmas Gift Suggestions for Metal Detector Tragics

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APLA Open Day

Metal Detector Gift Suggestions

Metal Detector Bags Available Again

2013 Training Information Published Next Week

Apla Open Day Was Great

What an awesome day with around 200-300 people attending, the magnificent 25" mono coil donated by Nuggetfinder was really well appreciated by the winner of the raffle.

Alan won the coil and as a long standing member of APLA he really appreciated winning it.

The winner of our metal detecting bags was a person who was going to buy one anyway so it saved him a few bob that he can now spend it on Christmas gifts.

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Metal Detector Christmas Gift Suggestions - For the Tragic

Talking about Christmas gifts here is a suggested list of items you can buy for your loved one (Or for yourself - You Deserve It!).

These are essential items that you will be appreciated for.

These gifts will help out in the bush on occasions when you have that unforseen gear mishap or they will make metal detecting more efficient for yourself or partner.

Some Manic Metal Detector Operator Christmas Gift Suggestions;

"Up to $50"

A Gift Voucher from the Metal detector shops so your favourite Metal Detector Person can put the value towards that coil or pinpointer that they have always wanted (Beats a box of chocolates)

Coiltek Heavy Duty Metal Detector Lead

A Coiltek Heavy Duty Metal Detector Lead for the Minelab 4500 or 5000. (around $45)

If you dont have a spare lead in your kit then you will one day be stuck out the back of Nullagine and your lead will fail..... disaster.

The Coiltek lead has much thicker wiring and there is less voltage drop from the detector to the coil and back to the control box so the signals are stronger and louder. This lead serves a dual purpose, it is the best lead that you can use for detecting and you can put your current lead away in your metal detector bag as a spare.

An External Speaker

Believe me, once you have used an external speaker ($30 To $50 depends on the brand) your headphones will go into your metal detector bags for emergencies (like those windy days or when there is pesky people hanging around to see what you are doing).

Headphone Broad Brimmed Hat

Sometimes you have to use a headphone and you can get special wide brimmed hats that enable the headphones to be worn on top of the hat and pass through the hat rims.

Thats a double benefit because you can comfortably wear the headphones and also protect your brain from frying in the sun as well.

Something like the Funnelweb Headphone hat at about $40.

A Control Box Cover

Why would you buy an expensive metal detector and not invest a few dollars on a control box cover to protect the most important part - the Control box?

Get one that encloses both ends as well as the sides and that can be easily opened at the ends to change settings - around $35

A Hipstick or Control Arm

It can be tiring when you out out detecting for a few hours with a detector without a control arm or a hipstick.

A Control arm ($50 to $60) makes the Detector easier to swing and takes some pressure off your should and and swing arm and a hipstick takes the pressure off your shoulders and back and transfers the weight to you hips.

My wife Sue, is a real fan of the hipstick and would not be able to detect as long without it.

Spare Stuff

A Spare Bungy kit and bow knuckle ($25-$30).

A Spare lower shaft ($45)

A Spare Minelab 12v Vehicle charger ($35)

These things break and its always nice to have a spare when you are out in the bush, there aint no shops out there to buy one!

Whatever the metal detector your fanatical friend has is there is always equipment spares that will be very much appreciated.

Goldmine Finder CD

Of course that is our own product and it is a very good aid to finding and locating gold mines, alluvial areas, dryblowing areas and prospective target areas in WA. $45.

Available here;

Goldmine Finder Software CD for Christmas.

$50 - $100 or just above Gifts

Books Like "Prospecting the Murchison" by Paul Von Zorich ($60), or,

"Fists Full of Gold" by Chris Ralph which is based on his US Experience but with a lot of information about gold prospecting. ($49)

How about a subscription to the Gold Gem and Treasure magazine for 12 months ($61)

GPS Gear

As time goes by more and more people will understand the power of the free Geomap software provided by the Dept Mines in WA.

They will be linking Geomap to a laptop and utilising "Moving Map" so they know exactly where they are on the ground at any time in relation to Tengraph Tenements, Geology and topographical features.

Why dont you get in ahead of the rush and buy a GPS Antenna around $50 - $60 that can be connected to your metal detecting maniacs Laptop so they can get moving map with the free Geomap software.

Dont worry, we will be putting up some pages in 2013 that will help people to understand and set it up and use it and we gain all the awesome advantages it brings.

Metal Detector Bags to Protect that Valuable Metal Detector

We reckon that it's cheap insurance to help protect a $6500 metal detector.

Here is a link to the Metal Detector Bags page

Metal Detector Bags - Designed by Prospectors for Prospectors


If you want to spend a bit more then a few very good coils at the lower end of the price range that are deadly on small gold are the

Coiltek 6inch round mono Goldstalker at around $200 and the

Nuggetfinder Sadie 8x6" Mono elliptical coil.

Both of these coils are deadly on the small gold and often not in everyones kit.

That is sad really because if you havent got one of those small coils you are leaving gold behind!)

....SO - Get along to your favourite Metal Detector Store like;

Reeds Prospecting (Tell Jeff and Jo we sent you!)
21 Wells St, Bellevue WA

Or Prospectors Patch (Jamie) In Great Eastern Hwy, Midland

In Bunbury go and See Denise or Rob at the Prospector's Pick
Lot 43 Craigie St, Bunbury and

In Kalgoorlie - Finders Keepers
250 Hannon St, Kalgoorlie see Tracey or Matt

Note; We are not affiliated with any of these shops nor do we get any commission or advertising revenue from them.

This information is provided to you as an information service to you.

But, make sure you tell them we sent you and you want a good deal!

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2013 Training Dates in Next Newsletter Next Week

Training Dates for Metal Detecting Seminars

We will release information and training dates for 2013 in the Next newsletter which will be sent next week.

Based on feedback we have changed the courses and will be offering more tagalong courses with one day in house training and two days in the bush.

Make sure you open your next newsletter if you would like to book a seminar in 2013

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Facebook Page for Gold Prospecting WA

Here is a link to our Facebook page.

Gold Prospecting WA Facebook Page

Have a wonderful Christmas and we hope you find lots of gold nuggets in 2013,

Udo and Bill

Nobody gets ALL the gold. Theres still plenty left for you.

p.s. We only have around 12 metal detector bags left so if you want one for Christmas please order soon.

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