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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #056 - How To Apply for a Section 40e Permit Online
June 08, 2017

How to Apply for a Section 40e Permit Online

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How to Apply and Pay for Section 40e Applications to go Gold Prospecting - Online

Vacancy Gold Prospecting Seminar in Cue - 1 2 3 July

Goldtracker Upgrades

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Apply for A Section 40e Permit to go Gold Prospecting - ONLINE

Gidday Everyone,

We have been sharing the method to do your section 40e Permit Application online with our Gold Prospecting Seminar people this year.

As we have said in earlier newsletters, Exploration Leases cover about 46% of the ground that you might want to go gold prospecting in West Australia.

When the Exploration Leases are "Live" tenements a Section 40e permit enables you to go Gold Prospecting and Metal Detecting on up to 10 graticular blocks on an Exploration Lease.

The Online application option might appeal to you because it saves you the cost of visiting a Department of Mines office or posting it in with a cheque or money order.

Here is a movie link that explains the Process of applying and Paying for your Section 40e Application online with a credit card.


Some Key points About Applying for a Section 40E Permit Online:

  • You will need an login and password for Tengraph and MTO online single sign on (if you are a Tengraph Online User You will have that already)
  • If you do not have access to Tengraph Online and MTO here is the direct link page to fill in for the access to Tengraph Online and the MTO. Register page TEngraph Online and MTO

  • Go to this page if you want free information about Tengraph Online in a free downloadable ebook.

    Tengraph Online Downloadable 'How To' ebook.

  • You must still fill out the Section 40e Permit Application form and all parties must sign it. Then it must be scanned in to your PC as a PDF so you can upload it and attach it to the Online Section 40e Application after payment.
  • If you want more information about Section 40e Online then here is a link to our page with a few tips and videos about how to apply for the Permit.
  • If you don't have a Section 40e Application Form here is a link to it;

    Here is a Previous Newsletter on Section 40e applications which tells you the traditional way to apply.

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    Seminar Vacancies Seminar 1 2 3 July

    We have a late cancellations of two people for this seminar so there is two positions available if you are interested.

    If your are interested, Please reply by email - first in Best Dressed.

    Here is what the Gold Prospecting Seminars are all about:

    Gold Prospecting Seminars in Cue West Australia

    These seminars are mainly in a training room in Cue Approximately 600km North East of Perth in the Cue Meekatharra Mining District (2 days) and one day in the field where we teach people how to use;

    • Tengraph (a Program that shows you where you are allowed to go prospecting
    • in WA)
    • Geomap (a free mapping and GPS program that shows you where you are on the ground in WA)
    • How to go metal detecting with the Minelab 4500 and 5000 metal detectors with reference and access to other detectors like Minelab 3030 and Minelab SDC2300 and Minelab GPZ7000 to compare the differences.
    • Targeting the Local WA Geology that will help you find gold.
    • How to apply for Section 40E's which are permits to go prospecting on Exploration Leases which cover around 46% of WA mining areas.

    We provide free software, maps and locations for old goldmines at that seminar to help people find gold.

    The last day is prospecting in the field where people are taught the practical application of a metal detector and some field geology.

    Our aim in these seminars is to teach you the answers to the questions;

    - Where can I find Gold in WA?
    - Where an I legally allowed to go and how can I access land to go Gold Prospecting?
    - Where exactly am I on the Ground when I am out gold prospecting.

    So you can become "Masters of your own Prospecting Destiny" and not have to rely on others for dodgy information!

    Click reply to this email if you are interested in the vacant positions at the seminar.

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    GoldTracker Being Upgraded...

    We are pretty excited because the Goldtracker site is in the final throes of an upgrade that will add a lot of functionality for users.

    The Goldtracker website is also being rewritten to be more user friendly and we will have a special newsletter out about that in about three weeks.

    We have had the draft changes in Beta vetted by a number of our regular Goldtracker users and fed their suggestions into the program, it will make the program more user friendly and useful to you.

    More in a few weeks.

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    See you in the field and if we don't -

    ...may you find plenty of gold nuggets in 2017


    Udo and Bill

    Nobody gets ALL the gold. There’s still plenty left for you.

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