Section 40e Permit For Metal Detecting in WA

Here's how you can easily apply for a Section 40e Permit to go Metal Detecting and Prospecting legally on ALREADY GRANTED Exploration Leases in Western Australia.

This is very important to know because much of Western Australia is taken up by Mining Companies with Exploration Leases and you cannot go prospecting on those leases without permission OR a Section 40E Permit approval.

The Permits are simple to get and give you access to around 46 percent of potential gold bearing ground legally and with little cost.

How to Print A GRATICULAR Polygon and Apply For A Permit to Detect upon a Exploration Lease 

The first video above shows you "How To" obtain a Permit
using Tengraph Online to print a Graticular Polygon Form. That form is  attached to your Permit application.

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Part 2 - Video Instructions "How To" Print Out your Graticule Polygon Sheet and Application Form.

The video refers to Section 40E Permit Application forms and below are some links where you can get your Permit forms from the Dept or Mines and Petroleum website.

Section 40E Permit Brochure and Information Page

On that page is also a link to the Form 1a to obtain a Section 40E permit.

Section 40e application form

Where to Get a Section 40E Permit Application Form

Application For a Section 40E Permit Application Form This link will enable you to download a PDF Application for Section 40E Permit

You can print this form out, complete it, attach your Graticular Polygon sheet, send it or deliver it to the Department of Mines with your fee.

 After it is approved you are good to go 21 days after the approval Date.

Section 40e Permit Key Points

  • Issued for 3 Months but you cannot metal detect or prospect until 21 days after the permit issue date.
  • Can include up to 3 Holders on the one permit all are jointly liable for the activities under the permit.
  • Limits prospecting to a depth of 2 metres from the natural Surface
  • Limits the taking of samples to 20kg.
  • Does not allow the use of power or Hydraulically driven tools.
  • Covers a maximum of 10 graticular blocks within the one Exploration Licence, each block must have a common side to another block.
  • The Granted Section 40e application will provide the details and conditions of the approval.
  • You must put in a report to the Department of Mines and the Leaseholder of minerals found and the location after the permit expires.

What Happens AFTER You Have Sent Your Permit Application For Approval

- What will happen is that you will receive a copy of the approved permit with a map of the graticules that have been granted and any other conditions required.

- 21 days after the issue of the permit you may prospect on the land until the permit expires.

- After expiry you will need to provide details to the DMP and the Leaseholder of minerals you have found and the location.

Here is some Information taken from the DMP Section 40e Brochure.

....."Although the consent of the exploration licence holder is not required, the licence holder will be notified by the Department, of the issue of a permit and has 21 days to advise the permit holder in a licensee statement of any concerns relating to the nominated area."

....."The permit holder will receive a permit and map of the area showing the nominated graticular blocks on the exploration licence."

- The permit holder must forward a copy of the permit and map to any pastoralist affected, before commencing prospecting.

- The Department will notify the exploration licence holder by mail, with a copy of the permit and map.

...."The permit holder is required to advise the holder of the exploration licence and the Department of
of any minerals recovered within the permit area within fourteen (14) days of the expiry, cancellation or surrender of the permit."

Where to Lodge Your Permit Form

You can Lodge the Section 40e Permit form ;

- By Posting it.

- At the Perth Department of Mines and Petroleum site at level 1, 100 Plain St East Perth.

- Lodging at  one of the Mining Registrar Offices scattered throughout Western Australia at the following towns.
Marble Bar,
Mt Magnet,
Southern Cross.

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