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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #009 - Goldmine Finder Now Released
May 07, 2011

Goldmine Finder Finds Treasure Island

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Goldmine Finder Publication Issues

Goldmine Finder Finds Treasure Island

AI or Salt Coil Talk

Section 20a - A Simple Video Guide

We are on Facebook Now to Communicate With You

Pages being developed this month.

Locality Reports for Gold

Goldmine Finder Release Issues

The Goldmine Finder software was released at the end of March and it was not without some issues.

The software has been written for part time computer users (like Udo and me) with what is called "one click" technology which means it can be upgraded easily without users having to get a new physical CD or doing lots of fancy electronic footwork to upgrade it.

Goldmine Finder also needs to have a PC with Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or Vista or Windows 7 using Internet Explorer to work.

Alas, there is lots of different computer configurations out there now so some users had problems downloading the software.

Our problem is also communication because the IT guys who wrote the software for us live in the US and there is a communication and time gap.

We are working through the issues and for those (a very small number now) who still cant download we are looking for a solution by providing a standalone version.

What Users are Saying About the Goldmine Finder

From Craig;

..."Wow, just filtered my first set of data !!! I have gone from knowing nothing to being overwhelmed with information. You guys have done a great job in getting this off the ground. This will be my first season so with all this info I don't know where to start."

From Milton

...Excellent program runs like a dream you have done very well cost should have been at least $100.00 you have short changed yourself congrats on a well thought out program Its now 6.20 am since 2 am I have been trying it out very good thank you.

We have had a few people who loved it and a few who got very frustrated with the download issues - so when you buy it stick with it it will help your research immensely.

Udo and I are very sorry for those people who had download problems - it's the last thing we want with any of our information which we try to provide in a simple and easy to understand format.

If you want to know more about the Goldmine Finder here are the links;

First there is our new site, freshly built just for the Goldmine Finder software and data(because we couldn't host the PHP programming language on our current website!)

.... or here is the page for Goldmine Finder Goldmine Finder on our Current Gold Prospecting In WA Site.

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Goldmine Finder Finds Treasure Island

Here is a video created as an example on how we think the programme could be used for research.

Removed for this page...

Look at newspaper articles, old books and mine names, business reports, whatever you find, and then research the site and mines in the surrounding area.

Overlay this on the Geo Maps and Tengraph and look at the ground around the locality and between the groups of mines until you find some ground which is prospective and free then you are targetting good gold prospective ground.

The video above called "Goldmine Finder Finds Treasure Island" shows you how.

(p.s. that is not an invitation to bomb this area just an idea about how to use the Goldmine Finder)

...Udo and I use Goldmine Finder now to quickly research old goldmines or goldmine areas we dont know much about and then apply for our Section 20a permits to cover those new grounds. We wouldn't be without it!

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AI Salt Coils

We tested out the 18" Coiltek AI (Salt) Coil and found it quiet, although very weighty and worth keeping either it or the smaller versions in your arsenal of coils.

Just for the times that you want to do some salt lake detecting.

See the test here..... Coiltek AI Coils

We also met a lovely couple, Mandy and Sean with their kids metal detecting out of Meekatharra, they used the salt lake AI coils and found about 98 grams of beautiful salt lake gold.

Here is a page about Salt Lake Metal Detecting

A picture of Mandy and Sean's 98 grams of salt lake gold is on our facebook page;

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Section 20a - A Simple Video Guide

We cannot emphasize enough the need for you to make sure you do things by the book.

At the last APLA meeting it was mentioned that when the new legislation is passed regarding issue of Miners Rights and rules for prospecting there will possibly be some "on the spot" fines teeth put in the legislation.

We will keep you informed about this through the website and newsletter when we hear more.

But, in the meantime, learn how to do it right by;

....Understanding Tengraph.

....Learning all about Section 20a Permits.

There is a huge amount of granted Exploration Tenements you can access if you have a Section 20a permit so...

....DONT FORGET - we have created a quick video guide that may help you understand how to get your Section 20a permit quicker.

Yes its also free, get your section 20a Video Guide here Section 20a Permit System - Video Guide.;

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We're on Facebook Now

We are on Facebook now!

We have found it harder to communicate with everyone and also do our webpage development so we now have a facebook page to keep in touch with you.

We will answer questions more rapidly and post them through Facebook so everyone can see the answers and what is happening that will affect prospecting and your right to prospect.

.....AND you will know what we are doing

If that link doesnt work our Facebook link is

Gold Prospecting WA Facebook Page

Gold Prospecting Pages Coming This Month

The Goldmine Finder release issues took up our time in April - with a side trip to the goldfields of course.

But we put up ;

The page Coiltek AI Coils for Salt Lake Metal Detecting

A Page all about Salt Lake Metal Detecting if you want to know a bit more about it.

We want to develop;

"Tips for Metal Detecting" due to a request from some new starter prospectors.

"How to Make Your Own Gold Nugget Jewellery"

"Calculating the weight of Gold in a Specimen" with a video guide.

"Information on Selling Gold" I'm still awaiting a reply from some companies on this in particular Beck and Co.

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Locality Reports for Gold

At long last we can start to develop these reports

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Keep Detecting and keep well,

Nobody gets ALL the gold. Theres still plenty left for you.

Udo and Bill

P.S. Help us to Help you, tell us what you want to know so that we can create the pages that YOU want.

Just click reply to the Newsletter

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