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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #052 - Minelab GPZ19 Coil Now Available
November 16, 2016

Minelab GPZ19 Coil Now Available

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New Minelab GPZ19 Now Available.

Christmas Specials out on 31/11/2016

APLA Open Day

Hearing Aids for Detecting

Overseas Visitor? Some Useful Information for 2017 visits to WA

Department of Mines and Petroleum Links - Latest GSWA Newsletter

2017 Gold Prospecting Training In Cue

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Minelab GPZ19 Coil Now Available

Gidday Everyone,

Just thought I would keep you up to date with what is happening in the next month.

It is starting to get pretty hot in the Goldfields so if you are going out there now, make sure you have all your safety gear up to date particularly your satellite phone and personal EPIRB Locator Beacon and go plenty of water and provisions.

Dont risk your life for a piece of metal!

Minelab GPZ 19 Super-D Coil - Now in Shops

The New GPZ Coil is now in your stores after many months of waiting. It was released on 14 November.

Not sure what happened to the original timetable but this coil was supposed to be out many months ago.

Apparently the GPZ 19 Super-D coil has been designed give a significant depth increase over the standard GPZ 14 coil.

Here is a link to the product Brochure (Just Click on the Picture)

Minelab GPZ19 Coil Pamphlet

You know what, we will be buying one of course, but before the HypeDust settles, we want to try the coil out ourselves to make sure the claims made about depth and performance are correct.

If you have a GPZ7000 purchased at the original price of $10700 prior to March 2016 you get the coil for $1295 not the regular $1795. How exceedingly generous of that mob.

Contact your local Dealer. (Just after you re-mortgage the house!)

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Christmas Specials

If you are thinking of buying one of our metal detector bags, dont just yet, we will put out a Christmas special for our Australian readers on December 1.

It will be a great opportunity to get the best metal detector protective bag available at a price you will not see again.

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APLA Open Day To Explain Prospecting in WA ON AGAIN 26 November

Once again Perth Branch of APLA will be holding an Open Day on Saturday 26 November which is open to everyone (and Free of course)

The APLA Perth Branch Open Day is provided for Non Members of APLA as it explains the basics people need to know to go prospecting in WA with information on safety, Geology, Tengraph, Geomap, Dollying/Panning and equipment you need so it helps you understand what is required to start prospecting.

I Understand that a Minelab 5000 is also to be raffled off - tickets will be sold on the day but the draw of the Minelab 5000 will be in February. Just in time for the 2017 Prospecting Season.

Bill will be talking about how to target Gold Nuggets in a Million Square Miles of WA.

Date Saturday 26/11/2016
Duration - 10am to 3pm
Location - Duncraig Community Hall Cnr Marmion Ave and Warwick Rd Warwick WA

Here is more details on the APLA Website with a map of directions. APLA Open Day Event Page.

Bill Talking about Tengraph online at the APLA Open Day in 2015

Bill Talking About Tengraph Online at APLA Open Day 2015

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Hearing Aids for Detecting

In our last newsletter I reported that I had started to wear hearing aids and needed to set them up for detecting.

Over the past 6 weeks I have been involved in sampling on our gold mining lease and with a commitments to APLA for the AGM, so have not had much time to spend in the field testing detectors.

The Hearing Aids Enable me now to Hear Target Signals

However - I can hear stuff now - especially metal detector target signals which I may have missed before.

As you know the reality is that you must hear a signal before you can dig it!

Another reality is that most people have some issues with hearing in particular older males - so any assistance you can get with hearing target signals the more chance you have of finding gold.

In the past I have used boosters and speakers at my shoulders to ensure I hear target signals.The hearing aids I now wear are Phonak Over ear aids that are very confortable, completely hidden and connected to a PHONAK Compilot II Bluetooth Receiver.

The main purpose of the Phonak bluetooth receiver/transmitter is to connect your mobile phone to your hearing aids so you can hear it and have hands free operation.

BUT you can also get your Minelab 7000 paired to the phonak bluetooth receiver so it connects wireslessly to your Phonak hearing aids - This I will be doing before the next detecting season.

Currently I am using the hearing aids by connecting an audio lead from the 2300 or 5000 to the phonak Bluetooth Compilot which then transmits the sound to my hearing aids enabling me to control the volume and hear many more targets with greater clarity.

The 90 gram specimen that I reported on facebook was found very deep and it only has a small whisper of a signal (Minelab 5000 with the new Nuggetfinder Evolution 17x13 Mono Coil)

93gram specimen nugget

Here is our Facebook Page Link if you want to access the Gold Prospecting WA Page

Gold Prospecting WA Facebook Page

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PROSPECTING IN WA for Overseas Visitors

We get a lot of overseas queries on gold prospecting in WA, asking where to find gold and where they are allowed to go prospecting and metal detecting.

Here is some information that might help if you are planning a trip to West Australia in 2017, I published this on our Facebook page but repeat it here just in case you do not read the Gold Prospecting Facebook Page.

PROSPECTING IN WA in 2017 for Overseas Visitors

To go prospecting in Western Australia here is some basic information you need to know and we have tried to simplify your research by creating links to the information on this page

We have tried to simplify the things you need to do in WA on this page

Gold Prospecting Regulations Flowchart.


There are also links to Department of Mines pamphlets and those pamphlets talk about what the Miners right Allows you to do and where you can go prospecting.

Overseas people are allowed to get WA miners rights.

The main thing is to make sure you get a Miners Right each they are only $25 and currently last for life.

Western Australian Miners Right.


The other requirement is that you prospect on land that you are allowed to go and all that is covered on the website in pages on gold mining regulations and other pages.

There is quite a bit of land under granted Exploration Tenements - these are massive tracts of land that big mining companies peg so they can be assured that they are protected when they spend prospecting dollars.

These tracts of land can be prospected upon provided you have a Section 40E Permit so its pretty easy to get onto good land where you might find gold -its just a matter of researching for your prospecting areas.


Here is the link to that page

Section 40E Permits on Exploration Leases.

You can read that in conjunction with the Tengraph Online Free Training Page, where you can Download our free training e book that will help you can understand about Tengraph online.

Tengraph is the WA OnLine State Mining Mapping System which outlines all the mining tenements and from that you can find out where you are allowed to go prospecting and metal detecting,

Tengraph Online - Tells you where you can go metal detecting.

Gold Prospecting and Metal Detecting Seminars in Cue WA 2017

We do run gold prospecting training seminars and they will be advertised for 2017 in January - for people from overseas if you contact us directly we can make sure you get slotted into one. (Just hit reply to the newsletter)

These seminars are mainly in a training room in Cue Approximately 600km North East of Perth in the Cue Meekatharra Mining District (2 days in house theory and 1 day in the field) where we teach people how to use the programs mentioned above.

Our aim in these seminars is to teach you the answers to the questions;

  • How to use Tengraph (a Program that shows you where you are allowed to go prospecting in WA)
  • Practical use of Geomap ( a free mapping and GPS program that shows you where you are on the ground in WA)
  • How to go metal detecting with the Minelab 2300, 7000, 4500 and 5000 metal detectors with reference to other detectors like the Garrett, Minelab 3030.
  • and How to Apply for Section 40E's which are permits to go prospecting on Exploration Leases which cover around 46% of WA mining areas

Here is a link to the page which will be updated for 2017 dates next month (December).

Gold Prospecting and Metal Detecting Seminars.

We provide free software, all the geological and topographic maps for WA and locations for old goldmines at that seminar to help people find gold.

The last day is prospecting in the field where people are taught the practical application of Geomap real time, using a metal detector and field geology.

After the Seminar you will become the "Masters of your own Prospecting Destiny" and not have to rely on others for information about gold prospecting locations in WA!

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E Newsletters Published by Geological Survey Division

Here is the latest Geological Survey Newsletter from the Department of Mines in WA.

Geological Survey Newsletter Page

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Stories Coming Up - Hearing aids for Metal Detectors, Testing the Nuggetfinder Evolution Coils

- Christmas Specials.

- We also will Ask YOU what information you want us to Deliver to you prior to the 2017 Prospecting season. This is to ensure we are providing the information YOU need to go prospecting successfully and safely in 2017.


Udo and Bill

Nobody gets ALL the gold. There’s still plenty left for you.

ps – Just make sure you search for the gold Legally so you don’t have to look over your shoulders all the time!!

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