The Metal Detecting Permit You Need to go Metal Detecting in WA is a Miners Right!

There is no such animal as a metal detecting permit in WA.

What you need is a MINERS RIGHT, this is simple to obtain, costs very little (currently $29.50 as at 1 July 2021 that goes up each year), and lasts you for life.

Metal Detecting Permit

What Does a Miners Right (Metal Detecting Permit) Allow you to do?

A Miners Right enables you to go prospecting which is in fact a "Metal Detecting Permit" in Western Australia on;

Crown Land - which is;

  • Pastoral Lease Land - not covered by a granted mining tenement. Prior notice must be given to the Pastoralist.
  • Unallocated Crown Land not covered by a granted mining tenement.
  • Crown Land the which is subject to a lease for grazing and timber that is not covered by a granted mining tenement.
  • Land Reserved for the Purpose of common, mining and public utility.
  • A Mining Tenement - PROVIDED you have written permission from the Tenement Holder
  • A Granted Exploration licence PROVIDED you have a Section 40E Permit (OR written permission from the leaseholder) .

These rules relating to gold prospecting and metal detecting permits are explained further in the metal detecting permit - gold prospecting regulations page

Miners Right Application

Here is how you get your Miners Right;

First - Print out the Application for a Miners Right which you can get from this Metal Detecting Permit or Miners Right Application form link - yep, I know its really a Miners Right link, but at least you now know the two terms are interchangeable! You must have a Miners Right In WA to go Metal Detecting for Gold.

That link takes you to the Department of Mines and Petroleum link to a PDF "Miner's Rights - Information Pamphlet" which includes the application at the back and the address to send the completed application and your $29.50 (as at July 2021 Note that this rises each year) fee.

Another Way to Get Your Miners Right

You can also get your Miners Right by visiting the Perth Mines and Petroleum site at level 1, 100 Plain St East Perth or one of the Mining Registrar Offices scattered throughout Western Australia at the following towns.





Marble Bar


Mt Magnet

Norseman (Not always Open)

Southern Cross

Provided you visit during working hours the Miners Right will be issued during your visit, you just need to fill out the form, show some Identification and pay the current fee.

Make sure you visit the Dept of Mines and Petroleum Website and obtain the up to date information on miners rights.

We have only provided information and a link to the "Application Form"  in a brief form so you know what to do. 

Miners Rights for Overseas Visitors

View of Miners Right and Link to Brochure Application Details Page as at July 2021

Miners Rights in West Australia can be applied for by Overseas visitors who want to go metal detecting in WA.

That is in fact "Prospecting for Gold" NOT Fossicking which is also allowed under a Miners Right.

You need to complete the form by completing your name, address telephone and email address see the link below.

Complete the  appropriate details on the form shown at "First Print Out the Application" and provide identification (such as a copy of your passport information) and if you want to pay by Credit Card the Department now telephones you to get credit card details. 

Overseas Visitors Can Pay for Miners Rights by Credit Card

The Miners Rights can be paid via credit card by ticking the "Paying By Credit Card" box  and the Department will ring you for credit card details. 

Click on the Miner Right Application form above to go  to the Miners Right Application Form,

The fee is  $29.50 as at July 2021 (Increases each year!) It is no longer included on the Miners Right Application form so to get updated fees you will need to look at the latest fees and charges document from the DMIRS.

Department of Mines DMIRS - fees schedule

What  About Mining in WA - What Permits are Required?

Types Of Mining Leases Information

Mining Minerals is very different than just using  a Miners Right to go metal detecting or taking samples.

You must PEG a lease and depending on the Lease conditions - Exploration, Prospecting or Mining Tenements the State requires certain actions, forms,  conditions and expenditure from the person who pegs the land prior to being able to Mine minerals.

Here is a link to the page

Without fulfilling those conditions and gaining approval you cannot mine  any land in WA ...

The Miners rights enables you access to certain land to go prospecting and pegging leases  in WA as explained above BUT to Mine Minerals you must fulfil the condition of pegging leases (or in the case of and Exploration lease that can be done online).

That page is the Department of Mines (DMIRS) page and they are the people that define the rules and regulations for Prospecting and Mining in WA.

You should always refer to DMIRS if in doubt about any of the information relating to pegging leases. 

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