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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #009 - Goldmine Finder Now Released
March 21, 2011

Goldmine Finder - Locate Old Gold Mines for Season 2011

Table Of Contents

Goldmine Finder Now Ready to Download

Goldmine Finder Instruction Manual

3 Things You Need for the 2011 Prospecting Season

Section 20a - A Simple Video Guide

Pages being developed this month.

Locality Reports for Gold

Goldmine Finder Is Now Ready to Download

One of the problems that we have had doing our own Gold Locality Research is how to pinpoint by GPS points for the old gold mines and gold mining areas you read about.

In Publications like:

  • Gold and Ghosts.
  • Guides to Alluvial Gold and Dryblowing Patches
  • or any of the old books and Mining reports
  • Even the publication "List of Cancelled Gold Mining Leases that Have Produced Gold" which was printed in 1954 showing information like ounces of gold produced, the years of production and whether its Mined or alluvial/dollied.
There are no specific locality GPS points!

Sure, you can look up the mines through Tengraph and Minedex but that is a time consuming practise and you need to be pretty geeky technologically to do it

Udo and I have developed software and a database that is easy to use and will enable you to look up around 35000 gold mines, old and new and then find their GPS points and other data to use in your own research.

The goldmine Finder is now available to purchase;

If you want to know more about it here are the links;

First there is our new site, freshly built just for the Goldmine Finder software and data(because we couldn't host the PHP programming language on our current website!)

.... or here is the page for Goldmine Finder Goldmine Finder on our Current Gold Prospecting In WA Site.

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Goldmine Finder Instructions

We have also published the Instructions for the Goldmine Finder separately so you can look at it without purchasing the software,

The Instruction Manual is also accessible from FAQ and Instructions for the Goldmine Finder Software page.

Download a copy and read them to give you an idea of the breadth and power of the software and data

Dont be put off by the size of the document, it is written as a reference manual so even if you feel a little overhwhelmed by computer jargon and technology you can just follow along step by step to use the software.

Also Dont Worry About Installation,

We have tried to design it so it is simple one click installation on your PC to make it easy for you.

...Udo and I use Goldmine Finder now to quickly research old goldmines or goldmine areas we dont know much about and then apply for our Section 20a permits to cover those new grounds. We wouldn't be without it!

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3 Things You Need for the 2011 Gold Prospecting Season

Last week one of our website followers from the Eastern States contacted us and asked this question.

"GREAT website Going to WA in June with my father and uncles. WHERE to we start detecting. We have vans and would like to spend time in the bush."

When I reflected on that question it occurred to me that WA is an awesome place to go prospecting and provided you know how to bush camp safely and know how to use your metal detector there are only 3 things you need to know about prospecting in WA.

1. Legal Stuff

You need a Miners Right ($25) and this page will tell you How!

How to get a Miners Right

This enables you to go prospecting anywhere in WA where it is allowed.

2. You Need to Know Where You Are Allowed To Go Metal Detecting.

We have tried to simplify the information as much as possible, remember to look at the Department of Mines and Petroleum website for up to date information.

Here is the page on Gold Prospecting Regulations in WA which provides a handy Flowchart of everything you need to know about prospecting in WA and where you get more information.

Or this Chart;

.... Metal Detecting Rules Chart Gold Prospecting Regulations in WA this is a PDF document that briefly outlines where you are allowed to prospect by and a resume of the rules.

The definitive system relating to where you can go prospecting is Tengraph Online and we have built some easy to follow graphical instructions on how to signup and use that free online system.

Here is How You Can Get Your Free EBook of "TENGRAPH Online - A simple Graphical "How To" Guide

3. You Also Need to Know Where You Can Find Gold

You know what, nobody will tell you where they just found that 30 ounce nugget so you need to do the next best thing and research your own spots.

One of the key things to know is this;

Where gold has been found IS where you will find it in the Future!

Why, because there is still plenty of gold left in those areas - it hasn't all been found yet. Have a look at the video on the Goldmine Finder page.

The best and easiest way to do this is by using the software we have developed the Goldmine Finder.

This software and database will enable you to slice and dice the data relating to 35000 old and new gold mines any way you wish and it is a powerful and simple research tool to help you find gold.

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Section 20a - A Simple Video Guide

There is a huge amount of granted Exploration Tenements you can access if you have a Section 20a permit so...

....DONT FORGET - we have created a quick video guide that may help you understand how to get your Section 20a permit quicker.

Yes its also free, get your section 20a Video Guide here Section 20a Permit System - Video Guide.;

Gold Prospecting Pages Coming This Month

The Goldmine Finder development has been very time consuming since January, we even had to build a new website for it, so some website page development has fallen behind.

The pages we want to release in April are;

The AI or Salt Lake Coils for Salt Lake Metal Detecting

We have started to test the Coiltek Coils. Unfortunatly all the salt Lakes were flooded when we went in February, but we have some video with a twist and that will be on the site in a week.

Followed by pages on;

"Tips for Metal Detecting" due to a request from some new starter prospectors.

"How to Make Your Own Gold Nugget Jewellery"

"Calculating the weight of Gold in a Specimen" with a video guide.

"Information on Selling Gold"

Pages built this month;

The whole month was spent on building the Goldmine Finder Database pages and manuals and aligning data between Minedex and the 1954 "List of Cancelled Gold Mines Which Have Produced Gold" publication.

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Locality Reports for Gold

We will start to develop these reports as well now the Goldmine Finder database has been published

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Keep Detecting and keep well,

Nobody gets ALL the gold. Theres still plenty left for you.

Udo and Bill

P.S. Remember the 36 ounce gold nugget we mentioned in a previous newsletter that was found in Cue in November 2011.
There is a picture of it now on Goldmine Finder Website. About half way down the page

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