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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #008 - Metal Detector Tips Season 2011
February 10, 2011

Metal Detector Tips Season 2011

Table Of Contents

Metal Detector Tips

Goldmine Finder Approved - Final Validation of Data

Are YOU ready for the 2011 Gold Prospecting Season - Section 20a Permits?

Pages being developed this month.

Tough Metal Detector Bags to Protect Your Investment - 10 left Then You Decide

Locality Reports for Gold

Metal Detector Tips

For some reason this month we had a lot of forms completed from the "Contact Us" page requesting information about metal detecting in January.

Thats Ok, it took a bit of time to answer everyone but we dont mind that it just takes up some of our webpage development time.

Much of the information is probably what others want to know so we will build a page on Frequently Asked Questions and everyone will be able to see the answers too - later as we complete other webpages I am sure the questions will be answered more fully.

The answers may help you too, who knows?

For example, we had a question on Selling Gold and it just happens we are in the process of building a page "Selling Gold" so...

  • The email answer will be included on the FAQ page then.
  • A more comprehensive page will be written just about selling gold later this month.

Hopefully the FAQ page will help you obtain information more quickly.

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Old Gold Mines - Goldmine Finder Database Progress

We now have approval and a Commercial Licence from Dept of Mines and Petroleum to use the data in Minedex for this product.

Which is Awesome! Thanks to the Department and Erica Theedom.

Last Newsletter we posted the following information

Here is a sneak preview of one chapter of the instructions

This page is ONLY available to you e-gold newsletter subscribers;

Chapter 5 - How to Find Old Gold Mines Using the GOLDMINE Finder.

We are still trying to validate and amalgamate around 11000 records in the old Department of Mines 1954 publication;

"List of Cancelled Gold Mining Leases which have produced Gold"

However many of the entries in that document are duplicated due to the different periods of gold production included in the book.

So we will work on it a bit more in the next few weeks and then release the "Goldmine Finder" product.

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Are YOU ready for the 2011 Gold Prospecting Season - Section 20a Permits

Over the next few months we will be providing hints and tips for the 2011 Gold Prospecting season.

The second tip is this....

Start to Plan your Section 20a Research and Permit Process NOW

This is particularly true for Eastern States or Overseas Prospectors who dont have local connections or knowledge.

Why risk problems and illegal entry to sites, there is ground you can prospect on for 3 months legally as "Big as The State Of Texas"

Ha ha ha haaa... yep all you have to do is apply for access to Granted Exploration Licence ground using a Section 20a Permit application.

This is covered in the following pages;

The new Page on the Site Section 20a Permit System.;

Information pamphlets; Section 20a Gold Prospecting Permit System.;

Then in the Free Tengraph Instructions book Free Tengraph Online, Grahical Instruction Ebook.;

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Section 20a - A Simple Video Guide

As a special treat we have created a quick video guide that may help you understand how to get your Section 20a permit quicker.

Yes its also free, get your section 20a Video Guide here Section 20a Permit System - Video Guide.;

Gold Prospecting Pages Coming This Month

The pages we want to release this month are;

The "Goldmine Finder" database product

followed by pages on;

"Tips for Metal Detecting" due to a request from some new starter prospectors.

"How to Make Your Own Gold Nugget Jewellery"

"Calculating the weight of Gold in a Specimen" with a video guide.

"Information on Selling Gold"

Pages built this month;

How to Whitelist Mail from Us.

This page will tell you how you can ensure you get our egoldnewsletter each month without it being sent to your junk email folder.

The page on "Section 20a permit applications" with Video Instructions.

he rest of the month was spent on building the Goldmine Finder Database pages and manuals and aligning data between Minedex and the 1954 List of Cancelled Gold Mine publication.

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Metal Detector Bags - Do You Want Us to Get More Made?

Metal Detector Bags.

Thanks for those people who ordered bags -

Here is what one buyer, Kym, said about the bags;

"What timing, I only arrived in Perth tonight and opened one of the bags. I feel like I have found a nugget mate, they are fantastic value for the money.

We have 10 left (Black)and we will deliver to Perth Metro North of the river, or post to other destinations if you want one.

The page Metal Detector Bags is only available to readers of this newsletter.

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What we need to know from you is whether you would like us to order more or leave it at that?

How about telling us in a reply to this newsletter.

Locality Reports for Gold

As soon as the Goldmine Finder database is up on the website we will be developing these reports in earnest.

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Keep Detecting,

and, remember this - Nobody gets ALL the gold. Theres still plenty left for you.

Udo and Bill

P.S. Tell us what you want developed so we can make sure we are providing information that you need.

Please forward your ideas, requests and comments by reply to this newsletter, we would love to help you out.

P.P.S. Make sure you start the Section 20a Permit research and application process now - gold season is not too far away

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