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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #88 - Old Gold Mines - How to Find Them
November 08, 2021

Finding Old Gold Mines in Tengraph Web and GeoVIEW

Upgrading "Old Gold Mines." Website Pages

Goldmine Finder Retired - Alternatives.

How to Find Old Gold Locations.

Goldtracker App Nearly Finished

How to Find Information on Old Gold Mines

Gidday All,

The past winter we have been heavily involved in working on our mining leases and building the Goldtracker App for Android phones (later it will be built for Apple IOS).

We held two seminars in Cue in 2021 and locked them in early in April and May to see if Covid and travel in Australia would impact people being able to attend them.

Although they were filled quickly and we had a waiting list, we got three cancellations the week before the second seminar which we could not fill.

That meant that we only ran the seminar with 7 people and basically that chops out what would be a reasonable financial return for the time and effort put into them.

So we decided that we would not run any more seminars in 2021 due to the risks with Covid and people being unable to attend.

We have decided to focus on providing tools and training to you that can make you prospecting efforts more effective.

Tools and training like;

- Building the Goldtracker APP.
- Developing training about tools like GeoVIEW.
- Rebuilding and expanding the Gold Prospecting WA Website.

This email is about upgrades we are making to our Gold Prospecting WA and pages and to announce that we will be releasing the new Goldtracker App shortly .

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GoldMine Finder Retired

Sadly, the Goldmine Finder Software and Data which was formerly available on CD is now no longer available.(Also sad because I still have about 70 copies of the DVD available..(you live and learn!)

We had planned to rebuild the Goldmine Finder Software and Data CD but too few people were interested in a rebuild given the information is readily available on Tengraph Web and GeoVIEW.

Both of those are free programs provided by the Department of Mines in WA.

The main issue with the software was that is was written in a program called .net and excel back in 2010. Every time windows had an upgrade to .net and Windows it created problems with the program working on various PCs.

But curiously, not all PCs, in fact the program still works perfectly well on my old Windows 7 PC that I keep for various reasons and programs useage.

We have provided some alternatives to getting old goldmines information though, on the Goldmine Finder Page

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How to Find Old Gold Locations

We have rebuilt and added some new pages as alternative methods on how to find Old Gold Mines information and GPS location points on Tengraph Web GeoVIEW and by other means.

The link below is an overview page with links to other pages Old Gold Mines - How to Locate Them

The New Goldtracker App is coming soon and that will also have a score for the potential to find gold in Every Graticular Block in WA. Just using your mobile phone.

Over 1 Million Graticular Blocks have been scored in WA for the Potential of finding gold!

An overview page with links to other pages Old Gold Mines - How to Locate Them

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Gold Mines In GeoVIEW - How to View and Download Their Locations

Gold Locations - How To Find Old Gold Mine Localities Through Tengraph Web

Goldtracker App Nearly Ready.

I will be sending out an email on the progress of the Goldtracker App next week but it is undergoing the final approval process now with Google and then some testing to ensure the daily tenement updater is working well and we will then release the app.

We have spent a significant amount of money and time in developing this Mobile Phone app with the Goldtracker people.

The Goldtracker App will enable you to answer these Questions easily:

  • Where to Find Gold in WA? A Score of the Potential to find gold in EVERY Graticular block in WA.
  • Scores are colour coded so you can quickly view the best places to target gold.
  • Where you are Allowed to go prospecting in WA? Tenements Updated Daily in the app.
  • Where you are on the ground at all times in the bush? You can use your mobile device GPS to know exactly where you are in the bush in relation to tenements and goldmines.
  • What is the Geology where the gold is being found in an area? 1:500,000 bedrock geology maps included and all the fault lines in WA.
  • What are the best 10 blocks in a large Exploration Tenement to apply for a Section 40e Permit? (you can instantly see the scores or look at the bedrock geology to find out)
  • Goldtracker App will have various map views like topography, satellite, Street Map so you can quickly understand the topography of the area you want to go to.

The App will be available first in Android then Apple iOS devices.

Best of all, in the future, this app will be redeveloped based on YOUR input and what YOU would like to see included as map layers in the future.

The basic app will cost $25 then you buy the mining district scores that you want "in app"(or the whole State scores if you want them).

We are very excited about this app and there is not, and never will be, anything like it in the market because of the depth of knowledge and data in the algorithm created by Goldtracker that calculates the scores.

Our next newsletter will provide more information about that and please follow the Gold Prospecting Facebook page for announcements.

WA Corina Virus Update

Here are some links to the Updated Corona Virus Travel Updates pages. It looks like the Local WA Premier is preventing movement in and out of WA now for political reasons!

WA Government Corona Virus Update Page

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Gold Prospecting WA Facebook Page

...may you find plenty of gold nuggets in 2021


Udo and Bill

Nobody gets ALL the gold. There’s still plenty left for you.

p.s. don't forget to like the Facebook page so you get updates on when the Goldtracker App will be released.

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