Gold Mines In GeoVIEW - 
How To Find Old Gold Mine Localities 

A Video on How to find Gold Mines In GeoVIEW

How to Extract Gold Mines in GeoVIEW Video Chapters

Here is the time line of subjects in the Gold Mines in Geoview Video.

         Start Chapter Title

  1. 0:00 Geoview.
  2. 0:47 Search For Geoview.
  3. 1:39 Scroll to Map area.
  4. 2:19 View Layers.
  5. 4:14 Search For Mines.
  6. 5:01 Search Results.
  7. 5:27 Export Shapefile to GeoMap.
  8. 7:03 Open GeoMap.
  9. 8:00 Explore to Zip File.
  10. 8:27 Where to Unzip File.
  11. 9:31 Unzip Files to Data folder..
  12. 10:56 Add Data to GeoMap.
  13. 12:09 View Goldmine Info.
  14. 12:35 View Mines on Geology.

Gold Mines in GeoVIEW and pretty much any information you need are freely available in the Geoview Online Software.

GeoVIEW WA in a powerful online software tool provided by the Department of Mines in WA.

Historic Gold In GeoVIEW

A Few Short Years ago only Mining Companies had the Analytical Power of GeoVIEW.

Now you can access it completely free from the Department of Mines in WA to use it for analysis .

I remember  when I first started working out where to find gold, the weeks and months spent researching data.

Reading geological texts and goldmining books, pulling Maps, drillhole data, company annual reports, mining sampling data and geological reports together to to target gold locations in WA took massive amounts of time and experience.

Then you had to convert that knowledge to GPS points and maps and add it to Aussie Explorer and Google Earth to understand where to go to find a bit of gold and how to get there.

On top of that you then had to understand where you were allowed to go  and here you were on the ground.

Now, you can find gold mines in  GeoVIEW with a few clicks in minutes now, then share the data with your friends or turn it into shapefiles for use in Geomap in the field. 

What is GeoVIEW?

So what is GeoVIEW WA and how can you use it to help you Target localities to find minerals?

  • GeoVIEW.WA, is an interactive (GIS-based) mapping system. 
  • You can construct your own Geological Maps and add other mineral data and use it to identify your own target areas.
  • You can explore all sorts of exploration and mineral information and overlay on many different types of Geological Maps.
  • It is online so you need to be connected to the Web to use it however it will run on all browsers including tablets and mobile devices.
  • Apart from the Goldtracker App it is the most powerful tool for you to do your research to target possible locations for minerals in WA.

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