Old Gold Mines - Where ARE the Historic Sites, Alluvial and Dryblowing Fields in WA

Old gold mines, alluvial gold areas, dryblowing heaps, open cut mines, machine scraped areas....

... These are fantastic places to find gold. They are also the best places to start your gold prospecting and metal detecting search patterns.

Old Timers and Metal Detector Operators Have NOT got all the Gold

Old gold miners, early metal detector operators and even the new hordes of metal detector operators using Minelab 2300, GPX5000 6000 and GPZ7000 or the new Garrett machines wont get it all either!!!

This is Why the old timers get didn't get all the gold;

  • Inefficient recovery methods
  • Poor Tools for Dryblowing.
  • Insufficient Water to process gold bearing soil.
  • They couldn't see underground like you can with a metal detector.
  • The incredible hardships and toll on their health in the gold rush days

What about the Metal Detector operators, Why didn't they get all the gold;

  • Early detectors not good in hot Ground or Mineralized Soils.
  • Poor Detecting Technique.
  • Poor Gridding or Chaining Methods.
  • Poor choice of coils.
  • Bad attitude, such a sneer at small gold, lack of patience, negative attitude, slavish refusal to upgrade detectors - The new Minelab detectors get  more of the gold especially the GPZ7000 and GPX6000.
  • Cant read the gold indicators.
  • Simply didn't walk over the gold.
  • Sub Half (0.5g) grammers are hard to detect.
  • Incorrect detector settings.


This is why a knowledge of where Old Gold Mines and areas is CRUCIAL.

Here is a few sources where you can get information about old gold mines and gold fields and use it in your armoury of gold prospecting research tools to win plenty of gold.

Cancelled Gold Mining Leases

List Of Cancelled Leases that have produced Gold

1954 Book listing of cancelled old Gold Mines which have produced gold.

NOW...You can download a PDF copy See next entry.

Historical Gold Mines CD and PDF Historical Gold Mines Listing PDF.

This downloadable PDF is available for very little cost Gold History - 1954 List of Cancelled Gold Mining Leases and Historical Gold Mines available here

Historical Gold Mines Minedex in Tengraph Web.

Some easy instructions how you use Minedex in Tengraph Web are provided at this link. Old Gold Mines how you access then through Minedex in Tengraph Web

Historical Gold Mines in GeoView Gold Areas Shown In Geoview.

This page Provides a video of How to Search of gold areas or Historical Gold using Geoview. Gold Mines how you access them through GeoView

gold report and Books online Gold Books and old mining publications from the Department of Mines and Petroleum.

There is a huge amount of publications at the Department of Mines and Petroleum bookshop, Here is a Link to Department of Mines and Petroleum Online Bookshop

Geological-mapsGeological Maps such as the 1:100000 maps of WA
Are also available at the Department of Mining and Petroleum Bookshop.

More information on where to get free 1:250000 and 1:100000 maps is available at this link about Geological Maps in our website.

Mining Leases ads in Newspapers Advertising of Tenement Approval requests in Newspapers.

This happens in WA Newspaper Classifieds generally on Wednesdays.
It will give you an idea where there is mining interest and you can use that to look at Geological Maps of the type of geology in the areas of interest.

goldtracker screen Goldtracker App Screen.

GoldtrackerApp shows you gold occurrences are and you can drill down to what type the deposit is, See More Information on Goldtracker App and How it shows Gold Occurrences

Is there An Alternative to Mind Numbing Research and Expensive Data and Map Purchases

Its pretty expensive to buy all the reports and old books like the excellent "Gold and Ghosts" books by D W; De Havelland and the many information packages provided on gold prospecting.

Do you really want to outlay all of that cash and then spend days and days reading it and trying to make sense of it?

Do so if you wish, we reckon its part of the challenge to find Gold anyway.

....But - If you want an alternative method to save time and money we may just be developing it now for you...

We have developed GOLDTracker as a website and as an APP (Now and Android App then latter IOS) to provide a simplified visual score of the potential to find gold...

...IN Every Graticular Block in WA - Over 1 million blocks have been Scored!

View of Goldtracker APP Screen with Scores

Here is A View of Goldtracker APP with Scores included.

  • Blue squares (Low Gold Potential Scores.)
  • Yellow Red and Orange Squares (High Potential for Gold scores).
  • Green Highlighted area - Granted or Live Mining Tenements.
  • Blue Highlighted area - Pending Mining Tenements.
  • Pale yellow background - Unpegged Land.
  • Orange Lines are Fault Lines.
  • 1:500000 Bedrock Geology can also be viewed (Not shown here).
  • Various map views can be shown including Topo and Satellite views.

How Goldtracker Shows Gold Occurrences and Old Gold Mines

Gold Stars are Gold Mines Drill down for More Information

In Goldtracker App Gold Occurrences are Shown by Gold Stars.

When you click on the gold star you can drill down to further information about the occurrence. which could be a 

  • Historical Goldmine.
  • Drillhole with gold.
  • Grab sample of gold, 
  • Alluvial gold such as a dryblowing area
  • Scraping and detecting area for gold.
  • Current gold producing mine.

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