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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #004 - Minelab 5000 - Is it Good Value
September 17, 2010

Minelab 5000 -

......Compare it to the Minelab 4500 Is it Good Value?

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Table Of Contents

Minelab 5000 is Now Available - Is It a Good Buy?

Old Gold Mines - New Free Easy to Read Ebook on How to Use Tengraph to Find Them

Hiccup with Our Video Hosting Provider

Tough Metal Detector Bags to Protect Your Investment - Ordered New Supplies

Locality Reports for Gold

Nullagine Gold - We Are Back Home

Nullagine Trip

Udo and I have returned from our Nullagine trip, we had a ball.

Although we didn't find a heap of gold on the trip it was good to get back into the bush.

Udo replenished his rock collection with some magnificent quartz crystal clusters, Pilbara Jade and multiple colour jaspers.

We couldn't believe the number of people out there prospecting, maybe the NSWelshmen, Queenslanders and Victorians heard Oprah Winfrey was coming so they bolted from their home states!

....Apologies to Oprah fans out there but I dont think she will visit Cue or Nullagine or that other faraway place... WA!

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Minelab 5000 Released

The Minelab 5000 was released at the end of August and it was also demo'd at the APLA conference on Ora Banda.

Anyway we pose the Question - "Is the Minelab 5000 $2000 Better Value than the Minelab 4500?"

The Minelab 5000 page explores that question and provides some specification differences between the 5000 and 4500.

It also shows how you can compare the machines based on your needs so you can make a more informed decision by using the free decision making software that enables YOU to create YOUR criteria to make a decision.

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Old Gold Mines - How to Find Them Using Tengraph

Old Gold Mines - How to Find Them Using Tengraph Online

One of our subscribers asked us to provide more information on finding Old or Historical Gold mines through Tengraph Online - and as you are aware - your wish is our command.

We have developed a ebook graphical instruction guide on "TENGRAPH Online - How To Find OLD GOLD MINES" to help.

But remember that the full graphical instructions ebook guide TENGRAPH Online - Simple, Graphical, Free 'How To' EBook needs to be read first if you are unfamiliar with Tengraph.

Both of those ebooks have important disclaimers that you need to read!

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Video Hosting Issues

Our video hosting provider (sbitube) had a major software upgrade in recent weeks and the videos we publish have not been available at times.

We are sorry about that but it was out of our control and hopefully is fixed now.

Udo and I believe that videos are a good way to show people how to do things so we will be using it more and more on the website.

Currently we have the following videos displayed on the site;

Compare Metal Detectors - How to Use the Decision Making Software

Metal Detector Finds this page currently has two Videos included;

"Becs $4500 Ring Found with a Minelab 4500" and

"Cue Gold _ Small Gold Adds Up"

Metal Detector Bags - this is a page on metal detector bags which is only available to readers of this newsletter.

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Metal Detector Bags Designed by Metal Detectorists

Metal Detector Bags.

We offered one of these as a prize at the recent APLA State Conference at Ora Banda. It was very well received by the winner who reckons its the best metal detector bag he has seen.

I have ordered some more of these bags and they will be in next week.

The page Metal Detector Bags is only available to readers of this newsletter. We will develop products for our use and our subscribers use where we feel there is a gap or need for them.

We still have a few of these left of current stock if our are interested.

PLEASE NOTE: This page is only available to subscribers of this newsletter - no one else will be able to find the page nor will they be able to buy a metal detector bag!

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Locality Reports for Gold

Specific "Locality Reports for Gold" are also under Development.

More subscribers have been asking for these reports.

They are taking a while to develop and our aim has been first to get basic free prospecting information up on the site for you before we develop products that will cost you money - even though the cost will be minimal.

We are still working on them but we still have pages to develop on "Panning for Gold", "Finding Gold by Loaming" and other pages before we focus our full energy on the reports.

Make sure you continue to read the monthly newsletter and we will announce when they will be released.

Please reply to this newsletter by email if you would prefer us to change that strategy.

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Website Pages Being Built in September and October

Website Pages Being Built in Sept/October

We want to build pages on "Panning for Gold" and "Loaming for Gold" with instructional videos.

Another page that we think people want is a graphical instruction page on Applying for a Section 20a Permit

Other pages in the pipeline relate to cleaning, storing and selling gold.

We are also pretty excited about developing pages that YOU can have YOUR say and input into as well - why should we have all the fun?

Keep Detecting,

Remember this - Nobody gets ALL the gold. Theres still plenty left for you.

Udo and Bill

P.S. Tell us what you want developed so we can make sure we are providing information that you need.

Please forward your ideas, requests and comments by reply to this newsletter, we would love to help you out.

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