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Gold Prospecting e-News, Issue #001 -- Done Your Research for Metal Detecting Season Yet?
June 08, 2010

Information is the Key to Finding Gold

- Here is Where You Get It.

Our Aim is to help you find gold easily,legally and with all the information you require in one site Here

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Table Of Contents

We Aim to Provide you with information that will help you find gold

Tengraph - Dont break the law Here's How to Use Tengraph Easily

New Gold Prospecting Information Pages Completed

Under Development - Abandoned Gold mines and production report

Locality Reports for Gold

We Aim to Provide you with information that will help you find gold.

Our whole aim with the Gold Prospecting in WA website is to help you find gold legally and without too much mind numbing research.

And, to have that information on one website so you can find whatever you want at the click of a mouse.

Our local knowledge will help you find gold easier, without wasting time so you can subsidise your expenses or quickly pay for your trip.

Who Are Udo and Bill and How Can They Help Me Find Gold?

That is exactly the question I would be asking if I was you.

Here is a brief outline of who we are - we wont bore you with this information in future newsletters and you can get a more in depth look at Gold Prospecting WA - About Us Page


"Ive been prospecting and mining in WA for over 25 years. I am working an active mining lease at Mindoolah in WA.

I have prospected all over WA from the Kimberleys, down to the Southern Goldfields and I have found some good virgin gold patches in my time prospecting.

I have found hundreds of ounces of gold including one patch of nuggets of 150 ounces of gold (including the 22 1/2 oz nugget which is pictured on the home page of the website.


I retired in 2005 after working 43 years with the same company.

I quickly took up my great love of geology and travelling around Australia after retirement and started metal detecting for Gold throughout Western Australia.

It didn't take me long before I realised that information about gold prospecting and metal detecting was hard to come by, it was expensive and required heaps of time and research.

I spent a lot of time thinking about how I could get simple, easy to understand information about Gold prospecting, Metal Detecting and the best GOLD Prospecting locations and share that around.

Udo's vast experience and knowledge was exactly what was needed to make metal detecting simple...

So Udo and I teamed up to provide information to people via a website about Gold Prospecting in WA.

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Dont break the law Here's How to Use Tengraph Easily

Tengraph - Dont break the law Here's How to Use Tengraph Easily

Tengraph is a superb tool for you to use to find gold and keep on the right side of the Law, not to mention leaseholders with shotguns!

Some people get really cranky when you "accidentally" stray on to their lease. Its best not to risk it!

BUT it is complex to use the program and the Department of Mines website.

That is... it WAS complex to do those things.

Udo and I have prepared an EBook which is all graphical screenshots and simple explanatons which helps you to sign up and use Tengraph Online easily in the comfort of your own home.

You can download the Ebook here Download Tengraph easy to use Ebook

We would love feedback from you about this book and whether you found it helpful or would like us to improve it.

Please feel free to send that link to anyone having a problem with Tengraph.

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Gold Prospecting Information Pages Recently Published

In May we uploaded the following Information pages on the website;

Old Gold Mines in WA

The key to finding gold is to go to the places where it is!

This page explores sources that you can research to find out about old gold mines and discusses why the old timers and metal detector operators have not got all the gold.

Goldfields in WA

This page provides information about the location of gold fields and gold mining in Western Australia which will help you find the best places to metal detect in this state to find gold.

It also provides resources and links so you can find out more about goldfields of WA

Tengraph - A Powerful Tool

Tengraph online is such a crucial and powerful tool for Understanding and finding out things like;

  • Where you can legally go metal detecting and gold prospecting
  • Historical information like Old Gold Mines
  • Where current mining and exploration activity is occurring in WA
  • Getting exact GPS points and localities for target areas and tenements and you can use them with your GPS and software with moving maps.
  • Printing out graticule sheets for Section 20a Agreements
  • Linking selections to Google Earth.

We thought the instructions and complexity of the Department of Mines and Petroleum website were a little hard to understand for a beginner so we wrote an EBook with simple graphics and step by step instructions how to use it.

The EBook can be downloaded from this page. Tengraph EBook Easy Instructions

Gold Prospecting Locations In WA

We have attempted to put a number of resource tools on this page that you can refer to to help you find best gold prospecting locations in WA.

Over the next few months we will be expanding on this page with specific pages that relate to the ways you can use the various tools to do your own research.

We will also be developing specific gold locality reports in the future which will provide you with specific GPS locations and data to help you with your gold prospecting and metal detecting.

Geological Maps

This page explains what a geological Map is with links to standard geological mapping colours used on them The standard Symbols used and a document that can help you understand how to use them.

"An Introduction to Geological Maps" by G B Lewis

There is also some links and screenshots to explain how you can download 1:250000 and 1:100000 maps and other Geological documents easily and at no cost

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Abandoned Gold Mines - Under Development

Abandoned Gold Mines by Name, Type of Mining (crushed Ore Alluvial), Production (Tons and Ounces) and GPS location.

We have a book on Abandoned Gold Mines under development.

This ebook and database will give you a heap of information to specifically locate old mines and then match them to your Geology Maps or Google Earth - it's designed to help your research to find NEW gold patches.

Locality Reports for Gold

Specific "Locality Reports for Gold" are also under Development.

These specific locality reports are being painstakingly researched and will be released over the next few months.

The contents are being kept confidential at this stage but we think you will be able to use the reports to take your gold finding ability to a new level.

They will provide specific GPS Locations and local knowledge insights on each locality in Western Australia.

Make sure you continue to read the monthly newsletter and we will announce when they will be released.

Website Pages Being Built in June

In June we are anxious to complete pages on;

  • Metal Detecting Laws and Permits
  • Simple "How to" screenshot training for Section 20a agreements
  • Form letters you can use to "request Permission to Prospect
  • Getting exact GPS points and localities for target areas and tenements and you can use them with your GPS and software with moving maps.
  • links to all the key information on Dept of Mines and Petroleum site.

We think that this essential knowledge in one easy to access place will help you understand the right things to do - Which makes it easy for you and keeps you on the right side of the law.

Keep Detecting,

Remember this - Nobody gets ALL the gold. Theres still plenty left for you.

Bill and Udo

P.S. We want to make sure that we develop Gold Prospecting and Metal Detecting information and software that YOU need.

Your help in telling us what YOU would like would be very much appreciated. If you dont tell us what you want how will we know?

Please forward your ideas, requests and comments by reply to this newsletter, we would love to help you out.

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