11” gold extreme

by Mark Bannet
( Chidlow )

Fitted the 11” gold extreme to the wife’s SDC.

We live in Chidlow and wanted to test the coil before we return to the goldfields.

We took it to the Forrest and found some mineralised soil and dug some test pits. We had a .35 bit and a 6g nugget.

The coiltek could barely hear the .3 at 1 inch,

The blue heard it easy. No point persisting with that test. To be fair though, coiltek are not claiming the 11” is a small gold coil.
Optimistically I dug a 12” hole and tried the 6g nuggget. “Nothing” I kept back filling until 6”.

Maybe a sound maybe it might stop you but might likely not. I truly expected this coil to bang out a sound at that depth.

Not until 4” was there a sound that was 100% a target.
At 5” maybe a target sound.

As you know when covering ground you might miss very slight changes. Decided to put old blue back on.
Tried at 6” not really a signal. Came back to 5” and a clear change in the threshold., slight but you would have a scrape.

The coiltek at 5” I reckon you would have walked on.
Settings all test 5 on the knob an 4 lights On the threshold. Of course we tried other settings but this is what we based the test on as that is what she likes to run. I am not going to argue with her, she finds mote bits than me.
So the conclusion is, we learned a lesson.
Any body that’s thinks they can prove me wrong.

I have the coil for sale cheap.

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Nov 06, 2020
Coiltek Coils on SDC2300 Test
by: Udo

Hi Mark

Thanks for the submission.

Just to be clear, Udo and I love Coiltek coils and use them on our 5000's (as we do the Nuggetfinder coils) they are proven and extremely effective.

Our belief is the SDSC2300 does not need the Coiltek coils and it impacts on its portability, simplicity and sensitivity.

If you find them of benefit on the SDC2300, great. We prefer to have a machine that you can turn on and find gold close to the coil quickly and efficiently.

Then we can utilise the 5000 or 7000 to get all the gold in the patch.


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