Prospecting for Gold - There is still PLENTY of Gold left in WA

Don't believe me - Here is part of an article published about Prospecting for Gold in WA in the Sunday Times in Western Australia 28th February 2010 entitled "Gold Fever Grips" by Trevor Paddenburg.

"Amateur gold prospectors armed with metal detectors picks and shovels are striking it rich in WA.

And gold fever is gripping the State as miners unearth nuggets "the size of Footballs" - and bigger. Nuggets that size weigh in at more than 8kg with a value topping $300,000


and later in the same article...

"Kalgoorlie-Boulder Mayor Ron Yuryevich said he had seen three huge nuggets.

"one was definitely the size of a football, another one was almost as long as your arm' ...a few paragraphs into the story

Keen prospector Matt Cook said he'd seen a nugget as big as a basketball, but agreed prospectors were a notoriously secretive lot.

"You only hear about 1 per cent of what gets found " said Mr Cook. "One guy I know held a 6.2kg nugget in his hand. Three months later he found a 2kg nugget worth at least $80000"

75 Ounces of gold Nuggets

75 Ounces of gold Nuggets

Udo has found hundreds of ounces while prospecting for gold over the past 10 years including nuggets of 22 ounces, 8 ounces, 5 ounces and a number of of 4 ouncers.

Here is 75 ounces of gold nuggets he found with the 22 ounce nugget shown at the top of the display.

There is still patches of gold like this to be found.

There are many stories in the Gold and Gemstones magazine that will quickly show you here is plenty of Gold left in Western Australia.... 

Bill's 2 Ounce Gold Nugget


Bill's 2 ounce gold nugget found late 2009 while prospecting for gold at Nullagine, 7 ounces found in two trips this year. See article in Gold and Gemstones magazine November 2009 

All you have to do is get out there and find it...

But the trick is...

How can you easily tap into the gold that is available out there?

  • Where do you go to find gold?
  • What do you look for that tells you there is gold nearby?
  • what methods do you use to get the Gold
  • what are the rules in Western Australia

Our aim is to provide information about prospecting for gold to you in simple language and put the odds of finding gold firmly in your favour.

You will need some background information so you can understand the basic knowledge to give you the best chance to find gold.

36 ounce gold nugget

36 ouncer found in November 2010

Here is a 36 ounce gold nugget found on 11/11/2010 in Hammered Ground near Cue

There is still gold like this to be found!

All you have to do is get out there and give it a go!

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