Metal Detecting Laws in WA - A Simplified Chart

Metal Detecting Laws and Gold Prospecting Regulations in WA are pretty much the same thing.

It can be a little confusing when you relate to different land types, such as private land, Crown land, Native Title Land and then the different types of Mining Tenements in WA such a mining leases, prospecting leases and exploration permits.

We have provided a simplified chart at Metal Detecting Laws Chart that may assist you in working out quickly what the metal detecting rules are.

This page alone is no substitute for the full array of Metal Detecting Rules and Gold Prospecting Regulations in WA and we have described them more fully at the Gold Prospecting Regulations page.

Just click on the link below to obtain the Simplified Metal Detecting Laws in WA Chart - it may make things easier to understand.

Gold Prospecting and Metal Detecting Rules Simplified Chart

Other Metal Detecting Rules

Below is a brief outline of Metal Detecting Rules in WA

  • You must have a Miners Right
  • You need know the type of land you are prospecting on and get appropriate permissions.
  • Have written permission from mining tenement holders if you prospect on a mining tenement.
  • Notify the pastoralist if you intend to prospect on a pastoral lease.
  • Have a Section 40E Permit (Formerly Section 20a Permit) agreement to prospect on granted Exploration Licences.
  • Only use hand held tools - a metal detector is a hand held tool.
  • You cannot remove more than 20kg of samples.
  • You cannot use machinery or strip mine.
  • Notify the tenement and land holder when you are leaving.
  • You cannot remove more than 20kg of samples.

For more details download the various pamphlets outlined on the Gold Prospecting Page - Information Pamphlets 

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