Gold History in WA - Historical Gold Mines

Gold History or Historical Gold Mines and locations in WA provide evidence where gold was found and certainly are clues to where gold can be found today.

This sort of Information is essential in your armoury of material to find prospective gold locations particularly if you know the sort of gold found, like alluvial gold, or scraping and detecting areas, which can be an indicator to a location to find gold with your metal detector.

Not only that, information on gold history is a wonderful insight into the localities and economic benefits of mining to WA.

What is Included In the Gold History  - Historical Gold Mines of WA PDF?

In the video it refers to a Version of the Historical Gold Mines data that has GPS points - The Gold Mine Finder" However, this has not been rebuilt due to cost and lack of demand.

The downloadable PDF version for $9 provides the same data as shown on the video in the Historical Gold Mines CD. This information has been sourced from the 1954 publication "List of Cancelled Gold Mining Leases that Have Produced gold".

List of Cancelled Gold Mining Leases That Have Produced Gold

This publication was published in 1954, although it is an old publication it still provides valuable information about the 9000 plus mining leases that had been cancelled to that date.

The problem is that it is a printed book and its difficult to search for specific mines or old gold mining areas easily.

Information in The List of Cancelled Gold Mines Included the Following;

  • Information of over 9000 old mines.
  • The Gold History of those mines including the dates of production and ore produced
  • Whether the Gold was mined, dollied or alluvial.
  • Goldfield and Mining Centre Information.
  • The name of the old mining lease and the number of the gold mining lease.

You can still buy a paper copies of that book on ebay or the like, but it is out of print now.

All of that information is now included in the Historical Gold Mines of WA PDF download.

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 Get The Downloadable, Searchable, PDF Version $9 - yep that's right - Just 9 bucks.

Historical Gold Mines of WA View of Search Screen

Buy now $9 - That's all - Just $9

Other Options to Obtain Historical Mines Data

Here is another way to get the Historical Gold Mines data free.


Minedex is a database of all Mineral Deposits and Mines in WA.

A good way to find and use this data is via GeoMap and Tengraph WEB where you can view and get information about Historical Gold Mines (indeed - all gold type occurrences in WA including Gold mines, Scraping and Detecting areas, Alluvial gold, gold drillholes, Gold outcrops and more.

A video showing you how to use GeoMap and Tengraph Web to target gold locations in on our website for GeoMap Training in WA - Where is the Gold In WA - GeoMap Training

Other Methods to Find Historical Goldmines in WA

Old Gold Mines data and GPS Points information is now available through other systems and the following pages showing how to get the information.

Whatever way you get the gold history information of WA just remember that sort of information is an essential tool to find out where gold has already been found - and that's the best indicator or where gold will be found again! 

Knowing where gold has been found also give you an indication of the types of Geology you should be targetting in that area.

GoldTracker App

There are 4 ways generally used to understand where gold is  in any area of the World.

  1. By Association - with rocks and understanding the Rock Types and Deposits where gold in found in the Area e.g. Quartz, BIF, dolerite, Laterite.
  2. By Analysis of Geological structure (Geological Maps, Geoview)
  3. By Proximity - Where it has been found Before (Gold Deposits, Old Gold Mines, Drill Holes, Samples, Dryblowing areas)
  4. Previous Sampling for Hidden Deposits. (WAMEX, MINEDEX, Drillholes, HALO resampling)

Goldtracker is a unique app that has an algorithm that calculates the score for every graticular block in West Australia using this Historical data including 3. "By Proximity" scoring the gold history for every location in WA.

See "Where to find Gold In WA Using Goldtracker APP"  to understand how this score is calculated. It takes away the hard work and time for analysis to understand where gold is found,

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