Minelab GPX6000

Minelab GPX6000 metal detector is coming out in early April 2021 and finally there is  information being provided by Minelab.

Minelab GPX6000 Introduction

Please note that we do not sell Minelab detectors nor have we tested a Minelab GPX 6000, so these links are provided for information only

NOT as a recommendation to buy!!.

Here is a link to Minelabs training page with training videos and further information Minelab GPX6000 page .

Minelab GPX6000 Manual

Here is a link to the Minelab GPX6000 Manual

Minelab GPX 6000 Cost

Its not yet advertised but looks like the detector will cost you around $7999 Aud in Australia.

That is only $1500 less than the GPZ7000.

Unfortunately information is limited and at this stage we can only show you what we have seen around on the internet.

Minelab GPX6000 - What's in the Box?

Apart from the Minelab GPX6000 which is lightweight at 2.1kg it will have two coils.

  • GPX 11" Round Monoloop Coll (Waterproof to 1 m )
  • GPX 14" DD Coil
  • GPX 17"17" Elliptical Monoloop Coil (Waterproof to 1 m ) The 17" coil  is coming later we understand.

The coils are waterproof submersible to 1 meter but the detector is only splash and rainproof unlike the SDC2300.

GPX6000 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

It will come with Bluetooth Headphones which are Wireless Headphones and supplied with Detachable Cable and USB Charging Cable.

It also has an inbuilt loudspeaker.

Minelab GPX6000 Li Ion Batteries

Minelab GPX6000 comes with two quick release rechargeable Li Ion Batteries 5833mAh.

Battery runtime is said to be 8 hours. (approx!)

Minelab gpx6000 Chargers

It has an AC mains charger and also included in the box is a Battery charging cable with crocodile clips for use in vehicles.

Specifications of the Minelab GPX6000

Search Modes - (Ground Type) Difficult (default) / Normal

Double-D Modes - EMI Cancel (default) / Conductive Ground Cancel

Ground Balance - Auto / Manual (quick-Trak)

Noise Cancel - Auto

Sensitivity - Manual (levels 1-10) / Auto (level 11) / Auto* (level 12)

Threshold Tone - On /Off

Volume - 5 levels

Length Extended - 145 cm (57 in)

Length Collapsed - 76 cm (30 in)

Weight - 2.1 kg

Display - Monochrome LCD with backlight

Audio Output - In-built loudspeaker, Wired 3.5 mm (V) headphones

Bluetooth wireless audio (Low Latency)

Supplied Headphones - ML 100 wireless headphones

Supplied Batteries - Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery 5833 mAh

Operating Temperature Range  - minus10degC to +50degC 

Storage Temperature Range - Minus 20degC to +70degC 

Will We Be Buying and Testing the Minelab GPX6000

You know what, Udo and I are still deciding whether we can actually afford another machine.

We already have 5, GPX5000's, a GPZ7000, 2 SDC2300's, A CTX 3030, Eureka,  Equinox, Gold Monster and Garrett ATX - mostly to teach and show at our training seminars.

But we will probably bite the bullet and buy one, at $7999 with the loss in revenue over the past year with Covid that is a significant cost to the business.

However we will get one if only to show people at our seminars.

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