Comment by taillight prospecting Regarding the Minelab GPZ 7000

by Mike

Had a GPX5000 but because I generally upgrade to each new Detector Minelab bring out.

I like the concept of the 7000, but believe Minelab have presented a poorly designed Detector at an exorbitant price with the most annoying features being, the lack of a second battery , and a protective covers for the control box and display screen .

I have now purchased these from my Minelab dealer at an additional cost of $340 .

The weight is a problem and prolonged detecting without a break is not recommended. It is essential to use the pro swing harness and the push stick they supply when you buy the detector that takes a lot of the stress on your swing hand out of the equation.

Using the yoke and an extra thick bungee or two bungees also make its a lot easier to bear the weight.

On the more positive side once you get used to the settings you can make yourself very tired digging deep holes for small pieces of gold.

It will find any small pieces that an SDC 2300 will .

If Minelab can make a smaller coil for the 7000 I will buy it . I keep my SDC for area of thick scrub where you can't push the bigger coil through, and it is an impressive little machine.

On the 7000 if you change settings for example from General to high yield, it is important to use the quick track to re-balance.

Again because the 7000 reads the ground it is important to slow right down even slower than if you were using a 5000 effectively.

I think you guys have done a great job at comparing the detectors , and I agree wholeheartedly with your comments keep up the good work .


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